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Connecting to our Birthright of Fertility

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT Master Mair Llewellyn from the UK shares insights and EFT examples for those dealing with fertility issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master

The subject of reconnection to our birthright which I have written about has received the most interest of anything that I have submitted for Gary’s newsletter.  This is why I have expanded on this topic more than I intended on this subject.  Many of you asked for specific examples of how I would build meaningful associations to body, mind and spirit balance.

This article is intended to be the last one in this series.  It will provide examples from portions of sessions with two clients wanting help with improving their chances of fertility.  It specifically highlights our endeavour to access their more positive mind body connection.   It is important to note that these two examples followed on from working in-depth on core issues. After your client reports emotional freedom on their related issues, this is the most helpful time to make a reconnection to wellness, if appropriate.

Confirmation of freedom from trauma or negative issues can be assessed for you and your client in a number of ways  - reaching  a zero on their 0-10 intensity scale, using a muscle test, or by going out to test their intensity level in the real world.  Many therapists round off their sessions by using Pat Carrington’s choices. Following choices is an ideal time for your client to aim EFT at their future - and or to reconnect to their birthright of balance and harmony, if appropriate. When these approaches are used at this time, it frequently enhances the energy flow to associations of wellbeing.

Fertility treatment is complex and often involves working with a group of health care professionals to discover what may be going on.  The conventional specialists refer clients to me to help with possible emotional components of infertility.

Ann (not her real name) was one such client.  She and her husband had been receiving many forms of fertility treatment without noticeable  results.  They were both feeling very stressed because it was not only costly financially but also emotionally.   It was beginning  to jeopardise their relationship.

I asked Ann,  the following question “If you guessed at a reason why this may be happening – however illogical it seems ,what would you say?” (This is a question I often use).   Ann replied, as many do, almost immediately.  The answer appeared to come to her unexpectedly and spontaneously from her unconscious.   She said “I don’t believe that I will ever conceive because I have many feelings of shame surrounding becoming pregnant”.   Logically she knew that wasn’t  necessarily true.   However,  because the unconscious mind was running the show,  not conceiving was what was true at this point in time.  Our first sessions of therapy focused on using EFT to work on core issues surrounding this shame. 

Ann believed that this belief was the major block to her ability to conceive.  After freeing her of these limiting beliefs  we could have felt at this point that it was a done deal.    However, I always remember what Gary suggests and that is to undersell and over deliver.  The following sessions of EFT with Ann included aiming EFT at the future as well as reconnecting to her inner wisdom before her trauma.  Here are some of the set up statements which we used here.

“Even though I know it was natural for me to conceive before my trauma, I deeply and completely welcome a reconnection now to my birthright during our loving oneness together”.

“I deeply and completely honour my body’s patience in allowing my mind to become ready to accept and nurture, so safely and completely, our baby within”

“Even though I don’t know consciously how, I do trust the inner wisdom of my mind and body to naturally do what it needs to do to welcome and cherish our loved baby”

In addition to using set up statements and reminder phrases I frequently encourage my clients to visualise their dreams and to include  wonderful feelings and senses and to tap whilst doing this.

Doing EFT whilst in a positive day dreaming state picks up any unspoken fears as well as enhances the joyful positive expectancy of receiving.

In another case Di and Jim (not their real names) were a couple who had been recommended to come to me by a fertility clinic some four hours journey away.  They arranged to stop over in our clinic and home and have intensive therapy over a three day period.  When we do this deep healing we close the clinic to other clients so that Tam, I and any other therapists needed can work together for the benefit of these  ‘in-house’ clients.  Our approach is very informal for it is our intention to provide a safe haven.  We wish for anyone staying with us to experience safety, healing and peace of mind and body.  During our introductions,  Di told us that she had a somewhat reduced chance of conceiving due to the fact that she had had one of her ovaries removed in her early 20s.

The fertility clinic had assured Di, during assessment three years ago that despite this they were very optimistic that she would conceive naturally. During the last three years of trying for a baby with nothing happening they now felt concerned that their time clock was ticking. They had once again returned to the fertility clinic for reassurance and guidance.  They ran further tests,  these provided reassurance that all was physically well.   It was then that they recommended  that Jim & Di sort emotional help with their ‘in house’ counsellor.  It was the counsellor who suggested that they contacted us for therapy.

