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Your Vibration Always Comes First

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Those familiar with the Law of Attraction and its vibration concepts will enjoy this 5 part series by EFT Master Carol Look.

Hugs, Gary

Part 1: EFT and the Law of Attraction
Part 2: The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss
Part 3: Attracting Financial Abundance
Part 4 of 5: Continued Financial Success
Part 5 of 5: The Vibration of Pain Relief

By Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 1: EFT and the Law of Attraction

If you want to attract more success and abundance into any area of your life, you need to change your vibration first.  That’s the simple and only rule you need to follow.  Your vibration must be lined up with (or “match”) your desires (money, a relationship, a stronger body) in order for emotional and physical results to follow and show up in your physical life.  What is your vibration? Your vibration represents your current emotion, the essence of how you are “humming”, or the “level” of your mood and feeling about any topic.

The fastest and easiest way I have found to help you improve your vibration is using EFT.  No matter where you are emotionally, using EFT can change how you feel about any subject.  Changing your feeling from despair to hopefulness or from resentment to peace would do wonders for improving your vibration.  When your vibration is “higher” or lighter or more appreciative, you are naturally more tuned in to the desires you want in your life.  And while anger, hurt, resentment or bitterness are all legitimate feelings, when experiencing these emotions repeatedly, you are vibrating in a place that will NOT attract what you want into your life.  While I like to wallow every once in a while, dwelling on negative feelings does not empower you and of course, does nothing to resolve any situation.  Enter EFT

EFT and Law of Attraction:

Many of you have already read my article series on EFT and Law of Attraction:  A Perfect Match.  I have no doubt that these two processes are the best combination of tools available for becoming more successful. The Law of Attraction is always working, so it’s not really a process or technique, but we fail to see our blocks that cause us to magnetize the “wrong” situations or destructive relationships into our life. Law of Attraction is operating all the time, it is just often misdirected if and when we give it the wrong or unclear instructions.

When we are focused on what we are frustrated with or on what we resent  instead of on our goals and how good we will feel imagining how we will feel when we get there, Law of Attraction will still work perfectly.  The only problem is you have aimed it at the wrong target (or fed it the wrong information)!  Using EFT helps us point the Law of Attraction towards what we want, much like Gary Craig’s use of the Reminder Phrase that helps focus our minds on the issue we need to focus upon.

So again, the Law of Attraction is turned on 24 hours a day, but it’s our job to direct it towards our goals or we will be disappointed with the results.  How do you feed this “LAW” the right directions when it is so tempting and easy to focus on something you don’t want (the extra weight, the bills, ill health etc)?  Change your vibration with EFT.

EFT is the best technique I have found (and I have tried zillions…) to help reduce the feelings and conflicts that are in the way of opening a clear channel for attracting your desires.  When you clear your blocks with EFT, the Law of Attraction will bring you opportunities and experiences you have been wanting without much effort.  I know, you too were taught that anything worth having will take years of hard work and trouble…when you experiment with using EFT with the Law of Attraction you’ll see that life may not have to be such a struggle.  (A common limiting belief to clear with EFT.)

Your Vibration Comes First: 

So again: You won’t make progress in your life unless your vibration is positive, focused and clear,  and you are “lined up” or in synch with the vibration of your desires –whether you want more money, better relationships, perfect business opportunities, or a healthier body etc.  In other words, if you want to be thin, you can’t be focusing on how fat you are, how you hate your legs, or how you are repulsed by your body etc.  If you want to have more money, you can’t be focused on your monthly bills, your doubts about your business, or your current debts.  If you want better health, you can’t focus on your pain or your diagnosis.  While some of these realities may be technically true, and are present in your life, you must be focused on what you want instead of the “truth” of what is staring you in the face.  This isn’t about denial.  This is about choosing your focus.

So the Law of Attraction is fueled by the emotions generated by what you are focused on.  It is actually quite a mechanical recipe.  So you must be excited and expectant about the prospect of meeting the right business partners, attracting the right clients, reaching your goal weight, rather than on which relationship you can’t wait to leave, what situation you hope to rid yourself of, or what debts you are trying to pay off.   

