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Helpful hints for the Holidays.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Dr. David Lake, a specialist in relationships, gives us some helpful hints for making the best of the Holiday season. You may particularly enjoy the suggested uses for EFT as well as the humorous rhyme at the end of his message.

Love, Gary

By David Lake, MD

Would you rather be right than be happy? Have things go exactly the way you want them to? This is a poignant question during these Holidays when some people seem to be radiating 'goodwill to all' while others are terribly lonely. Many are reminded of the loss of loved ones, or of a loving relationship. Be aware of the gap between our spirit's intention and the path the mind thinks we should take.

My internal suggestion is to remember myself when I have temporarily lost loving connection in life. You may want to do the same. You can use EFT to harmonise such disruption (however you conceive it) when your relationship suffers. This is often your relationship with yourself. We want things to be 'right'. This is the human condition.

We often see differences where none exist. We forget that we are spiritual beings living a human existence. We don't see the sky, or into the eyes of those we love, often enough. Time is slipping away and time is all we have. In your heart you will be able to find relational connection during December--and in every other month. When we feel rushed and bothered, which is often the case during the Holidays, it is easy to experience the blocks to loving relationships.

Blame and fault and frustration can show up as regular visitors during the Holidays, and we might express this as whining and grizzling and grumbling. EFT helps with the 'imposition' and 'guilt' surrounding all the extra work and family interactions at this time of the year. Then--suddenly--January is so quiet!

Here are some suggestions for using EFT for really simple, basic issues that you are 'too busy to deal with right now...' Try them. They may assist you during these Holidays.

"I accept myself even if I have all this work to do, and I can't relax until it's all done!"
[EFT sequence on 'can't relax...']

"Even if I have to put up with all my relatives, for a long time, I'll do the best I can'
[TAP on thoughts and feelings about 'my relatives'...(anyone particular who bothers you)]

"Although I'm rushed/stressed/bothered, the important thing is that we love each other"
[TAP on 'rushed' or 'bothered']

"I'm fortunate to have beautiful people I call family, even if I forget this some days"
[TAP on 'fortunate' & 'unfortunate' alternately]

"I love (person) deeply, even though I haven't shown and told (you) enough lately"
[TAP on 'I haven't shown you'/'I haven't told you' alternately]

"Although I have secretly blamed myself quite a bit this year, I'm going to let it go and celebrate"
[TAP on 'I let go this blame...']

As my final relationship offering for 2000 I proffer this font of received wisdom from a 'descended master' who made a very hard landing:

"I love myself, I think I'm grand,
I love to sit and hold my hand.
One day I think I'll marry me,
And somehow start a family."

I wish all the readers of this list love, happiness and prosperity. If this for any reason is my last Holiday season, I'm making it count!

All my best intentions,

David Lake


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