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Getting Started

EFT Tapping OCD imageEFT offers a new approach to OCD - getting to the cause

Conventional health practices suggest (1) forms of psychotherapy where patients with OCD can "learn new behaviors" and (2) medications.  I read through much of the literature on OCD in the large medically oriented websites and could find very little regarding people who are actually free of this life-limiting disorder.

By contrast, the Sessions, Videos & Articles in this special OCD segment give solid evidence of EFT's unusual success for this ailment.  As you will see, a main method here involves aiming EFT at the Specific Events in one's life that may have caused the unwanted behaviors.  These successes are the result of skillfully applied EFT where we pull up the roots of the problem rather than try to alleviate symptoms.

There is much to learn here and we owe a great deal of gratitude to our contributors.

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