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No more bedwetting--a side benefit?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Jakob, age 8, was a bedwetter. However, EFT was not used for it directly (even though he wanted to stop and discussed this problem with his Grandmother). Instead, his grandmother applied it successfully for his headache. After that, the bedwetting stopped. Was this a "side benefit" or was he just "tuned into" the issue while the headache was being resolved? We don't know these answers but we certainly see a fair amount of this phenomenon. Many thanks to Vicki Hughes for sharing this story with us.

By Vicki Hughes-Life Coach, EFT-ADV

One of the most wonderful things I have discovered about EFT is the way it spreads from one person to another. You never know who you will end up helping when someone you share it with ends up passing it along.

I taught EFT to my good friend, Joanne a few months ago, and she has been using it with regular success in a variety of ways. Now, this summer she has her grandkids visiting from out of state, and her grandson Jakob has become EFT's latest beneficiary.

Jakob (8) and his sister Heather (16) arrived several weeks ago to stay with their grandparents. After arriving over-tired, and a little stressed out, Jakob wet the bed. This has been an ongoing problem at home. His Grandma didn't want to push too hard, so she just told him "Jakob, you know, I have this technique that could help with this." He asked her, "Grandma, is it having to wear big diapers, or not drinking water at night?" She said, "No, it's not like that." A few nights went by without an incident, as she took what he said to heart, and had made extra sure to limit his liquids close to bedtime.

After a third bedwetting incident at his Grandma's house, she decided to ask him if this problem was bothersome to him, and he just sort of said, "Mmmm, no." Then a little later in their errand running, he piped up, "Well, Grandma, yes it does bother me because I can never have a sleepover or go to someone's house and this is the reason why." So his Grandma told him, "Well Jacob, you know we could do this technique." Jakob said, "Well. Let's wait to see if it happens again."

The next day they were going out to Starbucks and he told his Grandma that his head was hurting. His Grandma asked him if he'd like to try the technique for his headache, and he said yes. He told her from 0-10 the pain was about an 8, and as he was tapping he thought it was funny and started to laugh, and it dropped to a four, they did it a little more and it dropped to a 2 and then it was a zero.

When they arrived at Starbucks, he told his Grandma, "It jumped back to a six!" So his Grandma did another round for "this remaining hurt." And then she got the sneaking suspicion that he had only told her it was back to a six because he had been enjoying the attention so much! After this final round, he was no longer holding his head or frowning, and never said anything else about his headache.

Joanne called me to let me know something else interesting happened since they tapped for his headache. He hasn't had any more bedwetting accidents at night! In fact, his older sister has even agreed to sleep next to him when he's konking out, whereas past experience has told her this was dangerous territory! Jakob is staying dry, and he never even tapped on the bedwetting, but since this was the issue that his Grandma first brought up when telling him about EFT, it may be possible that he was "tuned in" to the problem the day they tapped for the headache. Who knows? Jakob and his grateful Grandma are just glad it's helped.

Vicki Hughes-Life Coach, EFT-ADV

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