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EFT helps with hair loss, facial blemishes, hay fever, smoking and PMS

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Cacina Spaeth from Germany gives us a follow-up on her recent article and adds more successes with newcomers.

Hugs, Gary

By Cacina Spaeth

Dear Gary,

I'm writing you today to keep you posted on what I reported a few months ago:

In my previous article entitled Hair loss and facial blemishes fade after EFT relieves important emotional issues I described how I did EFT with a young woman ("Karen") with severe hair loss and facial blemishes.

A few weeks ago Karen came to my very first introductory evening to EFT. She shared her experience with all the other participants, most of them hearing about EFT for the first time.

It's safe to say now that Karen's hair loss has really stopped for good. Since our session of 7 months ago, her hair is growing as strong as ever. Recently she had it cut shorter to have her remaining long hair match better in length with all the newly grown hair. She looks lovely, and I didn't even have to ask her about her facial blemishes since anyone can tell by simply looking at her that she has none. So, thanks to EFT that's done with. :)

And to add a few "smaller" miracles: One woman who also attended the same introductory evening seemed to apply the little EFT knowledge she got there quite effectively: The first thing she did was end her hay fever with all its symptoms (red eyes, sneezing, having no air to breathe, itching of nose... ). 5 days after the evening she called me from her cell phone, being out there somewhere in nature, and sounding happy like a kid: "I haven't been outdoors in spring since 15 years!"

2 days later I gave another EFT evening which she joined again. As she shared her hay fever success in the round, she stated: "But I did everything wrong! I didn't do any of the sentences you told us to use." So I asked: "But since your hay fever is gone, you must have done something right. What DID you do?"

She replied: "I was just so frustrated with the constant sneezing, having no air to breathe.... And I just said: 'I don't wanna HAVE this anymore. I don't WANNA sneeze anymore. My itching is driving me crazy!!....' " She was big time angry and fed up with the incumbrance of her hay fever. And so, without even knowing how to do EFT "properly" she did what was most important: She tuned right in to her emotions, and tapped, and tapped. And, the hay fever is gone. :)

For the record: Yes, in the past she did try to do something about her hay fever with conventional medicine. With the help of a doctor she tried desensibilisation. But since she turned out to be allergic to the injections, they had to stop the treatment. With not many options left she tried everything offered from nose sprays to eye drops, spending quite some money every year with no result. EFT did it for her. And she did it herself, without any help.

But the success story goes on: Through a colleague of hers I have word that in the meantime she also stopped smoking (on her own!!), down to zero from a package a day.

On top of that I heard from her husband that she additionally now cured her allergy against apples. And that she healed her PMS. He only knows his wife as a woman with intense menstrual pain and agony every single month. Experiencing his usually quite introverted and skeptical wife to end one issue after the other, and now for the first time not having any PMS symptoms whatsoever literally blew his mind.

He said to me: "I don't recognize my wife anymore. Now, when she has something, she just decides to try EFT on it, goes for it, and taps it away. I have to watch out now: If she doesn't like me anymore, she just might go ahead and tap me away, too...."

This work is such fun. :)

Cacina Spaeth





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