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A clever combo of EFT and Essences

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Elly Yule from the UK combines EFT with flower and other essences. In this article she makes progress with a nearly catatonic client using a clever combo. She says, "I selected the bottle I felt she needed and gently pressed it against each of the EFT points and went through the whole sequence, softly talking (almost whispering) through the statements at each point." 

Hugs, Gary

By Elly Yule

I have successfully been using EFT for myself and my family and also in my practice for a couple years now, however I recently had an interesting situation with an EFT client.

The client was so upset about her situation that she was barely listening to me let alone able to follow directions for tapping.  She just sat there frozen in her issue (almost catatonic); my words were having no effect.  She didn’t want me to tap her and she didn’t want to tap herself.  An idea came to mind and she nodded that she was happy for me to go ahead with what I now suggested.

I also work with Flower and Vibrational Essences and have used them before with some EFT clients.  I selected the bottle I felt she needed and gently pressed it against each of the EFT points and went through the whole sequence, softly talking (almost whispering) through the statements at each point. 

The high vibrational frequency of the essences helped to raise her vibration and in doing so helped her to relax.  The frozen wall started to come down and she visibly started to relax in her body.  She was now more open and receptive.  I had her hold the bottle in her non-dominant hand as we did the second round together, this time she was quite happy to tap herself.  (For those clients who like to tap with both hands, I put the essence bottle/s into their lap). 

Essence practitioners and those who are used to working with essences can use a single essence or a sequence of essences to help in the clearing process.  I personally use a combination I put together specifically to help EFT clients.  Some clients like to take the bottle home with them, probably more as a comfort thing.  I also give them a sheet that shows the tapping points we have worked with and encourage them to keep tapping for themselves until the next time they can see me.  Some of them master the tapping, some don’t, and some don’t remember to do this for themselves saying that they are too busy but manage to take the essence.  When they return for their second session, there is no need to use essences at all as they are now familiar with the process and able to go straight into tapping.

EFT and essences work very well together and are especially helpful to those clients who are in severe trauma or shock.  Essences can help to open a tightly closed door.  If the client doesn’t want physical touch at all, a few drops of the essence/s can be put into water and given to the client to drink.  I usually continue talking to the client about the EFT system to allow the essence/s time to start taking effect.  After ten minutes the clients become more open and are ready to try the tapping.

Elly Yule


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