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Surrogate EFT Taken Another Step - Clearing Ancestral (Foundational) Issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Did you ever wonder why you can clear issues with EFT only to find others surface? This was Deborah Miller's experience and, as a result, she chose to expand her use of surrogate (proxy) EFT to include the influence of her parents and others. She refers to these as "ancestors" because they can be so foundational in our belief systems. This idea can be of inestimable importance to many of us.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, PhD

I've been doing EFT tapping on all sorts of topics to clear issues in my life. Of late I've asked myself why I continually need to do clearings. I came up with this analogy. I am like a river and even though I continue to clear that river, it gets dirty again. I clear again and it gets dirty again. The thought came to me that if I want the river to stay clear then I need to clear it from the Source, which is where the river initiates. In the following clearings, the source of the river relates to all that I've learned and/or was passed down through the generations to me socially and/or genetically. So I started to do EFT on my personal issues based on including what I'll call my ancestors.

The scientist in me thinks of proxy ancestral EFT as clearing my DNA of genetic traits/characteristics and potential for illnesses genetically inherited from my ancestors' DNA. Each of us receives DNA from our mother's and father's genes; and some mitochondrial DNA from our mother. That means we are receiving a physical portion of our parents' DNA, our parents from theirs and so on. We know that many of these genes are the blueprint for proteins. In this way we are inheriting certain traits from our ancestors. In addition, there are many family attained beliefs that have been passed down. I know I recognize traits (emotional states and ideas and beliefs) in myself that are like those of my parents, grandparents, etc.

Beyond what I've already mentioned, we don't know what is passed on energetically even if quantum physicists are studying this very notion at the moment. The intuitive part of me agrees that energetically we are all connected, and since time and space constructs are irrelevant by quantum physics standards, it seems natural to do proxy EFT for my ancestors as a gift to them and to better clear myself while I release the old beliefs and genetic disposition passed on to me.

Like the yawning that frequently happens during an EFT clearing session, there are all kinds of releasing that happens on the physical level. During these ancestral clearings, I found myself needing to relieve my bladder and bowels more often than normal. Sometimes I would feel tired for a period of time after a session.

Ok, how did I do the actual EFT Ancestral Issue Clearing? Before beginning to do EFT, as a courtesy I asked permission of my ancestors to proxy them in. I didn't assume that my ancestors wanted to participate. I visualized the ancestors in the following way: I saw myself with the genealogical tree of my family extending from the top of my head out into space. It came to me in this way because I realize that a family tree is huge especially if going back to Source. Then I would begin tapping in the usual way for whatever issue I wanted to clear for myself.

Here is an example of one topic I cleared.

Life and Money

(I'm from a German-Russian family of very hard working people who suffered a lot before they came to the US, and then suffered through the Great Depression.)

Releasing the Negative

Life is hard.

You work hard and then it is all taken away from you.

Life is heavy and difficult.

One must do the work without complaining and without reward.

Money is hard to come by. It requires hard work.

My body is big, heavy and strong to do this work.

Life is full of suffering. You believe you are being offered a great opportunity, but it is still filled with hard work and labor.

One labors through life.

You still get taken advantage of.

You work hard and no one gives you credit for it, it is expected.

You resent superiors who have a life of luxury especially while you are toiling.

Even my body is heavy.

Instilling the Positive

Life is easy and joyous.

My work is a joy and I am prosperous.

Life is light and enjoyable.

I am richly rewarded for my work.

Money is easy to come by and I enjoy saving, investing and spending it.

My body is beautiful, strong and agile.

I'm glad that I'm strong so that I can work.

I appreciate that I am healthy and can survive anything.

I am abundant in family and experiences.

I take advantage of the abundance available to me for the asking.

I receive the credit I deserve and it feels good.

I am worthy.

I am light and energetic.

I am prosperous and abundance fills my life.

I am worthy and deserving of richness in all areas of my life.

After I did EFT Ancestral Issue Clearings for a couple of weeks on my own, I did the same process with another EFT practitioner, Deborah-Miriam Leff. The lovely part of doing this process with her is that we often found that, rather than exactly sharing an issue, we represented two different sides of the same coin. If I felt a pain on the left side of my forehead, she felt it on the right. I came from a working class German family, she from a Jewish family that lost their wealth during the Depression. Where I felt like a workaholic she felt unmotivated, etc, etc.

Our modus operandi was to jot down the ideas, words, concepts that were coming up while we were tapping and talking on our issues and those of our ancestors. This is what Deborah-Miriam then called The Old Paradigm. From there we decided to look at where we wanted to go, or The New Paradigm, and tapped until we felt clear of the old and had instilled the new way of being. This whole process became a very inspirational, complimentary and motivational way in which to look at our old paradigms and shift them into new ones while "tapping" with EFT with the intention of clearing all the way through our ancestral lines. It is indeed powerful.

I will include only a short list in graph form to give you an idea of what we did as the EFT sessions occurred over days and were extensive.

Old ParadigmNew Paradigm
Need for approval and validation, victim, justifying, lack of self-love Relinquishing the need for outside approval and validation; just Being, and knowing it's enough, creating, self-love
Lack of self worth in childhood creates self-hatred, putting on a mask, settling for less Self-love; true Love; self-worth; stepping into what you're really worth
Self-critical Self-accepting
Feeling and playing small in order not to step on others, and from concern that they'll leave me Being bigger than any thought or feeling or perception; being aligned; receiving non-stop from the Universe; deeply knowing I'm never alone; spiritual partnership and support
Forgiveness - haven't forgiven parents, ancestors and therefore self Radical Forgiveness (as defined by Colin Tipping) - total acceptance (of self and elders in their paradigm), and willingness to be in process moving toward the new paradigm
Money - Don't deserve money yet, settling for small amounts, justifying (I don't need that much or you can't be spiritual and wealthy), forgive self for wanting money, money means safety for me Prosperity is there for the having. Prosperity IS. Abundance IS. Money is always available for everyone.
Survival, coping with physical ailments, delaying, procrastination, avoiding, struggling Embracing, being, aligning, flowing, allowing, ease, grace

My and Deborah-Miriam's experiences with EFT ancestral issues have been profound. In fact, these EFT tapping experiences have feel deeper than what I've done for only myself. I believe that not only including the ancestors created this feeling, but doing the tapping with someone else created a more powerful clearing. Afterwards, I felt so light and peaceful inside as if a huge ancestral weight had been lifted off of me or from within me.

I highly recommend this process because of the intense shift I've felt.

Deborah Miller, Ph.D.



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