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Serious Diseases


Fibromyalgia patient--"I forgot what pain is about."

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

I will fill in the details below but first please read the following message sent to me by Janet Cole.

Hugs, Gary

by Janet Cole

Hi Gary,

The EFT is working just great for me, it is night 13 of falling asleep without the pain of the Invisible Chronic Illness (fibromyalgia) and this is a phenomenal record for me. Since 1991, the onset of this illness, I have not had two pain free nights in a row. The tapping has been done whether there is pain or not. Your inspiration at the Las Vegas Convention and our one on one consultation was just what the "doctor ordered." You are very much appreciated and a great big "Thank you."

With best wishes, I am

Janet Cole

GC COMMENT: I met Janet at the Las Vegas Conference. She came as a non-therapist attendee who was interested in learning the energy therapies for her personal use. During a free moment at the conference she asked me if I would spend time with her in a session. I consented and we went up to my room to do some EFT'ing.

She was in nearly constant pain from her fibromyalgia and had been tapping sporadically for her specific pains for 3 or 4 weeks prior to the conference. At best, she would get temporary relief for an hour or two. But then the pains would come back.

I chose to ignore the pains during our session because, to me, fibromyalgia (and most other physical ailments) are merely bodily manifestations (symptoms) of unresolved fear, trauma, rejection, anger, guilt and other emotional causes. Take care of the emotional causes and the physical symptoms tend to fade. That's my non-medical opinion, of course, and I have no way to prove it. Nonetheless, operating under this assumption, I have witnessed many significant physical reliefs (some were quite stunning) over the years. Many people are happy that I labor under this "unproven misperception."

So, in Janet's case, I asked her to pick out an intense emotional issue from her past. She picked one that was so intense that she rarely discussed it with anyone. She quickly went to a 10 and had body sensations at the mere thought of it. To apply EFT with minimal pain, I had her do the "narrate the movie" technique that I used in the "6 Days at the VA," videotape (part of our EFT Course).

We did a few rounds of EFT before she began her narration because just knowing she was going to verbalize the event caused her emotional intensity. I often do "beginning rounds" such as this to "take the edge off" of an intense issue. Typically, the beginning rounds start with something like, "Even though I'm anxious about telling this story...."

Eventually she was ready to narrate the story (as though it was a movie) and, as she did so, I had her stop whenever she came to any part of it that gave her emotional intensity. We stopped several times and tapped on the various issues that came up. As it turns out, we went through the story 2 or 3 times and each time we found different aspects--different pieces of the problem--that begged for individual tapping. It took 30 or 40 minutes, including restful conversation in between rounds, before she was able to tell the story with relative calm. Even then it wasn't perfect. There were still some aspects we didn't have time to cover (I had another appointment). However, it was substantially improved (near zero).

I don't recall checking her fibromyalgia symptoms at the end of our session but she left knowing substantial emotional headway had been made. She seemed much lighter.

So, when I received her message (above), I called her to learn some of the details. Here's what she said.

1. Our session "opened the door" for her and gave her the means and understanding to work on more of her underlying emotional issues. She is having some friends (who were also at the conference) help her as well.

2. As she worked on these issues, her fibromyalgia pains subsided. She is pain free all day and all night. Occasionally, she will wake up in the morning with a little stiffness but just "taps it away." She has some pain if she undergoes a massage because it involves pushing on her body. Under normal circumstances, however, she says, "I forgot what pain is about (her words)."

So what happened? How did all this pain relief come about without medicine, surgery or other conventional methods? To me (and to Janet) it seems quite obvious. We took aim at the underlying emotional causes and, as they left, so did the physical pain. Does this mean she is pain free forever? Who knows? Maybe she needs to tap persistently the rest of her life. Maybe not. Maybe she has many more emotional issues that are waiting to show up as pain in her body. Maybe not. These are things we don't know yet.

But whatever happens in the future, one thing is clear. Addressing Janet's emotional issues with EFT has given her a level of both emotional and physical relief that she has not experienced for many, many years. No drugs, injections or side effects, either. Here in EFT Land, this type of thing happens much too often to call it coincidence.

If you want to review more EFT case histories regarding pain just enter the word "pain" (without the quotation marks) in our web site search engine. You will then be presented with many articles on physical ailments and pain.

These results are beginning to get the attention of other healing institutions. Psychotherapists are making the main use of EFT for now but chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists are coming right along. The sports performance field is just beginning with it and we have a glimmer of interest from the medical profession. We have a growing number of MD's using EFT. In fact, we've had more MD's come on board in the past 6 months than in the previous year and a half.

We are on the ground floor of a Healing High Rise.

Hugs & Love, Gary

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