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Spiritual Experiences

#20: " I was speechless in overwhelming awe and wonder."

Hi Everyone,

You should find this inspirational. Donna Clarke's Revelation completely shifted her outlook on the world.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

I am elated. I have recently started A Course In Miracles (ACIM), partly from your influence and I see how it fits with Quantum Physics and REALITY. 

Last year I had my own Revelation. I was out walking in a park for my afternoon exercise/meditation and had been listening to a Podcast that spoke about the illusion of being "Good enough" which I then contemplated as I walked. I became aware of a light feeling, an inner smile and a sense of "loosening" within. I sat on a bench and allowed the process to happen within. My perception of the world around me completely changed. Everything blended together, I saw (literally saw, as I looked around, but also, "saw" as in understood) that everything was joined, interconnected and moved as one. I was speechless in overwhelming awe and wonder as I looked around me, mouth hanging open.

I picked up my phone to record what I was going through so as not to lose it - a very hard thing to do when you are awestruck. Here is in essence what I recorded over almost 5 minutes:

"There is no structure, there is no structure, I have been living my life like I am in a matrix, like everything has to fit together with beginnings and ends and there is no structure, there is no such thing as "good enough", there's no such thing as not good enough, perfection is an imperfection. Every moment, every moment of every being is connected and flows, flows,...flows like water, not like rigid physical structures and rules but like water,...There is no structure, the structure is only in my mind. I create that, I live by it, it's what I've used to keep me safe...but it doesn't keep me safe. it stops me from knowing, stops me from understanding people, myself, God, Spirit....I cut myself off through this structure, there is no such thing as not good enough, there is no such thing as the right way. There is no such thing as the right path. There is no such thing as the right thing to eat, there is no such thing as the right weight, the right thing to wear, to say, the response or right tone. I have been controlling, trying to control every body and every thing and the closer people are to me the more I try to control them because I feel like there has to be a right way of doing things all the time and I have to make them do it the right way but there isn't, there isn't a right way, there isn't. (now I am starting to get upset).

There is no structure, the structure is only in my head and it imprisons me. And it's this structure that I can't live with anymore, it's this structure that weighs me down and stresses me as I try my hardest to live within this structure.

(More flat and serious now) I am afraid, I am afraid that I am not really gonna get this. this is what I have needed, this is it, this is crunch time, I have books beside my bed on controlling people and being perfect. It is all about the structure I put in place to keep myself safe..... Oh my goodness, what am i to do?....what am i to do?....Anything I want because there is no structure.... Thank you. (the end)."

I have tried to hold on to this experience, I had no one to share it with and it faded. I am hoping that with Optimal EFT and ACIM I will have finally found a spirit led path and community that will allow me to grow toward my Revelation and that which I am coming to know from an intellectual standpoint..

Again, I thank you so much Gary. I understand that you cannot answer every email, I am simply hopeful that you can read this and feel supported by it in some way.

Warm regards