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Two ways to use EFT for Restless Leg Syndrome

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Linda Stettler, one of our experienced EFT therapists, shows us two ways she uses EFT to get immediate relief for her bouts of Restless Leg Syndrome. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Linda Stettler

Many people suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Most of us experience it in the evenings while trying to go to sleep. Some folks, like my sister in law, experience it while flying. When it occurs, it is quite uncomfortable and disturbing.

There are a variety of symptoms that people report, but the bottom line is that you experience unpleasant feelings in your legs? Let me be clear, I am not an MD and I do not have any idea what causes this condition. I only know that when I get it, I eliminate it very quickly and very easily with EFT.

When Restless Leg symptoms come up for me, it is always while trying to go to sleep. On an intensity scale, measuring discomfort, it is generally between an 8 and a 10. One to two rounds of EFT is all that I need in order to completely eliminate it.

There are two approaches I have used to clear this up (Long and Short). I'll share both with you.

1. Long Version

"Even though I have this uncomfortable feeling in my mid calf, ankle and foot of my right leg (be specific to where you are feeling it), I deeply and completely love and accept my body and my leg, just as it is. "

"Even though I can't stand this and it feels like it is going to make me go crazy, I trust that the wisdom of my body knows how to bring my body back to balance and comfort."

"Even though this feels awful, I know my leg is in the process of returning to comfort and well being."

1st Round: Tap about 10 taps on each point while focusing on the specific sensations you are feeling, while saying or thinking, "releasing this (describe specific) sensation."

I usually use all the tapping points, including the finger points and the inside of the wrist and ending with the top of the hand (gamut spot).

Top of Head, EB, SE, UE, UN, UL, CB, UA, Th, IF, MF, BF, Inside wrist, top of hand (gamut spot).

2nd Round: Tap about 10 taps - Top of Head through BF points, thinking or speaking "Releasing the remainder of these (remaining specific) sensations."

Then tap on Side Hand (Karate Chop Point), Inside Wrist, Top of Hand (Gamut Spot) thinking/speaking "Body returning to comfort and balance."

At the end of these two sequences, I have absolutely no symptoms remaining. And I just drift gratefully off to sleep. If you do this and you are not completely relieved, you can do another couple rounds. That should do the trick. If not, you might want to work with a practitioner who will point you in the direction of a few more access paths to what is triggering the condition. But, most of the time, this is not necessary for complete relief.

2. Short Version

Focus your attention on (Be With) the specific sensations and specific location of the sensations. And just start tapping - 10 to 20 taps each. Start with the Side of Hand (Karate Chop Point), Top of Head, EB, SE, UE, UN, UL, CB, UA, Th, IF, MF, BF, Inside wrist, top of hand (gamut spot). You don't need to have any verbiage at all. Just tap 2 or 3 rounds while focusing on the specific sensations, until they are gone. This version works for me 80% of the time.

I felt inspired to write this report this afternoon after noticing an advertisement on TV for the latest cure all drug. It is a drug to relieve Restless Leg Syndrome. It seems you take a pill and after about 7 days you start to feel relief. And I thought to myself. Why wait 7 days? You can relieve this in 2 or 3 minutes, easily, elegantly, quickly, and permanently with EFT.

Linda Stettler


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