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Fears And Phobias


Fear of small spaces...a case with many aspects

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Gratitude to Lise Wearing, RNCP for this inside look at the intricacies of a complicated and intense phobia. Note how she pays attention to the many aspects involved, including emerging from the birth canal.

By Lise Wearing RNCP

Hello Gary!

I want to share with you an EFT adventure:

I went to Quebec to visit with my family and to attend 2 weddings. When my sister Francine arrived at the first wedding reception, which was being held at a big downtown hotel, she was faced with a bank of elevators: the reception was being held on the 10th floor of the hotel.

My sister has a phobia about small spaces. Right away she experienced panic symptoms: she couldn't breathe, her heartbeat went up, she was crying and was not a happy wedding guest. She decided that she was going to simply go home and forget the whole affair.

At that point someone had found out that she could walk up with the help of a security agent, so up she went 10 floors to meet with the wedding party!! Red eyes and mascara running and trying to explain that she just couldn't help it that every time she was near an elevator these symptoms would reappear.

I was there when she reached the 10th floor and I thought:" There is an opportunity knocking! Will I answer it?"

Since we were scheduled to stay at her house after the party, I thought that I would jump on this wonderful chance I was being given to practice my newly minted EFT skills and to help my sister at the same time!!! I asked her on the drive over if she would be interested in this new technique I had learned that could possibly help her with her phobia.

"I am so desperate about this I'll try anything" she said. We went to bed and planned to get together early the next day.

As soon as I heard her walking upstairs I went up and briefly explained what EFT is and started right away tapping on the fear of the elevator. I asked her if she could remember any other events in her life where she had felt that way. She mentioned that ever since she could remember she never liked elevators, narrow corridors or any small space where she felt that there was no way out. We tapped on all these.

Then she said that she had been told that her birth had been very difficult and that her placenta had been expelled before her. I tapped on all these aspects: the narrow birth canal, the long time being there, the placenta leaving before her and maybe somehow taking for a millisecond her only source of oxygen. At that point she was in tears and the thought crossed my mind that I was in over my head. She said: " Wow that was a big one!!! I better go take a shower and get on with breakfast" We hugged and off she went!

I also made a diagram for her of the tapping points and gave her as homework to take all aspects of the elevator and to tap on all of them such as: the closed doors, the call button, the doors opening, getting in the elevator and so on...

Anyway 2 weeks later we are attending another wedding she came up and said: "Guess what? I just rode the elevator 1 floor up!!!" We all cheered and hugged everyone so happy for her! Not bad for someone who could not even think about an elevator without going into panic mode!!

She is now tapping every day on every aspect of every small space that scares her and I am hoping that she will eventually take a plane to come and visit me in Vancouver. That would be awesome. She says that she will first try Toronto as it is only a 45 minute plane ride from Montreal!! And give that a test ride!

I was so happy to be able to help my sister and to experience once again EFT's wonderful healing power.

Yours truly
Lise Wearing RNCP


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