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Did Mary

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

On many occasions I have successfully applied EFT to 'core issues' that appeared to occur in the womb. This article by Mary Madeline Day emphasizes this important concept.

Hugs, Gary

By Rev. Mary Madeline Day, EFT-ADV

Last year I was reading one of the articles submitted to Gary's Newsletter and it suggested that we pick up and sense a lot more of the world in the womb of our mother then we are aware of. We pick up on emotions and thoughts that our mother and father have during pregnancy.  When I read that, a chilling thought came through me.  My hair was standing on my arms.  Even though I have known this for years, my memory of my most recent pregnancy came as clear as a bell.

I wanted a girl so badly that I even visualized how it would be to buy dolls, dresses and jewelry.  My first-born was a boy, but now I wanted a girl.  One of each!  When the news came from the doctor that I was going to have another boy I was heartbroken.  I was sad, but also happy that I had a healthy baby with all toes and fingers intact growing in my belly.  It took me a few weeks to get over my shattered dream of having a girl.  In my meditations I kept seeing a healthy boy and a quick and easy delivery.

Now 5 years later I had a sleeping boy in bed with long, straight and blond beautiful hair.  Everyone who saw him thought he was a girl and every time we met someone new, he would be quick to say, “I am a boy” and look them straight in the eye.  We would get a chuckle each time.  The only thing about him that looked like a girl was the long hair down his back.  The rest - his clothes and behavior screamed BOY.

When I thought about how he never wanted his haircut and would cringe every time I brought the scissors.  At least I was able to cut the bangs and occasionally the split ends.  It all came to me so fast when I read the article, now I knew.  I knew why he wanted to have long hair!  It was very emotional to realize what my own thoughts and emotions had done!

The next afternoon when my son came home from school, I asked him if he would tap with me. He said he would and we went into the bedroom so we could have privacy.  We sat comfortably on the bed and he repeated after me while tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though mommy wanted a girl really bad…

Even though mommy wanted a girl really bad.  She got so sad when she found out I was a boy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and forgive myself and mommy.

Even though mommy wanted a girl so bad, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and forgive mommy and myself.

Reminder phrases:

Mommy wanted a girl
She got sad when I was a boy
That's Ok now, she loves me anyway
So now I have to have long hair
I need to look like a girl
She'll only love me if I look like a girl
If I cut my hair short, my mommy might not love me
What if she would love me anyway?
I know she loves me. She gives me hugs and kisses all the time
She tells me many times a day that she loves me
No, she really wanted a girl
And I am not a girl
Would she love me with short hair?
My mommy loves me. Loves me very much
More than a million
It's Ok to have short hair, because my mommy loves me no matter what
I am her little boy and she loves me
I could cut my hair shorter if I wanted to
It would be Ok
‘Cause, now I know that she loves me very much with long or short hair
My mommy loves me for who I am, not my hair
She loves me
My mommy loves me and everything is Ok
Oh, that makes me so happy inside
I am warm and I love my mommy too

We kept on going back and forth.  After a few minutes I asked my son how he felt about it all.  He responded that he was ok and felt really good.  The next day, during the shower time, he told me he wanted to cut his hair to the shoulders.  I told him we could do that, but also asked him if he was sure.  He then wanted to think about it.  Five minutes later, he told me he was sure.  I cut his hair to his shoulders, he wanted it straight across.  The long hair in my hand got a hair-band on it and ended up in my treasure box.

The next day I was substituting at my boys' school and ran into my son’s teacher.  She had a huge smile on her face.  The teacher said my son's hair looked fantastic and he was sitting straighter and his whole energy was more confident.  It made me so happy and my heart got warmer.  My son used to get into trouble for not listening and talking too much in class, but after doing EFT he barely gets into trouble anymore and wants to do his homework.

To me EFT has been and still is a life savior in many ways for myself and my family.  Now my goal is to share this amazing tool with as many as possible.


Rev. Mary Madeline Day, EFT-ADV


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