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 A Full Day Marketing Workshop With Gary Craig, EFT Founder

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Learn how EFT went from being unknown to having millions of users - A marketing miracle or common sense principles that you can use?

EFT Tapping Millions of People image
EFT went from being unknown
to having millions of users.

As you may know, I introduced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the world in 1995. We started with zero followers and now it is being used by millions across the planet. It is becoming a household word and is already the most imitated healing method in history.

What you may not know is that this was achieved with no embellished advertising, hype, "clever words" or hard sells. To the contrary, these "pushy" types of promotion would have cheapened the EFT movement and limited its longer term possibilities. Recognizing this, I focused on the most important feature in marketing, namely...


To get this word out, we had to be credible. EFT was new, strange looking and had no science to back it up. So, the intelligent choice was to establish its believability by using the same ethical marketing methods that you will learn in this course. I reasoned that if people would believe EFT then the marketing could be self-propelled. Indeed, that is what happened.

EFT Tapping Oprah image
We will be emulating
Oprah's believability.

What you are about to experience is a full day workshop where 45 EFT practitioners and I gather together to explore these Marketing Tips & Treasures. We will be emulating the believability of Oprah and combining that with the marketing tips & treasures I have learned over many decades in business. It will be like being there yourself because the various inputs and questions from the audience are likely to echo yours. You have an added advantage, however, in that you can stop and replay anything you wish. This assures your thorough understanding.

And, while we focus on using these methods for the EFT practice, they are universal and apply to just about any product or service you can name. Here are some highlights of what you will learn from the six videos that make up this course.

Highlights of what you will learn:

  • Why can we do more business with ethical marketing practices than with the hype, overselling and/or clever advertising words that are so prevalent in marketing today?
  • Properly done, ethical marketing practices will generate more clients than you can possibly handle.
  • Who may be the best marketer of our time? Oprah. Why? She is BELIEVABLE.
  • How I grew EFT from zero followers to millions without advertising or hype of any kind.
  • Central to believability is Product Congruence. Generating congruence with what your product will and will not do.
  • Putting yourself on people's TV via DVDs, etc.
  • 3 sacred marketing rules: Be believable, have an extraordinary product, achieve product congruence.
  • What are clients/customers really buying?
  • Radiation...a critical marketing mechanism. Your internal attitude WILL be picked up by your customers.
  • What does it cost to gain a new client?
  • Most clients have nearly unlimited issues. How to point these out without seeming "pushy."
  • Audience discussions.
  • An introduction to the value of specializing in ads.
  • Specializing in your ads brings higher quality responses.
  • Sewing seeds to let clients know all that is available to them through you and EFT. Otherwise, they are conditioned to think your skills are limited.
  • The importance of reminding (selling) the client on the results they have already gotten. Vitally important to keep them coming back and bringing referrals with them.
  • The many advantages of free sessions.
  • Advertising: a critical review of two ads. Strength, weaknesses and tips on creating your own effective ads.
  • Reviewing a very successful ad that beautifully portrays the advantages of specializing.
  • It is a mistake to try to appeal to everyone.
  • The importance of Specialization in advertising. Clients are more focused and motivated.
  • Audience discussions.
  • The importance of Testing your ads. Why it is critical to test one feature at a time?
  • Why photos are critical in ads and what to do if you are not photogenic.
  • Cross Referrals, properly done, will generate more clients than you can possibly handle. Learn the ins and outs of doing this.
  • The advantages of newsletters and tips for doing them.
  • Be an AUTHORity by writing something worthwhile and giving it to clients.
  • Preframing. Properly guiding clients. Without this, clients and customers walk in the door with their own expectations (that you may unknowingly violate).

So now it is time to get out your notepad and study the treasures within this course.  You can begin accessing the videos through the menu on the left.

e-hugs, Gary

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