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About Surrogate EFT - A Glimpse into EFT's Future

EFT Tapping Next Level image
The Next Level
Dipping into the "impossible."

Now we come to EFT's next level where we dip into the "impossible" and go beyond conventional science.  I'm talking about other people gaining benefits while you tap yourself on their behalf.  The other people don't have to do anything.  In fact they don't even need to know you are doing it. As you will see in the included videos, the results can be stunning.

You will see Bobbi get completely over a severe back pain while I tap for her on stage.  And then Betsy gets over an ankle pain and an emotional issue while a whole audience taps for her while she is out of the room. 

After that, I teach Howard to surrogate tap for his son's behavior issues.  Success.  The issues are 80% to 90% improved.

Then I teach Dusty to surrogate tap for her 8 year old son whose behavior issues stem from both Down Syndrome and Autism.  Dramatic improvements.

And finally, I have Victoria "stand in" for her Dementia ridden mother while I do Surrogate EFT for the mother through Victoria.  In this case, we have suspected sexual abuse at a young age and have the additional challenge of having to speculate on the details of the abuse.  While we didn't cure dementia, the extreme resistance (fighting, yelling, etc.) while being washed and cared for, diminished by 75% as a result of this one session.

These results can only happen, of course, if we are somehow connected ... not by wires, tubes or mechanical means but rather by some invisible, perhaps spiritual, means that escape detection by our senses.  How can this be?  Well, many spiritual disciplines point to a One-ness that could explain this and Quantum Physics points quite clearly to the fact that nothing is separate.

Whatever mysteries may be involved here it is quite clear that Surrogate EFT works.  And, importantly, you can learn to do this by studying the included videos.

One more thing.  There is some debate on whether or not permission is needed before pursuing surrogate work of any kind.  That, to me, is a personal choice and is complicated by the fact that some people (infants, animals, emotionally damaged people, people in a coma, etc) are unable to give permission.  I will leave this decision to you.

e-hugs, Gary

PS:  While newcomers can certainly benefit by studying this material, much more can be gained if you have at least a working knowledge of the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial

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