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The Human Brain and Law of Attraction: Optimizing Brain Function with EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

In this detailed article, Laurel Cozzuli shares her thoughts about the role of the brain with EFT and the Law of Attraction. This is a technical article of interest to those exploring the science that may be behind our work with these fascinating procedures.

Hugs, Gary

By Laurel Cozzuli

In the pursuit of personal betterment, the mechanics of the human brain are often overlooked in favor of treating emotional issues.  Yet a poorly functioning brain can mean pervasive behavior dysfunction, which translates into an enduring pattern of difficult life experiences.  This is whether or not emotional relief has been attained through the use of EFT.  Well-established neuro-pathways that have dictated a life of misery or disenchantment must be “rewired” before genuine change can take place and a life of abundance can be created.

In a nutshell, the person that has the most difficulty putting the Law of Attraction (LOA) into action is the one that 1) has a hyperactive amygdula, the human brain’s emotional “storehouse,” 2) has a low functioning prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for helping a person take action in accordance with goals, 3) has impaired functioning in the anterior cingulate, which is responsible for processing information between the right and left brain hemispheres, and 4) has an overactive nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for a human’s experience of extreme pleasure. An overactive nucleus accumbens is often seen in addictive behaviors.

The following treatment plan addresses the most common “trouble spots” in the human brain that lead to an impaired ability to engage LOA.

Even if you do not really understand all this “brain jargon,” going through this process will help you take substantial steps towards future goals and create a life of abundance and inner-peace. During these exercises, use the diagram below to assist you in visualizing the specific brain areas being treated. You may wish to print out this entire treatment plan before proceeding.

Happy Tapping!

Laurel Cozzuli


Your Amygdula

To calm a hyper-startle response (patterns of anger, automatically lying when confronted, intense anxiety or panic at the drop of a hat), EFT can be focused for treatment on your amygdula (uh-mig-duh-l uh).

Tap the karate chop point and then apply rounds of EFT for each of the following statements:

Even though my amygdula is hyper active…

Even though I have always allowed fear to run my life, I now choose peace and trust.

Even though my ancestors needed a hyper amygdula to survive, I now choose to release this pattern and evolve to higher thinking.

Even though my brain thinks I am still a caveman, I now allow my brain to “get with the times” so I can thrive in today’s world.

Even though my amygdula is on high alert, I now choose to stay calm and centered.

Even though I’m so grateful my amygdula has seen to mankind’s survival, I now evolve to a better way of life.

Now, tap the noted meridian points while repeating these positive statements:

EB: The world is a safe and beautiful place

SE: I’m so grateful that my amygdula is able to adjust to modern times

UE: My amygdula can discern real danger from false alarms

UN: My amygdula knows its place and surrenders to my prefrontal cortex

CH: I trust my amygdula to warn me when real danger is present

CB: I now allow my brain to evolve to higher functioning

UA: The world is a safe and beautiful place

TH: My amygdula is functioning perfectly

Your Prefrontal Cortex

To overcome habitual dysfunction (EX: procrastination, avoiding the bills/homework, overeating, careless sexual encounters or “blowing” your whole paycheck) we can use EFT to liven up a sluggish prefrontal cortex.

Tap the karate chop point and then apply rounds of EFT for each of the following statements.

Even though I can’t make productive decisions…

Even though my pre-frontal cortex is not doing its job, I send love and forgiveness to this part of my brain.

Even though I am such a disappointment to the world…

Even though, my sluggish prefrontal cortex has caused a life of disappointment and despair, I now allow its functioning to mature.

Even though my prefrontal cortex is trying to protect me by taking a back seat, I now allow it to sit in the driver’s seat.

Even though there is not enough blood flow to my prefrontal cortex…

Even though I can’t find the way…

Even though people think I am lazy…

Now use EFT to tap in these positive statements:

EB: My prefrontal cortex is functioning perfectly

SE: It is safe to put my attention on the future

UE: I easily follow through with productive decisions

UN: I send love and healing to my prefrontal cortex

CH: I have healthy activity in my prefrontal cortex

CB: I have optimum blood flow to my prefrontal cortex

UA: I love setting goals and accomplishing them through my own volition.

TH: I am creating a happy and healthy future!

Your Anterior Cingulate

To normalize activity in your anterior cingulate, we will focus attention on your brain’s tendency towards pattern recognition.

Tap the karate chop point and then apply rounds of EFT for each of the following statements.

Even though my anterior cingulate refuses to process my past emotional trauma, I choose to trust and love myself anyways.

Even though I’m subconsciously scared that danger might return…

Even though, my anterior cingulate is going crazy with pattern recognition, I now allow my brain to evolve to today’s world

Even though, my anterior cingulate is keeping my right and left brain hemispheres from communicating…

Even though, my impulses to stay “stuck” are really strong, I choose to release this old-brain pattern.

Even though I have created a lot of chaos from living a life this way, I lovingly release my need for instant gratification.

Now, tap in a few positive rounds focused on your anterior cingulate:

EB: My anterior cingulate is functioning optimally for today’s world

SE: I trust that all danger has past.

UE: I allow optimal activity in my anterior cingulate.

UN: I now awaken the neurons in my anterior cingulate.

CH: The right and left hemispheres of my brain are in perfect communication.

CB: I now see future rewards as more appealing than instant gratification.