So if we are instructed to focus on “the problem” (what we don’t want) when we perform the basic recipe of EFT, why isn’t this counterproductive to using the Law of Attraction to our advantage?

When we are using EFT, we are treating the real vibration we have going on in our body and mind.  We’re not pretending to be happy when we’re not (which offers conflicting vibrations to the Universe) we’re not acting as if everything is “fine” when we’re deeply anxious about a situation, and we’re not glossing over the truth with affirmations that we don’t “buy.”   We are dealing with our current vibration head-on, neutralizing it, and clearing the way for more positive vibrations that the Universe can then “hear” and act upon.  If there’s too much static, your message won’t be sent.

Picture yourself on TV, talking to an audience, and telling the audience exactly what you want to attract into your life.  Picture yourself looking excited, stating what you want, telling the audience what you are hoping will manifest.  Sounds ok, right?  But what carries far more weight than the words you are speaking to the audience is the “subtitles” at the bottom of the screen!!   What are your subtitles?  What are you really communicating on a deeper level energetically?

Suppose you want to attract a new romantic relationship, and you are telling your “audience” how much you want this, how excited you are about this possibility, and how you hope you will be able to meet him/her sometime soon.  At the bottom of your screen, you are most likely using “energetic subtitles” such as “But I don’t really believe this…” or “I remember how I got dumped last time…” or “I’ll only get hurt again, so why am I bothering to put myself out there?…”  The Universe “hears” and picks up your subtitles, not your words.  This is why it’s so critical to use EFT to deal with the actual vibration that is going on inside of you right now.  This clears the decks and prepares you for attracting what you keep insisting you want, even as you complain of how it eludes you. 

Too often what people are doing is pretending they don’t feel angry, hurt, sad or hopeless, and this pretending only reinforces the actual vibration going on inside of you.  (In the above example, I recommend you use EFT for the past hurts from your relationships, the doubts about the future, about being too old, not ______ enough, and collapse these obstacles and THEN you will communicate congruence when you ask the Universe for what you want!)

What’s critical to remember is that what you are FEELING is what you are vibrating or communicating to the Universe.  Your words don’t matter if your vibration is communicating something different.  So if you want to use EFT to attract a new love interest, but your “vibration” is stuck on the last breakup you suffered, that’s where you will “be” energetically, and the Universe will pick that up, interpret it as “I want more of these negative people because I am focused on them” and will deliver another mate just like the last one.  He or she will just be from another city or country, but will have the same vibration.

So our work is to change our vibration first, then what we want can flow into our lives.

In preparation for parts 2-5 of this series, I offer this EFT round to get you started on collapsing limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from getting what you want:

Karate chop pointEven though I’m convinced life must be a struggle, that’s what they taught me, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway…Even though they taught me that life has to be a struggle, it can’t be easy, I accept who I am and what I believe…Even though I’m very skeptical about this Law of Attraction stuff, I deeply and profoundly accept all of my feelings and where they came from.

EYEBROW:  I am convinced that my life has to be difficult.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m sure there are no “easy” ways.

UNDER EYE: They taught me it will always be hard.

NOSE: Life has to be a struggle.

CHIN: That’s how it has always been.

COLLARBONE: I wonder if that has anything to do with what they taught me?

UNDER ARM: I wonder if I am ready to change?

HEAD: Life has to be a struggle, and it always has been.

EYEBROW:  I used to think life had to be difficult.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m very skeptical of easy paths.

UNDER EYE: Doesn’t life have to be miserable?

NOSE: Isn’t it always hard to make money unless you are already rich?

CHIN: What if there is an easier way?

COLLARBONE: What if I haven’t been taught it yet?

UNDER ARM: Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

HEAD: I am willing to consider a new possibility.

Karate chop pointEven though I’ve been working too hard for no reward all my life, and I resent it, I accept who I am and why I’ve been working this way…Even though I didn’t know there was a better way, I accept my feelings and all of me…Even though there’s a part of me that’s still skeptical, I choose to be open to trying something new.

EYEBROW:  I’ve been working too hard.

SIDE OF EYE: I knew something was wrong with this formula.

UNDER EYE: Maybe life doesn’t have to be a struggle.

NOSE: It was for them.

CHIN: Maybe they didn’t know better.

