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Borrowing Benefits while watching The EFT Course

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

One of the impressive benefits of EFT for many people is the ability to tap along with the numerous sessions on our DVDs. Even though the issue on the DVD may not be one of yours there are almost always parallels that lead you to important benefits. Chris Shaver experienced this phenomenon and details his findings and methods in this article.

Hugs, Gary

By Chris Shaver

Hi Gary,

I can't praise The EFT Course and The Borrowing Benefits DVDs highly enough.  Having gone through EMDR last year enabled me to roughly see my issues, but I could only get so far ... and then bottomed out and became frozen off from my emotions again.

Using The EFT Course and The Borrowing Benefits I have been able to uncover all the facets of issues that were short-circuiting my wires - and causing me great pain - and I am doing the work to collapse them as I watch the DVDs.

One example of an issue I didn't realize existed came from watching the DVD in The EFT Course about the man who had a water phobia.  I don't have water phobia, but watching triggered memories that led back to a much larger issue of mine. I used the DVD to uncover all these issues and collapse them, as you say.

The only thing I find unusual about my process vs. the linear process you typically employ, is that my mind frequently kicks up many incidents that are "like in kind" and I then seem to work through them in parallel, rather than one after the other.

I seem to go one level deep with many issues at a time.  Then, at a certain point, I'll uncover the root fears or traumas that are common to all.  Here's the way this process played out and what I tapped on with my water-related issues.  Each statement was a full round of tapping.

My Water Related Fears

Even though I felt abandoned when I was left with a mean swimming instructor who threw me in the water and nearly drowned…

(Note the memories that crop up in parallel.)

Even though I felt abandoned when I was dunked by Jimmy F - and the lifeguard didn’t help me…

Even though I felt abandoned by my mother for letting my father hold me in the pool - then let me go...

(Note how the memories find a common ground issue for me.)

Even though I felt abandoned when my mother left me with this instructor…

Even though I felt abandoned when my mother left me with any new person…

Even though I felt vulnerable when my mother left me with any new person

Pain in my arms.

Pain across my upper back and shoulders.

Pain in the outside of my arms.

Pain in my forearms.

Pain in my chest.

Unscreamed scream from thinking I would die underwater

That no one would see me or hear me.

Pain of being repeatedly dunked and tortured all summer long by Jimmy F who was 4 years older than me.

Pain in my arms.

Remaining pain in my arms as I grab at him and flail

Ache in my arms.

(Another series of related common ground aspects)

Fear of being not seen.

Fear of being not heard by adults

Not feeling safe at any distance from my mother.

Remaining feeling of unsafe.

Feeling of being unsafe around strangers.

Feeling of being unsafe around adults.

Anger at authority figures who misuse their authority.

Gary, to use your metaphor, I have many table legs under my issues.  And to my great benefit EFT gives me a logical process to work through each in turn.  After a lifetime of feeling increasingly locked away and frozen and distanced from my own emotions, EFT has provided me a great tool and a great blessing.  I feel like a human being again, instead of a walking zombie who can't feel anything.

My sincerest gratitude,

Chris Shaver


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