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Surrogate tapping on a sneezing attack, Successful use of EFT on a raspy throat AND arm wrestling success using only two fingers.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Gwenn Bonnell is one of those masterful EFT'ers who, without formal credentials, has learned to make EFT sing. She has become a very popular and successful EFT workshop presenter in Florida and has now been on radio twice to discuss the merits of this procedure.

In my recent correspondence with Gwenn I learned of three creative uses she has been making of energy work. The first one involved mentally tapping herself surrogately in order to stop her husband's sneezing attack. Surrogate work is a fascinating use of EFT and you can read several case histories on this process by entering the word "surrogate" (without the quotes) into the search engine on our web site at

The second use applied EFT for a raspy throat and the third one allowed her to defeat the male radio announcer in an arm-wrestling contest while using only 2 fingers!!

Here's how she tells it....

Hugs, Gary


By Gwenn Bonnell


I surrogate mentally tapped this morning for my husband's sneezing attack. It cleared up immediately. He came up with new lyrics to the Beatles song...A remake of "I'm looking through her, and she's not there," to "She's tapping for me, and I'm not there," complete w/ air guitar and more :-)


Hello Gary:

I had a fun time on the radio on Friday night, although it took me a while to recover (I'm not really used to those late hours and not as young as I used to be, tap, tap, tap). This was an entertainment hour-long show, very light, broadcast in Florida, New York, New Jersey, CT, RI and eastern PA.

Interestingly enough, the host of the show had a cold, and was sniffling when we walked into the station. I offered to treat him with EFT but he declined, being busy getting ready for the show, etc. Once he sat down in front of the microphone, he started losing is voice, it began cracking and he got really hoarse, and even had me finish up the intros for the show. I heard from some listeners that it hurt to listen to him!

So during the first break, I did EFT on his "Throat Problem." Just a real quick setup and shortcut sequence while he was operating equipment and playing commercials. Guess what? The EFT worked! We came back on the radio and he sounded much better. He was really impressed. Listeners said they could definitely tell the improvement in his voice. (Did God set that up well or what? I'm still shaking my head at his sense of humor).

Later on in the show, the host developed a we tapped again during a break, addressing the cough and then a "tickle" feeling in his throat. No setup this time, just the shortcut sequence. He felt really good and kept saying, "This stuff really works."

The "hook" for the show was that I was going to beat the host in "arm wrestling." He could use his arm and I'd use two fingers. What I was really doing was energy/muscle testing him and explaining how the energy system affects us physically. He was strong to begin with, then I "traced" his stomach meridian backwards, without touching him, explaining that I was in his energy "field." Then I was able to push his arm down using only two fingers. He was speechless! (Not a good thing for radio. Next time, I'll have to comment more, saying something like, "Richard, is that the best you can do? Can't you resist me a LITTLE bit?"

He then wanted a rematch, so I pushed his arm down with ONE finger. This time he was a bit more animated about it. Then, to get him strong again, I had him tap under the eyes, explaining this was a point we use in EFT and what he's doing is tapping and balancing the energy in the meridian that I traced to weaken him. Now he was REALLY strong, even stronger that he was in the beginning. I'd love to do this visually, it was a hoot!

Of course I mentioned you and your web site, as always, along with your manual for free download. And the workshop coming up in October. And I would be honored to have you share this on your list, along with the little ditty about my husband's sneezing experience.

Love & light,



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