UA: I love letting my prefrontal cortex take over to focus on future goals

TH: My anterior cingulate is functioning optimally for today’s world

Your Nucleus Accumbens

We can use similar techniques for the anterior cingulate to optimize your nucleus accumbens. Remember that the nucleus accumbens plays a significant role in rewards and pleasure.  It is the area of the brain that can make overcoming addictions so challenging.  People can be addicted not only to substances, but to video games, surfing the internet, sex, chocolate, or even shopping.  If a person allows this pleasure center to direct his or her life, there is positively no chance of creating a bright and glorious future.  We can use the following EFT guide to quell a crazy nucleus accumbens, which, of course, will play a part of creating optimum brain function.  And then we can truly enjoy those moments of chocolate, sex, shopping, etc … for the joy it brings, and not from a desperate, ineffective survival response.

Tap the karate chop point and then apply rounds of EFT for each of the following statements.

Even though my nucleus accumbens refuses to give up ______ (your addiction or compulsion…

Even though, life will be boring without having this constant pleasure…

Even though, I am stuck in “here and now survival” by way of my nucleus accumbens, I now choose to create a productive future.

Even though my nucleus accumbens is not going to be happy about lowering its neuro-firing…

Even though I’m a slave to the experiences of pleasure generated by my nucleus accumbens…

Even though, my nucleus accumbens is stuck in survival mode, I now release this pattern and evolve into today’s world.

Even though, I desperately need my “fix,” I choose to enjoy life without this enslavement.

Even though, I fear deprivation…

Now, tap in these following positive statements:

EB: My nucleus accumbens is relaxing.

SE: I appreciate my nucleus accumbens sweetening my life with pleasure.

UE: I easily derive pleasure from looking at my bright future.

UN: I contentedly delay gratification in favor of my future goals.

CH: I am satisfied and relaxed at my core.

CB: I allow my nucleus accumbens to evolve into today’s world.

UA: My nucleus accumbens is my friend.

TH: We work together to create a happy life.

Enhancing Your Overall Brain Function

In the weeks and months to come, you can tap the following positive EFT statements for a generalized enhancement of your brain’s functioning:

EB: My brain is catching up with modern times.

SE: My brain is in perfect harmony with today’s world.

UE: I am the most reliable, honest person I know.

UN: Everyone can count on me making healthy life-choices.

CH: I easily bring my actions into alignment with my goals.

CB: I have an internal locus of control.

UA: I am an inspiration to others looking to create a bright future.

TH: I continually amaze myself at my ability to act upon my future plans.

In addition to using this EFT plan for optimizing your brain’s function, integrate the following suggestions into your quest for creating happiness and abundance.

Listen to beautiful music.  Music stimulates the pleasure areas of our brain in the same way sex, drugs, and chocolate do, but there are literally no negative repercussions!

Always remember this!  If you are human, you have a prefrontal cortex.  Period.  This means that you can always choose to override unproductive habits that have previously dictated a dead end life.  You can refuse the drug hit.  You can walk away from the one night stand.  You can open your bills and PAY them before blowing your money.  And you can absolutely stop yourself from calling the ex that has repeatedly let you down.  And then, you can CHOOSE a better way of life!

Engaging your prefrontal cortex on a daily basis will stimulate your brain for even bigger and better accomplishments.  Start by setting a small daily goal, such as waking up 15 minutes earlier for a morning walk, or balancing your checkbook on a daily basis.  Then prove to yourself that you can use your prefrontal cortex to follow through with this goal.  Your future will thank you!

Choose happy thoughts.  Use EFT to quell compulsive, negative thoughts which, as you now know, are a byproduct of our ancestral need for survival.  Your prefrontal cortex has the power to choose joyful thoughts, no matter what may be going on around you.

Journal daily.  Journaling stimulates our brain processing system so we can overcome past regrets, failures, angers and grief, and move towards enlightenment love, and joy.  You can also use art therapy for the same purpose.

Learn something new!  Learning a new skill can stimulate overall sluggish brain functions and infuse them with new vitality.  Why not try your hand at juggling?  Crafts?  Planting a garden?  Learning a foreign language?  An exotic new recipe?  Practicing a new sport?  Even taking a tour at a local museum or local science fair can assist in waking up dormant brain areas.

Associate with happy, productive people as much as possible.  If you are used to “getting wasted” with your friends every weekend, or have become disenchanted with you’re your perpetually negative spouse, moving on from this can be a scary supposition.  The mere thoughts of leaving a predictable life could send your amygdula into hyper mode and your anterior cingulate desperately tries to distract you with its affinity for predictable patterns. And since your ego sees these circumstances as part of your identity, letting go of these patterns are literally perceived as a survival threat.  “What will the neighbors say?” can be just as threatening to your brain as a saber toothed tiger jumping out of the bushes.  Again, the same principals of the above treatment plan apply.  You can use EFT to distill fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of abandoning others. And then, for goodness sake, ENGAGE YOUR PREFRONTAL CORTEX to make choices in support of the brilliant future you deserve.

Take risks! Especially emotional risks.  Call your estranged brother and tell him you love him.  Hug your mom.  Apologize.  Own up to mistakes.  Mend fences.  Love the unlovable.  Sing.  Enroll in graduate school.  In fact, get used to living life in the “unknown” for this is the only time humans are truly alive.  And as you take these risks, bank on the fact that your prefrontal cortex has got your back.

God Bless, Laurel


Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT™, by reading my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™. More efficient. More powerful.