COLLARBONE: I think they just taught me what they knew.

UNDER ARM: I’m considering trying something new.

HEAD: Maybe life doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

EYEBROW:  I have decided to relax and allow abundance into my life.

SIDE OF EYE: I have decided it’s ok to feel good about money.

UNDER EYE: Maybe I didn’t know better, but I’m willing to do it differently.

NOSE: I choose a new path.

CHIN: I love feeling excited about changing my vibration.

COLLARBONE: I choose to focus on what I want.

UNDER ARM: I’m looking forward to the changes showing up in my life.

HEAD: I appreciate who I am and how I got here.

Stay tuned for parts 2-5 of this series, covering The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss, Financial Abundance, Continued Financial Success, and the Vibration of Pain Relief.

Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 2: The Vibration of Successful Weight Loss 

There are many simple and successful avenues for losing weight permanently with EFTEFT can masterfully neutralize your cravings, decrease your anxiety and your desire to hide, collapse the real emotions you eat over, erase your fears of being successful etc.  However, combining EFT with certain Law of Attraction “games” and principles will speed up your success substantially.  A much overlooked tool is shifting your vibration from trying to get rid of your fat to allowing yourself to be thin.  When you ALLOW yourself to feel thin, instead of forcing yourself to stop overeating…allow yourself to vibrate in a place of positive expectation, rather than assuming it won’t work again…your vibration and self-acceptance are completely different, and your body and mind are invited to cooperate with your desires. This can make all the difference between success and repeated failure.

When using EFT for weight loss, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

What is the downside of losing weight.  Treat this “answer” or “yes, but…” with EFT so that when you say “I want to lose weight” your body and mind communicate a congruent message to the Universe.

  • What am I afraid of if I reach my goal weight?
  • What feelings am I eating over?
  • What feelings would surface if I wasn’t allowed to overeat?
  • What would happen if I didn’t lose the weight?

Then you want to look at your vibration around your weight and body.  People who go to the gym to get rid of calories and get rid of their thighs don’t get very far.  They are too focused on the problem, and aren’t vibrating at the right level to actually lose weight successfully and keep it off.  One of the many reasons people regain the weight after a diet is that they don’t “feel” normal at their new weight, so they continue to “communicate” this discomfort to their mind and body.  Eventually the body says “OK, I’ll go back to what I was before if it’ll make you happy.”

  • Do you feel fat?
  • Do you talk about how unhappy you are with your body?
  • Do you believe you can be successful losing weight?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Are you focused on criticizing your body?
  • How many hours a day do you wish you looked different?

All of these questions will reveal your true vibration around this topic.  If you look at this in terms of the Law of Attraction, remember that you can’t get thin if you feel fat, because your vibration will be focused on “I’m fat” or “I’m overweight” and that will communicate a loud and clear signal to the Universe.  You are essentially commanding: bring me more of what I am focused on…my overweight body.

When you use EFT to reduce these very loud signals, you will have a significantly clearer path in front of you and will be delivering or “offering” a congruent message about what you want.  The Universe will “match” what you offer.  You may be shocked at how easy it is to keep the weight off when you combine EFT with the Law of Attraction.

Karate chop pointEven though I feel fat all the time, and always have, I choose to accept myself anyway…Even though I’m trying to accept myself when I feel fat and unhappy about it, I accept who I am and appreciate my feelings…Even though I still feel fat, that’s OK, I know I am moving in the right direction.

EYEBROW:  I feel fat every day.

SIDE OF EYE: I wonder what it would be like to feel thin.

UNDER EYE: I feel so fat and so uncomfortable.

NOSE: I want to feel thin.

CHIN: It scares me to feel thin.

COLLARBONE: I wonder if I’m ready for this.

UNDER ARM: I’m so accustomed to feeling fat.

HEAD: I hate how I look and don’t believe I can change this.

EYEBROW:  I wonder what it would be like to imagine myself successful.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m considering the possibility that I might be able to “FEEL” thin before I “AM” thin.

UNDER EYE: I wonder if I could pretend that I feel thin before I get thin.

NOSE: I’m tire of feeling fat.

CHIN: I’m tired of being overweight.

COLLARBONE: Maybe I could change my “vibration” to feeling thin.

UNDER ARM: I wonder if I’m willing to try it.

HEAD: I feel slightly encouraged right now…

Karate chop point: Even though I still feel fat, I feel more hopeful about my energy…Even though I want to communicate what I want and not what I hate about my body, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I’m ready for a change, and I’m willing to do it differently this time, I accept who I am and how I feel.

EYEBROW:  I still feel fat.

SIDE OF EYE: I still am fat.

UNDER EYE: No I’m not, and I don’t have to feel this way!

NOSE: I choose to feel healthy and strong right now.

CHIN: I choose to feel hopeful right now.

COLLARBONE: I choose to change my vibration about my body.

UNDER ARM: My body is ready for a change.

HEAD: I know I can do it if I change my vibration.

If you can feel some subtle differences in what signals you are sending out from your mind, body and spirit, this will make a huge difference in your success with weight loss.  Then when you have changed your vibration from “I’ve always been fat” to “I can do it differently this time,” you may work on some of the more difficult dieter’s challenges such as social occasions, stress triggers, or certain times of the day where your willpower collapses.  Remember, willpower doesn’t work for more than a few days. Changing your vibration can work for a life time.

Karate chop pointEven though I’m worried about late night eating, I choose to accept how much calmer I am around this subject…Even though I’m worried about overeating when I’m lonely, I accept who I am and these terrible habits I have…Even though I hate feeling lonely, I accept who I am and how I feel anyway.

EYEBROW:  I overeat when I’m lonely.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m tired of feeling terrible after I overeat.

UNDER EYE: Maybe I could change my “energy” around this.

NOSE: I can handle feeling lonely.

CHIN: I have the right tools now.

COLLARBONE: I appreciate my body.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate WHY I’ve been using food.

HEAD: I choose to change my behavior now.

EYEBROW:  What if I’m not ready to change my behavior?

SIDE OF EYE: I accept who I am no matter what.

UNDER EYE: Maybe I could change my energy around this issue.

NOSE: I feel so much calmer about this subject.

CHIN: I love knowing I have the right tools.

COLLARBONE: I feel thinner already, and I appreciate my body.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate WHY I’ve been using food to stuff my feelings.

HEAD: I choose to change my behavior now.

Remember to ALLOW yourself to feel thin, instead of hating yourself for being overweight.  Allow yourself to vibrate in a place of positive expectation, rather than assuming it won’t work again…

Stay tuned for part 3 of this series, Attracting Financial Abundance. 

Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 3: Attracting Financial Abundance 

Suppose you want to attract more financial prosperity into your life.  I always remind my clients that abundance is a feeling or a vibration, not a dollar amount in your bank account.  Using EFT and the Law of Attraction is the perfect combination for increasing your monthly or annual income.  No “facts” about the economy or your profession can limit your income unless you believe them, become trapped by them, or turn them into undetected comfort zones.

Most people tell me they want to attract a significantly higher annual salary, but what they are actually focusing on when they tell me this is what they can’t do NOW because of the limitations to their current income.  They are inadvertently focused on their lack, scarcity, the problems in their life because they don’t yet have enough money. 

Others tell me all about their huge expenses or how the economy is falling apart as reasons why they want to and need to attract more cash.  This confuses the Universe by offering mixed messages about what they want.  They are in essence saying “I want more money” and at the same time, focusing on “I don’t have enough.”  Law of Attraction will “offer” you what you focus on, and “I’m unhappy because I don’t have enough” is a very strong vibration.  These negative vibrations can of course be thoroughly collapsed with EFT.

I find it important to ask key questions about emotions about finances to help you formulate your real goals.

  • Why do you want more money?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What are you going to do with it?
  • What feeling will it give you?
  • How will your life be different when you have enough or more than enough money?
  • How might you change?

When you can answer these questions honestly, you are closer to feeling the vibration of the positive feelings you are moving towards, rather than being focused on the lack of money.  Your goals will also be clearer.  People don’t simply want more money.  They want it for specific reasons…maybe to feel powerful, to feel free, to have options, or to be able to make different choices.

