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Official EFT Tutorial

PART V - Advanced: Polishing the Process & Expanding the Language

Intro to Part V


EFT Tapping Skills 5 image

You are now ready to learn all the creative language tools that I demonstrate in my Art of Delivery videos and other advanced videos on this website.  For many years, my use of creative language was misinterpreted (not taught well enough) in the EFT Community, so this is my opportunity to break it down into parts that are easy to learn.

Through the years, I have received many requests from EFTers who want to know “What do I say” when applying EFT. Examples:

  • “I’m trying to fix my relationship issue ... what words do I use in my Setup?”
  • “I have trouble losing weight. What do I say to address that with EFT?”
  • “I can’t get EFT to work on my insomnia ... can you tell me what words to use?

This question is based on a misunderstanding that fancy language is the secret to success with EFT.  Once I started demonstrating more creative language in my sessions, people got the impression that finding the “right words” is how you get miraculous results. Once that became the focus, more important concepts like testing and being specific seemed to fall by the wayside in many EFT practices.

Many of the EFT variations you will see online and in other training programs are attempts to “improve” the language, and as a result, the misunderstanding has been perpetuated.

However, if you have learned the lessons to this point in the Tutorial, you might be saying, "Who needs better language? EFT works fine for me.”

Indeed, I have experimented with Setup language and I have found some approaches that stray pretty far from, “Even though I have this ____________” . The reason I continue to use these language tools is that, in my experience, long term results do come faster with more effective language and the process can be more exciting and fluid for both you and your clients.

As you can see from the illustration in the upper right portion of this article, this expanded language accounts for about 10% of EFT’s potential ... not the 80% or 100% that others have assumed. In reality, it is your focus on specifics, your testing methods and your navigation through complex issues that accounts for the majority of EFT results. In other words...

Don’t focus on “What words do I say?”
Instead, shift your focus to “What am I tapping on?”

By identifying the specific disruption you are about to target, the words will be obvious. But once you learn these additional tools for expanding your language, you can collapse issues faster and more completely.

In this Part V, please explore in detail the first four articles on:

  • Customizing your setup phrases
  • Using positive phrases with EFT
  • Reframing
  • Intuition

Study these sections well and integrate them one by one into your sessions. You will find that the skills you develop in Customizing your Setup Phrases will be the perfect foundation for adding Reframes, which will in turn provide a foundation for Using Intuition. Once those are all second nature to you, you can move on to Rambling, which is an opportunity to develop you own Art of Delivery.

Once you develop a Rambling style that incorporates all of the language tools, yet still accomplishes all the important goals of Official EFT, that’s when the lid comes off. Routine sessions become dynamic adventures that stimulate and motivate both you and your clients. If we portray the EFT you have learned in Parts I through III as the Cadillac of EFT, then mastering Part IV moves you into the Ferrari.

We round this Part V off with instructions on using EFT for Serious Diseases.  Believe it or not, cases like this will present a whole new challenge for every skill you have learned because they often come with the most complex emotional issues. Getting consistent results with Serious Diseases represents the highest level of skill with EFT and, in my opinion, is destined to transform the medical approach.



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All Rights Reserved

Please note: This Tutorial, while useful, was replaced in 2014 by my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. More efficient. More powerful. Full explanation given in my free, easy-to-read e-book, The Unseen Therapist