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Can EFT be used to manifest what you want in your life?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Read this excellent article by EFT Master Pat Carrington, PhD. No telling what you might manifest.

Smiles, Gary

By Patricia Carrington PhD, EFT Master

I’ve often been asked whether EFT can be used to bring about desirable changes in the world outside of oneself – to “manifest, as this activity is frequently referred to.  My answer to this is both a “Yes” and a “No.”

EFT can at times bring about dramatic changes in outside circumstances (see reports of successful surrogate tapping on Gary’s site) but it will not work under some circumstances and these are important to know.  I have seen EFT used to remarkable effect to bring about something that a person is fully ready to allow into their life and I will give you an example of this in a moment.  At other times, however, someone may be unable to manifest something they claim to want because within the EFT statement is hidden what Gary Craig refers to as a "tail ender ".  I will say more about these important blockages in a moment.

First, let me give you an example of one of the most effective uses of EFT to manifest something in the outside world that I have ever known.  "Pete" is an experienced EFT’er who uses EFT in an interesting manner.  He is well acquainted with the EFT Choices Method and essentially employs it, but instead of saying the words, "I choose" to introduce his positive portion of the EFT statement, he says instead, "I thank the Universe for" and follows this with a detailed description of his desired outcome.  Here’s how that works for him.

Pete’s car had seen better days.  In fact, it was about to break down any minute.  He wanted a new car but did not see how he could possibly afford the kind he wanted.  He had been searching the internet for several months, going up to such sites as every day -- but to no avail.  The car he wanted wasn't there.

Pete's taste was very definite and I suggest you notice the specific manner in which he refers to what he wants, in the positive “Choices” portion of his EFT statement  Gary Craig has repeatedly emphasized the importance of specificity in the negative portion of the EFT statement.  Specificity in the positive portion is, I believe, equally important.  You will see how Pete formulated his EFT choices with regard to the car he sought.  His EFT statement went as follows:

“Even though I don't know how this can happen, I thank the Universe for giving me a light blue Model 240 Volvo Station Wagon made in the years ‘91 to ‘93."

You can't be much more specific than that, and Pete diligently tapped on this EFT statement for a couple of weeks at the end of which time an interesting thing happened.  The car he wanted suddenly appeared in an online listing of automobiles for sale.  The ad up there offered for sale a light blue Model 240 Volvo Station Wagon manufactured in 1992.  It had all the amenities Pete wanted and the crowning touch was that it was only a two hours drive from his house.

There only remained the question of how to pay for the car since no insurance company would finance such an old car.  However, Pete had been managing a property for a bank manager who was very pleased with the way he had worked for him and when Pete asked him about a car loan he arranged for his bank to finance the car at the lowest possible interest rate, for two years -- something that was entirely affordable for Pete.  He took advantage of this opportunity and at this moment is enjoying his new car greatly.

This wasn't the only external manifestation that Pete brought about through his precise EFT statements, however.  His old lawnmower then broke down and it would have been difficult for him to afford a new one.  So he began using EFT for a lawnmower, using the following statement:

“Even though I don't have a lawnmower now, I thank the Universe for giving me one that just fits my purpose and works excellently."

Within a week of starting to tap daily for a lawnmower, he was driving past a neighbor’s house when he saw a lawnmower in their garbage by the curb.  It looked in surprisingly good shape.  He picked it up, brought it home, inserted a part that he estimated was needed to generate sparks, and found that this did the trick.  He had a new lawnmower virtually for free.

He hoped it would continue to work as well in the future but in the back of his mind he thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have another lawnmower just as a backup.  Later, when this lawnmower showed some carburetor troubles, he was again driving around in his neighborhood when he saw a man who was cleaning out his shop, apparently in preparation for moving, and not one but three lawnmowers had been discarded onto the curb.  Pete managed to get all three back to his house and one of them started out right away, excellently.  He is still using it.

However Pete's story does not end here.  A year later he became concerned about a pending career change which would involve a lifestyle change about which he had some hesitancy.  He wanted to tap for an excellent job offer but he had conflicting feelings about this –– what Gary Craig has so aptly termed “tail enders” " were involved here (for a detailed summary of Gary Craig's important theory of tail enders and the way he recommends handling them, as well as the way in which they can be incorporated into your EFT Choices thereby handling them ahead of time, see chapter 7 of my Choices Manual.) 

This time Pete had difficulty formulating his EFT statement and no positive results were forthcoming in terms of a suitable job opportunity.  Instead, he discovered that he needed to work on this issue in therapy.  He realized that his wish, while certainly true for one part of him, was not as simple (not as “congruent”) as had been his wish for the Volvo Station Wagon or the lawnmower.  It had contradictions within it that needed to be worked out first and he is presently using EFT to do that.  This is an excellent example of Gary Craig’s suggestion that we locate the tail enders in any affirmation we plan to use, and then use EFT to clear them out.

To sum up my answer to the question posed in this article, I would say that there is evidence that EFT can help a person create exactly what they want in life provided they have a clear unequivocal desire for that thing, with no contradictions or reservations present –– as apparently there were none for Pete when he used EFT to create the car and lawnmower in his life.  I would guess, however, that in the majority of cases where someone sets out to use EFT to bring a good thing or event into their lives, that they probably have reservations and conflicts around the receiving of that good and that they should address these first by using EFT on them.  However, once having cleared the blocks, who knows to what degree EFT can be used for the actual manifesting?  I would guess that the potential here is very high.

What is the mechanism behind EFT manifesting when it does occur?  An explanation that can apply at least to some of the cases noted (but not usually to surrogate tapping and the like) is that doing EFT for a personal goal has focused the person’s attention on the goal that they want so sharply that they now become acutely aware of anything that comes into their life that may help them realize that goal –– and as a result have many more opportunities to get what they want.

Another explanation is based on a concept that has been researched and written about by a number of scientists familiar with quantum physics and field theory, among them William Tiller, a major engineering physicist and researcher (see “William Tiller” on the EFT site).  Tiller theorizes that our intentions are an active creative force in the external as well as internal universe and thus can bring about striking changes in outside circumstances.

Whichever explanation you prefer, or perhaps another, the phenomenon is factually documented and can be used to excellent advantage when you are doing EFT –– provided of course that you look seriously within to be sure that there is no “little voice” in the back of your mind expressing a reservation about having it.  If there is though -- don't worry; just use your objections as the objects of your next EFT tapping session!

Pat Carrington


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