Let’s say you are looking for the freedom you will feel when you have “plenty of money” (a different target for everyone, by the way). You need to focus on that thrilling feeling as if it has already happened, as if you are already there.  If you are focused on feeling restricted because of your financial situation, EFT is the best tool I have found to help you neutralize this so you will be able to visualize realistically (without all the “yes, buts…”) what you want your financial picture to look like.

Karate chop pointEven though I feel frustrated because I don’t have enough money, I choose to accept who I am right now…Even though I’m frustrated and feel restricted because I don’t have enough, I accept my feelings and who I am…Even though I want more but am too focused on not having enough, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

EYEBROW:  I feel frustrated by not having enough.

SIDE OF EYE: I never seem to have enough.

UNDER EYE: I feel so restricted by not having enough.

NOSE: I want more and don’t know how to get it.

CHIN: I really need more.

COLLARBONE: I deserve more.

UNDER ARM: Maybe I don’t.

HEAD: I want more and don’t know how to get it.

EYEBROW:  I feel so frustrated and restricted.

SIDE OF EYE: It makes me feel angry and powerless.

UNDER EYE: Why do others have so much?

NOSE: Why don’t I have any more?

CHIN: I want to have more.

COLLARBONE: I should be able to earn more.

UNDER ARM: I’m tired of being so trapped.

HEAD: I feel ready to make a change.

At this point, you may be sick and tired of the same old patterns, and may be ready to hear that it’s your vibration (which is easily tweakable), not how hard you work, that will allow more financial reward into your life.  (Please review the EFT rounds offered in part 1 of this series about the limiting belief, “Life has to be a struggle.”)

Focus on the feeling you want and that you hope to feel when you have more money.  What is it that you are really looking for?  How glorious will it be when you get there?

Karate chop pointEven though I’ve been feeling lack for years, I’m ready to make a change in my vibration…Even though I haven’t had enough before, I’m visualizing what my life could be like…Even though I’ve been in scarcity consciousness forever, I’m ready to change my patterns and vibration.

EYEBROW:  I feel trapped by not having enough money.

SIDE OF EYE: I want to feel free.

UNDER EYE: I can imagine feeling better already.

NOSE: I want to have enough to feel relaxed.

CHIN: What if I could feel relaxed before it happens?

COLLARBONE: What if I could attract what I want very soon?

UNDER ARM: What if changing my vibration is already attracting it?

HEAD: I am ready to change my vibration.

EYEBROW:  I’m tired of being so unhappy.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m tired of working so hard.

UNDER EYE: I’m making a decision to change my vibration about money.

NOSE: I’m ready for the change.

CHIN: I choose to change my attitude right now.

COLLARBONE: I feel lighter already.

UNDER ARM: I want to want to expect it to happen.

HEAD: I appreciate all the abundance I already have in my life.

EYEBROW:  I actually have more abundance than I realized.

SIDE OF EYE: There is abundance in my life already.

UNDER EYE: I have so much to appreciate.

NOSE: I feel better already.

CHIN: I can almost taste how good it will feel.

COLLARBONE: I feel lighter already.

UNDER ARM: I choose to expect abundance in my life.

HEAD: I am so ready for this positive change in my vibration.

Most of us were taught that as long as you work hard, you will be rewarded.  I later found out that plenty of people who work extremely hard do not get financially rewarded.  The missing link about financial reward is found in your vibration about money, about your life, and about your daily moments.

You need to want to want to make a change, or else you will stay in the same place for a few more years…don’t forget to use EFT for ANY aspect of this process around success and abundance.  Impatience usually surfaces for people who have been earnestly trying to earn more money (I have been trying for years to change this…where is my reward?).   Jealousy (Why do they have it and I don’t?) is another excellent conflict to tap on with EFT, and fear (How will they react if I become successful?) is a perfect target for your tapping sessions.

Stay tuned for part 4 of this series, Continued Financial Success.

Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 4 of 5: Continued Financial Success

The very subject of money brings up great anxiety for most people.  Many of my clients were never taught to feel comfortable discussing or even thinking about the topic of money, no matter how much financial abundance their family had or didn’t have.  Remember, if your vibration around money is always one of anxiety, you will not be communicating confidence to the Universe in your earning power or ability to attract financial prosperity.  If the Universe matches your vibration on any topic, and brings you more of what you pay attention to, it seems wise to reduce money anxiety as much as possible!

