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Official EFT Tutorial

PART III - Advanced: Additional Tapping Tools & Refinements

Intro to Part III

Venturing into the Professional EFT realm

EFT Tapping Skills 3 image

We are now venturing into the Professional EFT realm. Do-It-Yourself users are welcome to follow along, but the tools we teach here are really more effective when applied by a professional.

In the EFT for Everyone section, you started with the Basic Recipe, then learned how to refine it based on your understanding of Aspects, Being Specific, and Testing, You learned how global issues can be seen as Tabletops and broken down into the Specific Events or Table Legs that hold them up. Tell the Story Technique put that all together in a powerful, comprehensive tool for addressing the building blocks of almost any emotional issue. Along the way you were also provided with tips for addressing symptoms and common issues, so at this point we are hoping you have put all of that to work in your practice.

Before moving on to the tools in Part III, you need a really strong foundation in The EFT Tell the Story Technique - The Workhorse Tapping Method. When applying it to other people, you will find that following all the instructions to the letter is not always easy. People are conditioned by a more traditional form of therapy where they get to tell the whole story, connect all the issues, get validation for their feelings, and walk out with a new understanding – but possibly also with the same issue in tow.

They are not used to narrowing an event down to 1-3 minutes, or stopping the flow of the story to tap, or containing their focus so that it stays on that one isolated moment in time. As a professional, it is important to get some experience with Specific Events, Tabletops (introduced in the Specific Events article), and The EFT Tell the Story Technique to be sure you have seen all the possible detours and have developed strong skills to manage this process effectively.

Gaining the proper experience could take as few as 25 hours or as many as 100. We do recommend working with highly functioning clients for at least the first 25 before moving on to harder cases. With harder cases, we’re looking at more complicated histories to sort through, and again, that will take an additional level of skill. For the record, we do not recommend taking on any diagnosed mental health cases without proper licensing or credentialing. We believe it is possible for an unlicensed person to develop the skill to handle some of the harder cases, but that may take years of practice and professional training.

In Part III, we introduce some additional tools and refinements that allow you to expand your use of the Tell the Story Technique from the standard format into events that require privacy, events with extreme intensity, and events that the clients can’t articulate. Here's a brief rundown:

  • The Movie Technique
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Constricted Breathing Technique
  • Chasing the Pain
  • Cognitive Shifts
  • Emphasizing the Words

In short, these tools introduce the possibility of addressing events without knowing the details, which means using Tell the Story Technique with a blindfold. When we say that your Tell the Story Technique foundation has to be solid, this is why. Your client’s focus can travel all over the board, switching aspects in daisy chain form if you don’t know how to catch them. Without having the details of the event available to you, that is much more challenging. On the bright side, these tools open up a whole new horizon for cases you can address.


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Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist