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Leslie Anne Lackman successfully uses humor and takes aim at neuropeptides

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

You can easily borrow from these two approaches and adapt versions of them for many issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Leslie Anne Lackman

Dear Gary,

Like many EFTers, I am incorrigible about bringing up the subject of EFT and trying it on anyone - strangers and friends alike.  One fellow at a dinner still had pain in his arm from a motorcycle accident 15 years before, at a level of intensity of 5 on a scale of 0 to 10.  After dinner, we tapped on specific descriptions of his pain and on his being partly at fault for the accident.  The pain started coming down quickly, then leveled off at an intensity of 2 out of 10.

I questioned him further about emotions tied to the accident, and then he said, "My philosophy is that the universe will heal it when it's time.  I can wait."  So, we tapped.

Even though the universe will heal this when it's time, I guess the universe has been busy for 15 years and I accept myself anyway

Even though I’m waiting on the universe, gee it's been 15 years; I guess the universe has more important things to do...  After a couple of rounds on variations of that and the pain was gone.

GC COMMENT: I love the implied humor in the above approach. Humor is healing in and of itself AND it helps to reframe a limiting belief. Nicely done.

LESLIE ANNE CONTINUES AND DISCUSSES THE NEUROPEPTIDE APPROACH: In using EFT for myself, I had to find ways to get around massive reversal.  I was trying to collapse feelings of guilt, despair, bitterness, and depression, which got especially bad around holidays and during full moons, new moons, and solar flares.  I cried a lot, but could not get completely clear, for whatever reason.

So, one new moon afternoon, remembering great movie animations about neuropeptides, I decided to stop addressing the emotions from the perceptual level and address them instead at the biochemical level as an addiction that my cells had to the neuropeptides of those emotions. I started tapping along the following lines:

Even though my cells are addicted to negativity and the neuropeptides that accompany it, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive every single cell in my body, my blood, my nerves, my heart, and every part of my brain that is involved in this addiction.

Even though my cells are covered with receptors for the neuropeptides of negativity, I deeply and completely forgive my cells and I ask them to disable those receptors and to create new ones for the neuropeptides of joy and peace.

Even though my brain has the habit of producing the neuropeptides of misery whenever my thoughts go there, I deeply and completely forgive every part of my brain for following such orders and I now issue the order to produce new neuropeptides of joy and peace.

The first time I used this approach, I did not experience a super dramatic shift, but I did feel better - like I had at least done something constructive.  I started noticing that my full and new moon funks were not as bad as before.  Friends started noticing that my overall energy was changing for the better.

One day, I got into negativity that I call Othello emotions--malice, bitterness, suspicion, jealousy, helplessness, wanting vengeance.  I tapped, and in 5 minutes or less, POOF they were gone.  My setups were aimed simply at the emotions in the moment, something like Even though I have all these horrible feelings...

It was like the sun came out in my chest and then my head (the cognitive shift), which allowed me to look at the situation and think, "Hmm … maybe it's not true and I'm just imagining all this." Which I was.  But this time, thanks to the EFT tapping, I did not spend hours lost in that negative state.

My deepest thanks to you, Gary, and to everyone.



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