Even though Jim & Di  came together, after our introduction she asked  if I would talk to her on her own first of all.  Jim talked and did EFT with Tam whilst Di and I spent sometime alone together.   During our conversation she confessed that she had become drunk one night at a club and the following day as a precaution she had taken the morning after pill.  Five years later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Di said that from that day until this one she had always blamed herself for getting the cancer because of her recklessness. 

During the time that Di told her story we continuously tapped on her distressing emotions.   Afterwards she explained why she needed to discuss this with me on my own because Jim had always said “You were only young Di doing what teenagers do – give yourself a break”.  It wasn’t that Jim belittled what had happened but intuitively Di knew that this guilt appeared to be a stumbling block to her conceiving.  She said, “I don’t believe that I  deserve to be a mother.”  For a short while we took the edge off these distressing emotions.  Then,  the four of us took a pleasant leisurely lunch break together in a nearby beautiful garden restaurant.

We intentionally take time out to break state this enhances the integration and consolidation of the positive cognitive shifts.   These well chosen breaks provide a great way of connecting to the here and now as well as enjoying a deliciously light lunch.  Tam and I both feel that this whole process is particularly healing and centering.

After our relaxing lunch break a considerable amount of EFT tapping was done with both Di & Jim on their painful emotions and limiting beliefs until Di said she felt truly ready to welcome their baby and be a loving mother.

During the second morning Di & Jim enjoyed time alone and a walk in Tickhill village where we live and have our clinic.  After lunch they took time out to prepare set up statements that related to exactly what they were wanting.  I have included some of their set up phrases that we used.  These were phrases which really resonated for Jim & Di and they were created during their quiet time together after lunch.

“Even though Jim was OK with what had happened and I wasn’t until now we deeply and completely respect one anothers individual needs”

“Even though we don’t consciously know how conception happens we now both totally believe in our body’s ability to bond my egg and Jim’s sperm perfectly together because we are at one in our love”.

“Even though we have waited for many years, we are now experiencing positive expectancy, happy in the knowledge we can be welcoming this baby into our lives with so much love”.

Receiving this love into our lives

Allowing our bond of love to conceive this little one

On our third day Di and Jim wanted support and guidance to follow up and strengthen what they had already done with some positive imagery, using their words and making connections to their already great feelings.  I have found that when clients use their words to plan and dream their dreams they really connect to their inner wisdom then, their vital force flows freely.    Di wanted to enjoy her feelings as well as to picture her body healing completely and her ovary brimming full of energy and vitality and ovulating naturally. Whilst Di did this Jim gently tapped Di through the EFT sequence over and over again.  There was tremendous energy, emotional excitement and joy flowing after this magical tapping procedure.   They both reported their positive imagery and liberating feelings as we took time for a break together.

After our lunch break I asked them if they felt it would be helpful to build on this imagery and good feelings as well as tapping along the way.  They were both very enthusiastic about continuing this whilst they were in this wonderful state of flow.  I took Jim & Di through an imaginary experience of truly loving oneness with beautiful synchronised orgasms thrilling their body, mind and spirits.  As they enjoyed the afterglow of imagined love in action I continued to guide them through their perception of the joy of conception and a strong healthy egg softly and comfortably embedding safely in exactly the right place for their baby to grow.  During the time of their beautiful experience I added suggestions of continued benefits from their earlier EFT tapping routine and of continuing to do this on their return home.

This is only my view of three wonderful days with other healers together providing a safe and healing space.  We all felt truly grateful to be happily gathered for the abundance of healing and we felt so much love flowing. 

We discussed the power of their dreams, connecting to feelings and having a positive focus.  They were both very happy to take home the CD recordings which we had made for them.  This audios included what they were wanting, their dream journeys and positive tapping along the way.  We heard two months after their visit that their healing and uplifting journey continues to be a support and inspiration to them both.

Trauma can create distorted writing on the wall of our mind.  We are truly blessed now that we have EFT which erases these misperceptions which limit our lives.  Tapping also has the potential of  reconnecting to our birthright and life enhancing perceptions.

This is succinctly put by Bruce Lipton PhD., (a cellular microbiologist & Stanford Researcher) when he taught that our perception of life informs our biology.  How our cells respond to life is based on what we believe. “Perceptions” lie between the environment and cell expression. If our perceptions are accurate, the resulting behaviour will be life enhancing. If we operate from “misperceptions,” our behaviour will be inappropriate and will jeopardize our vitality by compromising our health.

Mair Llewellyn


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