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Aiming EFT at our Future

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Among other things, Mair Llewellyn from the UK shows us how to borrow positive events from the past and transplant them into a positively unfolding future.

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn

My last article considered how being in a state of thankfulness and gratitude for the good in the current situation - attracts more good. Aiming EFT at the future is about choosing and asking for what we are wanting.

Ask yourself (or your clients) to recall positive messages or sayings that were given to you.  Taking time to remember positive sayings or names you were called are excellent ways of transplanting from early events to now. These recollections are helpful, too, for aiming EFT at the future.  These formative gems can be frequently lost or unintentionally forgotten.   Re-awakening what grandma or our teacher said about us or our achievement can be a foundation to build on or a stepping-stone toward future success.  These milestones are part of our birthright that has already been embedded in our mind. 

Using EFT as part of the mix can strengthen and cement positive future expectations.   For instance when a client comes with a very negative perspective – asking them positive questions or eliciting a more uplifting focus and tapping on it re-writes or re-activates these positive core messages on the walls of their mind.

Here are two examples of using these elicited messages together with an EFT set-up and alternate positive reminder phrases.

“Even though I’d almost forgotten the exciting experience of towing a caravan  and successfully finding my way. I easily make my way now.”

“Successfully finding my way”.

“Making my way now”.

“When I was six, and my teacher said ‘you can do that’ I believed her and I did it, I now remember I have that same ability inside”.

“My teacher believed me.”

“I believe in myself now”

Here are some sayings and proverbs that clients have shared that have frequently helped them – what do you say to yourself which helps and inspires you? 

 “Choose  to contemplate the opposite condition to your problem.”  

“Every problem has within it the seeds of its solution.” 

“Where there is a will there is a way.” 

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” 

“One door closes another one opens.”  

“You can have whatever you want in life….if you’re willing to pay….attention.” Taneo Sands Kumuli


Ask clients to bring to mind a memory of a successful experience (however simple) they have enjoyed - ask them to re-run that movie all the way through again. Pay particular attention to each positive inspirational highlight or experience.  For clients who find it natural to vividly remember being there and experiencing seeing, feeling and hearing  it is easy.  Then ask your client to give you an awesome title to their movie and tell you how long it lasted and how many exciting energy bursts there were throughout.  When they can do this and are happy with vividly imaging it from start to finish.  Give the following instructions.

“When you wish to re-live that experience - not now, but when you have listened to these instruction - you can enjoy re-experiencing your movie personally in your head or you can tell me what is happening when it is happening.  During the whole of your movie continue to tap throughout with EFT tapping as we have done many times before.  You can, either open or close your eyes as you wish.  Be  just as you were - re-live your personal movie as if you are really experiencing it right now. Make your incredible journey brighter, happier even more successful – allow it to thrill you again and again.  You  can enjoy it within yourself silently or tell me what is happening when it is happening.  When you are ready to roll just nod your head.”

If a client has difficulty recalling the detail of a positive movie, encourage them to guess or make it up.  Sometimes it is easier for these clients initially to imagine seeing, hearing or feeling themselves or someone they admire or aspire to effortlessly performing their role.  Continue as before with a movie title, length of movie and similarly adapted instructions as from the earlier description.

In both cases during feedback any tail-enders or yes-buts need to be addressed with EFT during the session or later.  Writing a list of insights for now or later work is very helpful.

When you are both happy with the results talk about the value of using  Neuro Linguistic Programming anchors and plan to install one to suit your clients future needs.  Describe how a positive anchor takes you closer to where you want to be and  how the anchor with repetition can be easily accessed.  Make this associative connection during their next re-experienced movie.  If time permits do that toward the end of their session.  I have found some clients are very happy installing their associative anchors and doing the tapping at the same time.  Adapt this positive movie technique to suit yourselves.

In future work, or during their next appointment, ask your client to run a future movie in the same way tapping throughout. In this movie your client will be very specific about what they are wanting.  Asking and clearly knowing what they want, together with happy and confident feelings, clears the way to manifesting.  After this exercise take a few moments to  savour and appreciate all that is.  Genuine thankfulness allows positive expectant energy to flow.

Clients who come to me frequently say that they used to be confident and just want to be me again.   Others say they haven’t been right since…………..

In these cases clearing work needs to be done first of all on the problems or traumas. 

Seeking out their lost image or a healthy energetic experience and working globally in a positive way is great.  I always use set up statements which relate to what they have been using to describe their lost assets such as:-

“Even though I always bounced back like a ball, and balls bounce differently depending on the surface, and yet they still have their bounce and so do I -  that’s why I’m doing EFT right now.” 

“I respect and honour my resilience in bouncing back.”

“Even though I was a proficient driver – I remember the thrill of achievement in passing my advanced driving test – I still have that skill, my certificate and I’m proficient right here and now.”

Finding specific events like enjoying their advanced driving success is fundamental to their reconnecting with their already existing skills. These are like the positive specific events that support the global belief which has been lost sight of.


Just as Gary has taught us to use a technique to sneak up on a problem, I use EFT to sneak up on a client’s wanted solution.  One such client’s set up statement went something like this:-

“Even though I don’t know how I’m going to do ……….although I DO KNOW that I really really want to do x……..and y…………. by………….. and to enjoy experiencing this with love, joy and tremendous peace of mind.”

Asking for more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want makes sense. Each time you talk to yourself it is being heard - so get it right. You may be surprised to find how quickly things start to happen even without really knowing consciously how it works.  

Describing an outcome clearly and describing it in detail in the first person, present tense and in positive terms using exquisite vocabulary and tapping while doing this is easier than you think.  The bonus to this method is that it works abundantly above what we can ask or even think.

Mair Llewellyn 


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