Ask yourself the following questions as part of your detective work so you will come up with the right set-up phrases for your tapping sessions:

  • How did your parents feel about money?
  • What was the tone like in your home when the subject of money was discussed?
  • How did they (and now, you) view wealthy people?
  • How do you judge yourself for not having enough money?
  • How will you judge yourself when you become financially wealthy?
  • How do you think your relationships will change?
  • Will you apologize for being wealthy? Feel guilty? Hide it?

On the intensity scale of 0-10, when you think about money, what you have, bills to pay, getting more, how high is your anxiety level?  Start tapping…

Karate chop pointEven though the topic of money makes me feel extremely anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway…Even though the topic of money makes me feel so uncomfortable, and it always has, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I feel nervous when I have money and nervous when I don’t have money, I accept my feelings about the entire subject.

EYEBROW:  I feel deeply anxious about money.

SIDE OF EYE: I feel so nervous about the subject of money.

UNDER EYE: I never feel comfortable around money.

NOSE: I don’t even want to discuss it.

CHIN: I never feel calm when I talk or think about money.

COLLARBONE: I wonder where this all came from?

UNDER ARM: I want to feel calm about money.

HEAD: I want to feel calm no matter what.

EYEBROW:  I would like to feel calm about money.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m ready to change my vibration about money.

UNDER EYE: I choose to feel calm about money matters.

NOSE: I know I can change my vibration about money.

CHIN: I could even learn to enjoy the subject, it’s only money.

COLLARBONE: I’m ready to feel calm and peaceful around money.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate how much I DO have right now.

HEAD: I feel calm about my financial situation, no matter what.

Now for expectations.  If you could improve your vibration to one of positive expectation, everything in your life would change.  If you expect things to work out well, they do, if you fear the worst, a negative scenario will unfold before you.  Regarding financial abundance, if you could expect to earn more or find multiple channels for passive income or learn more about using your vibration for attracting more abundance, your entire life picture will change.  My clients are constantly looking to buy the perfect marketing program, which isn’t nearly as important as improving their vibration about money. Your success lies in reducing your anxiety, clearing your limiting beliefs and improving your vibration, not in a new marketing product off the internet.

Please note that expectation is NOT hope, optimism, wishful thinking etc.  Having an expectation is having complete confidence and faith, and already knowing that what you want (financial abundance, exciting opportunities, serendipitous meetings) WILL truly come to pass.

Right now, pretend that you are expecting something bad to happen tomorrow.  Feel how this expectation feels in your gut.  Register this feeling, where it is in your body, how uncomfortable it feels.  Now pretend that something truly unbelievably positive is going to happen!  Write a “guess what” letter or a gratitude list about how excited you are.  Nothing has changed in the real world, has it?  But feel how good your tummy feels when you expect the best to happen….the feeling in your gut when you imagined both scenarios represents your vibration to the Universe.

Karate chop pointEven though I haven’t been very hopeful about my financial situation recently, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself…Even though I feel negative about my situation, I have decided to feel more expectant of something good…Even though I’ve been negative and upset about my financial situation because of what happened last time, I choose to expect there to be a solid improvement.

EYEBROW:  I feel negative about the lack of money in my life.

SIDE OF EYE: I have always felt negative about money.

UNDER EYE: I have always felt anxious around money.

NOSE: I feel frustrated and anxious about the entire subject.

CHIN: I wish I could do something about it.

COLLARBONE: Maybe I can do something about it.

UNDER ARM: I’m willing to do something about it.

HEAD: I’m ready to do something about it.

EYEBROW:  I have decided to feel more positive.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m ready to change my attitude.

UNDER EYE: I’m willing to expect something good to happen.

NOSE: I’m willing to improve my vibration.

CHIN: I can feel it changing already.

COLLARBONE: I appreciate all that I DO have.

UNDER ARM: I love feeling better about this situation.

HEAD: I have decided to expect something positive to happen.

Is your vibration around money one of guilt?  Do you feel selfish wanting more? Do you think you should be satisfied with what you already have?  These vibrations can greatly impede your professional success and financial growth.

