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Fears And Phobias


Quality session for a fear of flying insects

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards of the UK performs a first class session with his client for what was originally thought to be a fear of moths. Due to Tam's insights it was soon discerned that it was actually a fear of all flying insects. Please note his approaches to the problem and particularly the manner in which he tests his work.

By Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

Mary (not her real name) contacted me to treat her fear of moths. At her first appointment she could not raise any intensity regarding that fear as there were no moths about and she was unable to visualise with sufficient clarity to raise any fear.

We worked a little by asking what she guessed her fear would be if she where to see a moth in the room. She guessed her 0-10 intensity to be a 10. However, after a few rounds of EFT she was still guessing a 10 and still having difficulty visualising a real encounter with a moth.

At this stage a wasp appeared at the consulting room window and was trying to get in. The window was closed and there was no possibility of the wasp entering, but this caused an immediate terror reaction in Mary. She was clearly terrified and begged me to keep the wasp away from her. It transpired that her fear was not about moths, but about all flying insects.

So we were able to start work. No set up statement was necessary as the wasp was still banging against the window trying to enter and was clearly in Mary's line of sight. Round after round of EFT was done using a dialogue about that particular wasp and all similar flying insects rather than any specific reminder phrase. In the presence of the wasp, no reminder was necessary.

Mary calmed down and was eventually able to approach the wasp - still on the other side of the window pane. She was able to look at it and describe how "pretty" its markings were. Eventually the wasp flew away, and I asked Mary to guess what her 0-10 intensity level would be if she were to face a wasp outside when there was not a window pane between her and it. She guessed it would be zero.

I suggested that we both go out into the clinic garden to find some wasps. This brought the intensity level up a little (to 2/3) but it was soon brought down with a quick round of tapping. We approached the door and I thought Mary was a little agitated as I was about to open it, so we did a further round of tapping before opening it.

Outside the door there is a lavender bush and at this time of the year it is covered with bumble bees (genus Bombus). These are similar to wasps, but never sting unless very provoked. Mary was able to approach the bush to look at the bees and she was able to describe the differences between the bees and the wasp she had seen outside the window. All the time she was instructed to continue tapping without using a reminder phrase.

We then moved to another section of the garden were I knew there was a pine tree which was a magnet to wasps. At that time of the year (summer) I knew it would be covered with a hundred or more wasps. The nectar from the tree's flowers was washed by the rain into the gravel under the tree and the wasps also congregated in the gravel beneath the tree.

Still tapping Mary and I approached the tree and the wasps.

[Note: I was not putting my patient a risk here as at this time of the year, in England, wasps are well fed and docile. They do not sting even though Mary did not know that. Further, also unknown to Mary, I had an antidote to wasp stings and some anti-histamine cream in my pocket]

Mary was able to approach the wasps and walk on the gravel under the tree. She allowed wasps to land on her skirt and to crawl over her shoes. She was still tapping, but appeared quite unafraid as was quite pleased with herself.

Leaving the wasp tree we approached a Butterfly Tree (Buddleia), which was covered in Butterflies - the closest we could get to moths. Again there was some fear in Mary, but after a few rounds of tapping she was able to sit near the tree and wonder at the colours and variety of the butterflies as they explored the tree.

I suggested to Mary that some of the butterflies could be moths (quite untrue!) but she was unconcerned saying that they were all beautiful.

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards


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