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Circumcision at the root of writer's block

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a fascinating trip through some quality EFT creativity. Gillian Wightman from Scotland managed to ask the right questions and found that her client's emotions over his circumcision was a cause of his writer's block.

Hugs, Gary

By Gillian Wightman EFT-ADV

I had the opportunity this week to do some work with a colleague on his brain function.  He was struggling to complete an essay which will go toward his final qualification and was really dragging it out.  It had been waiting on final completion for over a year.  I asked him to imagine what was going on in his brain and we tapped:

Even though I have a dark, sad part in my left brain and it doesn't feel part of me...

Even though this part of my brain is cut off, it is not communicating...

At this point I could see his breathing quickening and he looked distressed.  I asked if he was OK and he said he was feeling quite scared and didn't know what was going on but a feeling was coming up.  I told him to imagine putting this feeling safely in a box of some kind.  He said he had put it in a matchbox.  The matchbox had a picture of Noddy (a cartoon character) in his little red car on it.  He felt that this was something dangerous but made to look safe.

Even though I have a dangerous feeling in a matchbox with Noddy on it which looks like it should be safe…

Now his attention seemed focus on Noddy's cap … it felt important.  We did a round of tapping on Noddy's cap and he realised the cap felt related to circumcision and that felt uncomfortable.

Even though Noddy's cap reminds me of circumcision and that doesn't feel good...

He started to look very distressed, his facing contorting, he could feel pressure on his left shoulder and right leg, like being held down and that it had really hurt.

Even though they held me down to circumcise me and it really hurt, they didn’t use anesthetic...

The box was gone along with the discomfort.  He said vehemently, “I would NEVER do that to my boys.”  We tapped on this.  I asked him if he was angry with his father for having put him through this operation and he said that he didn't think so; he accepted it had been done, he was ok with that.  I had my doubts but checked back in with the image in his brain and suggested tapping:

Even though this part of my brain feels very scared, and very confused and very small…

He laughed at this and said, “Hey, not that small...”  I smiled and told him I was referring to being an 8 day old baby, it wasn't meant to be personal.  He said, "I don't feel I was 8 days old, it feels like I was 3 days old." (He was separated from his mother in a different hospital due to birth complications for 4 days).

At this point he recognised the 3 days thing may be a feeling rather than reality so we tapped on this 3 days old feeling and he said, “Oh, I am so PISSED off with him, how could he do that to me”.  When we did a round on this he started to laugh, he said it felt so good to tap on feeling pissed off.  We checked back in with the image of his brain.  He was aware that it felt like the rest of his brain and felt much more relaxed, so we did some tapping on:

Even though my left brain has not been talking to my right brain I choose to allow it to communicate easily and freely.

I then asked what he could do now that he couldn't do before this treatment and he reported that the thought of finishing his essay now felt much easier and he did not feel anxious about it when he imagined working on it.

His essay has now been completed and sent in at time of writing this.

Gillian Wightman


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