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Collapsing a lifelong belief that her mother had tried to harm her in the womb

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This poignant story by Jorge Carrillo (from Mexico) shows how many of our limiting beliefs can be easily collapsed.

Hugs, Gary

By Jorge Carrillo

Dear Gary,

This is the account of a very uncommon, at least in my experience, positive EFT side effect.  I had a client whose relationship with her mother was very difficult.  She claimed that her mother didn’t want her nor love her since pregnancy and of course she was feeling the lack of affection caused by this “fact”.

In order to clarify her thoughts and beliefs before proceeding to tap, I asked her how she knew about the latter event.  I asked her if she had asked about her birth and got some information which gave origin to such belief.

She told me that she found out that her mother was almost due for labor and hurt herself by doing some hard physical work at home cleaning and moving furniture.  This caused a major bleeding which precipitated her birth with some difficulties.  She very emphatically said, “If she loved me, she would not hurt herself, if she did want me, she would not put me at risk like she did.”

This was a very strong limiting belief about her mother which we were about to solve.  Before tapping I just commented to her that she had no conscious memory about this event as she was in her womb so she had no evidence about her mother’s feelings at the time.  She concurred.  Her level of intensity was 10 on a scale of 0 to 10 as we proceeded with tapping.

Even though my mother put me at risk, showing no love for me…

Even though my mother didn’t want me to the point of putting me into risk…

Even though my mother showed no love for me by hurting herself before labor…

We tapped with the remainder phrases:

Mother didn’t want me … Mother didn’t care while I was in her womb … Mother does not love me since I was in her womb … I know mother didn’t want me because she hurt herself … How can she love me if she hurts herself?

I observed as we tapped that she was going into a very deep trance to the point that she could barely move at my pace as I was guiding the tapping.  Her eyes looked completely out of focus too.

We did only one complete round and I knew she was in a deep trance, so I just asked her how she was doing.  My experience is as an NLP practitioner and although I have no experience in hypnosis I felt comfortable enough to guide her through this experience.

First, I asked her if she could still feel this lack of love and she replied that it was completely gone.  Then, I proceeded to ask her what was she experiencing at that very moment. Her answer was completely amazing.

She described how she felt in the middle of a very warm and safe place surrounded completely by water.  She reported feeling full of love and confidence, then she described how there was this energy flowing into her belly as well as feeling a column of light coming into her crown at the top of the head.  She said that she was comfortable at that very moment and that she could feel her mother´s love for her.

As I realized she was describing her own experience inside her mother´s womb, I just proceeded to silently tap on the meridian points to anchor this feeling of love, trust and connection to her mother.  Then, I just guided her out of the trance very slowly.  She started to come back with a very different face from the one she had at the beginning of the session.

Later, as she came out completely, she reported feeling completely transformed, feeling accepted by her mother and by herself as well.  I have been in touch with her regularly and she still feels this confident feeling and she has been living major positive shifts in her relationship with her mother.  Her self esteem improved dramatically too.

I found later on that there is this very peculiar behavior in the female gender in several species (humans included) in which they feel compelled to clean and prepare the “nest” right before giving birth.  What is a normal manifestation of concern and love from a mother was completely misunderstood by my client thus creating a limiting belief that marked the way she related with her mother, this was a lifelong belief until this session.

EFT not only cleared the emotional charge related to this belief but also gave her the unique opportunity to connect with one of the most direct proofs of love a human being can experience which is being and feeling one with the mother in her womb.  I hope this is inspiring as well as educational,

Love to all & thanks to you for this magnificent tool.

Jorge Carrillo


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