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A New Look At Thought

Gary Craig logoI don't think with my toes or my elbows.

Seemingly, my thoughts are in my head and are separate from yours. We may appear to have some thoughts in common, of course -- e.g. the sky is blue, the ocean is wet -- but many of our thoughts are quite different. They morph into widely different beliefs about politics, religion, economics, personal values, right vs. wrong and so on. No two people, it seems, carry identical beliefs about the world and how to deal with it.

Thoughts seem contained:

And thus these "separate" beliefs seem contained within our individual bodies (heads). This is so even though we are able to think beyond the limits of the body. For example, we can think about flying to the moon on a green giraffe… or… living in a palace made of chocolate ice cream… or… developing another set of eyes on our knees for better vision… or… inventing a box with an endless supply of money.

We can even think about walking through this world while filled with never-ending personal peace… and… the complete healing of all diseases through love, joy and laughter.

But when we have these thoughts that venture beyond the body's limits, they tend to be labeled fantasies, or childish, or unrealistic. They are deemed impossible and are typically dismissed as mere whimsical dalliances.

Such is the power of limiting beliefs.

As suggested above, these "thought limits" also contain beliefs about our own healing. We have bought into the notion that many ailments are incurable while others require drugs, surgeries, radiation and other invasive man-made methods. And while we may find some value in these methods, they often ignore the power of our own thoughts (The Unseen Therapist within) to create healing.

A new look at thought:

So let's look at thought through a new set of glasses and, in doing so, give credit to our most stunning findings from quantum physics. Rather than believe that our thoughts are somehow located within our "all-important" bodies (heads), let's consider that they are part of the grand Oneness that our scientists have proven exists. In this scientific realm, thoughts are completely free--imprisoned by nothing--and independent of the body. They are limited by nothing and can create whatever they choose.

Thus, in this refreshing scenario, thoughts are not contained within our bodies. Instead, thoughts are the ultimate source of everything, including our bodies. However, our bodily oriented egos arrogantly conclude that THEY are the source of thoughts rather than the other way around.

Like our scientists have said repeatedly, the world is an illusion of separate things. Oneness and its all-inclusive thoughts, are our true reality.

The Unseen TherapistAccordingly, if we wish to untie the knots of our bodily constraints, we must think outside of the illusion. We must permit our thoughts to flex their spiritual muscles to "fantasize" about true healing and allow our Unseen Therapist within to bring perspective and remedies well beyond those limits we have adopted.

This is not only a possibility, it is a MUST if we are to achieve true healing.

And we are doing it.


For those who will,
'Tis the ultimate skill.

PS: We can delay this, of course, and fall back into the comfort of our beliefs. The cost, however, is enormous.


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