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How Dawn Norton used EFT to collapse her own "horror" issue

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Although prudence requires that I advise people to get professional help for intense issues, I must give kudos to Dawn Norton for the way in which she handled this major issue on her own.

Hugs, Gary

By Dawn Norton-EFT ADV

Dear Gary,

          A few weeks ago, I attended one of your conferences. I learned so much and had a wonderful experience listening to tips from you and others and seeing live demonstrations. But what I write about today is the experience I had on the second day of the conference.

          That particular day while you were working with someone else on stage, I was triggered in a big way. I was Borrowing Benefits for the daily frustrations I feel as a mother rearing a large family. I was getting into some father issues and then somewhere in the tapping on stage, the word “horror” came up. And immediately the largest horror in my life presented itself. I tried to work with it, but it grew and grew and I had to leave to get a little help. Andy Bryce was very helpful in bringing down the immediate intensity and I was able to return to the conference and get through the day, with the intent of making an appointment with myself later in my room to handle this problem which I thought was all ready resolved (pre-EFT).

          Typically, in difficult situations I trade “sessions” with a friend who uses another energy technique. She was not available and it was so fresh that I wanted to resolve it while it was and felt I would be able to handle this. It has been suggested in other articles of the Newsletter, to imagine you (Gary) or another practitioner as being in the room and proceeding that way. I decided that I would act as practitioner and client. So, in my mind there was me the practitioner asking questions, and me the client answering and being the recipient of EFT.

          The issue revolved around my mother’s suicide twenty years ago. That was the “horror” in my life that had begun emerging earlier in the day. I want to be brief with history and just say my parents were divorced when I was five and my father kidnapped us. I grew up without my mother and we were reconciled when I contacted her after I went to college. When I revealed this to my father, he was enraged and threatened to cut me off, which created the chain of events that may have been a contributing factor in my mother’s death.

          I began by asking myself what happened earlier that day. And of course, as I answered I became very upset as I literally answered out loud what had occurred. Intensity level was clearly a 10 as I inquired what exact event this went back to. I knew that it was the day that I received the call from my grandmother and almost simultaneously my father, telling me of my mother's death and the way she died. The intensity was there, so I began tapping:

“Even though my mother committed suicide, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though she killed herself, I forgive myself for my part in it…” There was a lot of intense tapping of all points (shortcut sequence) with and without these kinds of setups.

The two things that stuck with me the most from the conference, that carried over from the excellent DVD series, was being specific and testing, testing, testing. So, I decided that I would make a movie of the phone call. It was a two minute movie and I was definitely in it. There were two crescendos. My grandmother’s call and my father’s emergency break in.

“Even though my grandmother made small talk and then dropped the bomb on me….Even though when my father broke in, she revealed the news so casually…Even though I collapsed on the floor screaming…”

There were many, many rounds before moving on to the next part. And I only tapped for this small part to the point the operator broke in. After a few rounds, I would run that small part of the movie until I could get through it without any intensity. Then I moved on to the next part.

          My father had never spoken the least bit highly of my mother, and so I could not accept his feeble, “I am sorry” before I got off the phone with him. I was angry and while I blamed myself, I doubly blamed him for setting the wheels in motion.

“Even though I am so angry at my father….even though it was all his fault. Even though I hated him for making me choose…even though he said he was sorry but he really wasn't…even though it was my fault too…even though I was too afraid to stand up to him” Many, many more rounds, specifics around my mother’s reaction to his ultimatum, and then a small shift in thinking. “Even though my father said he was sorry, maybe he was doing the best he can. I might be able to truly forgive him some day…Even though it was my fault, I was only 19, how could I know? I was doing the best that I could”…And that brought a great release as I realized that there was no way I could have known any of this would happen. It wasn’t my fault. It was my mother’s choice and she was only doing the best she could.

          At this point, I thought it would be valuable to also process some of the emotion from the previous blow up with my father. I won’t include the setups here to keep this as short as possible, but during this part, I had another thought that was helpful about my dad. It occurred to me when I told him that I had a relationship with my mother, that he feared after all these years that he would lose me. That I would find things out that might turn me against him. And then, I felt my heart soften and I felt that I could forgive. This only happened after many more rounds on this second specific event.

          Then I went back to the “Phone Call” movie and tested again. The intensity level was much lower and I went through the remaining emotions with a few rounds, until I could go through the entire movie without the previous emotion. As an end to this experience, where I had also included prayer, I decided to send love to my dad as is practiced in the Steps to Becoming the Ultimate Therapist, and you had demonstrated on stage at the conference. I opened up my head, my heart, and my body to divine love and my belief, the love of Christ, true unconditional love. I radiated that out to my dad at his location. And I just felt the loving warmth of that experience. Then I tested. Specifically, several times I went back to that movie and tested. And when it was all said and done, it was gone! And then my heart was filled with gratitude to heaven for providing this tool and to you for making it available.

          I have told very few people the entire story because of the intensity, but I had another opportunity to test at the airport the next night. I had met another EFT practitioner the day before and we were talking and sharing personal interests and our experiences at the conference. It came out in a very natural way and I hesitated to tell it momentarily, but thought it would be another way to test it. And sure enough, I was able to tell the story without any emotional intensity. There will always be sadness within me at the loss of my mother from my life in such an unhappy, senseless way. Her presence will always be missed in this mortal life, but to be free from the intense excess emotions—grief, sorrow, and even hate, is such a gift to me.

          I had the opportunity to speak to my father a few days later. On occasion, he asks me to do things that create a defense mechanism within me; a wall of protection so to speak. I had the opportunity this time to feel the difference between reacting and responding and I did respond in a way that seemed completely calm and natural to me, but previously was not. Here was a lovely side benefit that I hope is lasting. Time will only tell. I continue to be amazed at the power of such a simple technique.

Respectfully yours,

Dawn Norton-EFT ADV


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