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What is a reframe?:

It is another way of looking at an issue ... a healthier or more useful perception ... like a picture with a different frame around it.  For example, someone raised under an abusive parent may initially consider that parent to be evil and unworthy of forgiveness of any kind.  After an appropriate reframe s/he may see the parent as someone whose atrocious behaviors were clear indications of his/her need for love.  Forgiveness now becomes appropriate and benefits both parent and child.

EFT Tapping reframe imageIn such a case, forgiveness does not excuse the abuses.  Rather, it seeks to understand them so that progress can be made.

The Introductory Article on our Gold Standard EFT Tutorial™:

For a more thorough understanding of reframes see EFT Reframing - Another Way to See Things Through Tapping.  This article treats the topic in detail and does not need to be repeated here.  

Reframe collection:

The balance of this EFT Specialty Demo consists of numerous live examples of reframes that have been done over the years.  Study this large collection and borrow from them for your own use.  Many of them can be adjusted and used in multiple contexts.  Use your imagination.  You will find them in the menu on the upper left portion of this page.

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