Karate chop pointEven though I feel guilty wanting more than I already  have, I choose to accept my feelings and who I am…Even though I feel guilty because I already have enough to get by, I accept my feelings and my desires…Even though someone convinced me that I already have more than my share, and to want more is greedy, I accept my feelings and appreciate my desires.

EYEBROW:  I feel guilty admitting I want more money.

SIDE OF EYE: I feel guilty because I already have more than many people.

UNDER EYE: I feel selfish about my desires.

NOSE: No I don’t.

CHIN: Those were someone else’s feelings put upon me.

COLLARBONE: I am allowed to have desires.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate that I have desires for more.

HEAD: I look forward to having as much as I want.

EYEBROW:  I am ready to release this guilt.

SIDE OF EYE: It’s not doing anyone any good.

UNDER EYE: I don’t need to feel guilty for wanting more.

NOSE: I wonder where I got that.

CHIN: I’m ready to release it.

COLLARBONE: I want to feel free about money.

UNDER ARM: I choose to feel free and relaxed.

HEAD: I love releasing my family’s guilt about money.

Remember, feeling guilty is emotional “feedback” telling you that you think you “did” something bad.  When you think about it, earning a better living is not “bad” for anyone.  In fact, it will allow you to help others more freely.

Stay tuned for part 5 of this series, The Vibration of Pain Relief. 

Carol Look, EFT Master

Part 5 of 5: The Vibration of Pain Relief 

Pain Relief is an incredibly challenging subject.  When you are in physical pain, it is nearly impossible to focus on something else, something positive, or something for which you are grateful.   I will never forget one particular time when I was in excruciating physical pain, nothing else in the world mattered!  Of course this extends to emotional “pain” as well.  However, it is critical to be able to focus on the strengths of your body to get some energetic relief through changing your vibration.

After years of doing EFT, I know for me that nothing is more rewarding than helping someone who is suffering from chronic pain to feel slight, moderate, or exceptional relief in their bodies.  When I offer them EFT as a tool, I know their life will change if they use it. 

My initial goal with pain relief clients is to help them feel just a smidge better, a touch more relief, a few seconds of relief during the day.  Once this happens, they will be able to easily build upon it.  While there are times that EFT delivers a home run with pain relief cases, I recommend getting “a good start” as Gary says, and offer tools and processes so your clients can gain some traction.  Again, there have been many cases where the client experiences profound relief in the first session, when core issues are addressed, but offering even a slight improvement will mean the world to your clients.

Of course detective work is always useful before an EFT session.  In my last article series, I included a long list of questions to ask yourself about your pain.  Below are sample questions from this list…

  • How do you really feel ABOUT having pain?
  • “Who” might be represented in your body?
  • What conflict might be represented through your pain?
  • If your pain could talk, what would it tell you? Ask you?
  • If you weren’t in pain, what would change?
  • What if you CAN control it more than you thought?
  • What if you can’t?

Karate chop point: Even though my physical pain is distracting me, I choose to feel a little more relaxed…Even though my physical pain is infuriating and I just want it to stop, I accept my body and my emotions…Even though my physical pain has been with me way too long, I choose to look at it differently.

EYEBROW:  I feel angry about my pain.

SIDE OF EYE: I feel sick and tired of my pain.

UNDER EYE: I feel so defeated and just want it to change.

NOSE: I want to feel better.

CHIN: I don’t know how.

COLLARBONE: I need to feel better soon.

UNDER ARM: A part of me can’t take it anymore.

HEAD: I am so distracted by this awful pain.

EYEBROW:  I want to feel better.

SIDE OF EYE: I intend to feel better.

UNDER EYE: I choose to feel some relief.

NOSE: I know there are SOME parts of me that feel good.

CHIN: I wonder if I could focus on those good feeling parts.

COLLARBONE: It’s hard to focus on them when other parts hurt.

UNDER ARM: I want to feel better.

HEAD: I feel ready to feel some relief.

Karate chop pointEven though I feel discouraged by my illness and the pain, I’m ready to feel a little better now…Even though I haven’t felt better in years, I feel something happening now…Even though the pain is still there, I feel a difference in my vibration already.

EYEBROW:  I feel ready to make some vibrational changes.

SIDE OF EYE: I want to notice what feels better inside.

UNDER EYE: I feel more hopeful suddenly.

NOSE: I might even forget about the pain for a few moments.

CHIN: I am ready for a new vibration.

COLLARBONE: I know my energy is powerful.

UNDER ARM: I’m ready for a new vibration about my body.

HEAD: I choose to feel relief right now.

EYEBROW:  I feel better already.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m on the right track.

UNDER EYE: I feel better in a few places.

NOSE: I can feel relief for a few moments.

CHIN: I am releasing the underlying causes for my pain.

COLLARBONE: I’m ready to release the emotional conflicts.

UNDER ARM: I understand why I have been feeling so much pain.

HEAD: I feel ready to relax my body and release some of the pain.

While most people’s assumption is that relieving someone’s pain is entirely positive, changing something as significant as a long-standing pain syndrome or ailment can cause feelings of uncertainty and doubt. 

  • Who will you be without this ailment you’ve had for so long? 
  • What will it feel like to release the emotional drivers behind the syndrome? 
  • What if the doctors were wrong about your diagnosis?
  • What if you are able to get better despite their predictions?
  • What if you have more control than you thought?
  • What if your body WILL cooperate more when you give it what it needs?

Karate chop pointEven though I’m worried about who I will be without this pain, I accept who I am with or without it…Even though I’m worried about what might change if I start to feel better, I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I have many conflicts about this pain, I accept all of me right now.

EYEBROW:  I feel worried and excited at the same time.

SIDE OF EYE: What if too many things change?

UNDER EYE: What if they have too many expectations of me?

NOSE: I want to be left alone whether I’m in pain or not.

CHIN: I am ready to make these changes.

COLLARBONE: It’s time.

UNDER ARM: What a relief to feel better.

HEAD: What a relief to release the emotional drivers that contributed to my pain.

EYEBROW:  I am ready to relieve the emotional conflicts.

SIDE OF EYE: I’m ready to feel better right now.

UNDER EYE: I want to feel more relaxed in my body.

NOSE: I’m ready to relax my muscles and my nerves.

CHIN: I choose to release any emotional contributors to this illness.

COLLARBONE: I choose to allow my body to heal.

UNDER ARM: I am finally giving my body the rest it deserves.

HEAD: I feel better already and appreciate my whole body.

Hating your body (which is common when you think it has “failed you”) will aim your vibration in the wrong direction.  See if you can use EFT to appreciate your body, no matter what.  This often opens the door to much needed relief in your mind as well as physical body.

Karate chop pointEven though I want it all to just go away, I’m willing to settle for a slight improvement…Even though I just want to get rid of all of it and I have been hating my body, I’m willing to feel a little more relaxed…Even though it’s all or nothing with me, I accept who I am and how I feel.

EYEBROW:  I feel willing to appreciate my body.

SIDE OF EYE: I want to appreciate my body no matter what.

UNDER EYE: My body has been really good to me in many ways.

NOSE: I know my body has some very strong parts.

CHIN: I love who I am and appreciate my body.

COLLARBONE: For some reason my body needed this pain.

UNDER ARM: I appreciate what it needed to do for me.

HEAD: I’m ready to release as much pain as possible, and move forward.

EYEBROW:  I feel better already.

SIDE OF EYE: I am relieved that I’m not so mad at my body.

UNDER EYE: I feel relaxed in a new way about my body.

NOSE: I have so many ways to appreciate who I am.

CHIN: I have new information about my body and what it needs.

COLLARBONE: I choose to feel completely and deeply relaxed.

UNDER ARM: I offer my body the rest and relaxation it needs.

HEAD: I choose to love and accept ALL OF ME.

With a little bit of relief, and tools to find even more relief, the Law of Attraction will be responding to someone (you) who has a higher vibration, a happier outlook, a more hopeful attitude, and someone who can finally  imagine a future with less pain and more comfort.  As long as you are looking at the illness, it’s difficult to get better.  As long as you are using EFT and the Law of Attraction to improve your overall vibration about your body, you will “allow” your body to improve on many levels.

Carol Look, EFT Master


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