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"Impossible" Healings

Ellen Langen had an "Impossible" emotional healing

"I just felt peaceful and, for the first time in about
20 years, no longer seemed to see any problems
in the relationship I am speaking of."

Definition of Impossible:

A Healing that is typically beyond the reach of man-made methods.

About the problem:

Ellen Langen, from Holland, had previously used EFT Tapping to generate some extraordinary relief from serious childhood sexual abuse. ImpossibleHowever, there was still a serious relationship issue with a relative that was causing her major emotional distress. Then, while translating one of my Unseen Therapist videos, the "impossible" happened. In her full story below, she compares EFT Tapping to Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist) and says, "I am absolutely convinced that, with EFT Tapping, it would have taken much more time and energy. Many, many Rounds on many, many Aspects would have been required, before an issue of this enormous size would be resolved so thoroughly, if it would anyway... From this perspective, too, I can’t help just calling this Healing ‘miraculous’!"  A video interview follows her story.


How it started: 

At the age of 13 (I’m 65 now), I was sexually abused by my stepfather, and my mother chose her husband’s side instead of her daughter’s (to me, even worse than the actual abuse). This disturbed my life in all kinds of ways and, to a certain extent, ruined it on both short and long term. One of the direct consequences was the way all these unknowing people in my family’s environment started to approach me with disapproving and condemning attitudes. This was in deep, deep contrast with former times and, as it seemed, due to noticeable changes in our family and my school results. As I would learn much later, my high sensitivity made me experience things additionally thoroughly.

The seriousness of the problem:

Full of fear about what had happened/was happening and absolutely not aware of any possibilities regarding ventilating even the slightest parts of my experiences, all I could do was try and survive. I dragged myself through each following day. This went on for years and decades. At all times, my head was almost bursting of the enormous loads of fear, disgust, anger, resentment, disbelief, frustration, helplessness and loneliness. And this negative bubble grew even bigger each time I was confronted with things like no longer being able to concentrate or clearly communicate (not even with my dearest friends!) and failing in learning. Accordingly, instead of developing to a successful student and subsequent linguistic professional, my days were filled with struggling with consequences in numerous shapes.

This permanent mess in my head and all the accidental, additional contributions to it, after several years, loaded me with frequently intruding hyperventilation. This, another 5 years later, transformed into epileptic seizures occurring with substantial frequency and many painful both physical and emotional consequences. (Thank God, after 25 years, I was able to find a way of totally liberating myself and my environment from these seizures -without any man-made tools- in a most miraculous way. Who knows, some precedent of the Unseen Therapist…? Not long before, someone had given me the A Course In Miracles book as a present, but I hadn’t paid any attention to it, and never did until Optimal EFT came along…) Somewhere halfway down my epileptic period (at the age of 41), I was struck by a brain haemorrhage, which stripped of my former close to photographic memory, and about 20 years of my long term memory, including all adherent emotions and sensations. As you can imagine, this pure fact, its extensive variety of consequences and, last but not least, the way conventional medicine ‘dealt with it’, even more painfully influenced relationships within and around our young family area.

To my great relief, my system proved being capable of storing new events and emotions, and so, with regard to many people, started compiling new stocks of these. In a way, ‘new’ relations were built up. To me, that is – to everyone outside, life, including their relations with me, just continued like nothing had changed, except that, for about two years in their view, I seemed to behave ‘a bit awkward’ sometimes (not remembering names, etc.)….

And, indeed, in a way these people outside were right - life did just go on. And I did everything I could to keep up with it, as well as with all people involved. The latter, though, appeared to be a hell of a job, as none of them had any clue what was going on in my head. Perhaps you can imagine their attitudes and my negatively loaded inner head crashed quite regularly. To a certain extent, this even continued after I had been liberated from my negative bubble by EFT Tapping, 12 years ago. However, from then on, I was able to slowly re-find my own path in life. And, eventually, I was able to acquire large amounts of skills and knowledge I had been missing so badly for decades.

The relationship issue:

Due to all these experiences, as well as people’s typically rejective attitude to ‘this thing’ that had saved me (EFT), my (mainly new) relation with one particular close relative remained complicated. Proof of this showed up again on last Monday afternoon, when the two of us had a verbal ‘misunderstanding’. And since that moment, my head seemed to be wrapped in a blanket of grief, anger and fear and, most of all, despair: was this ever going to be resolved???

The blanket was still present, when, on Friday morning following to this Monday, I got up and started my day. At about 11.00am I continued working on a video I had been translating for Gary’s Optimal EFT Course. I had finished my second round of translating, including, in the end, watching it once while reading my translation. Like always, after a night’s sleep, I did so one final time. Obviously, I knew what the video was about, but had been focused merely on its linguistic aspects needed for this final check, and not (consciously) on its content.


About 45 minutes afterwards, I suddenly realized, something was missing … and I did some research in my head. From disbelief of what I found (nothing!), I even looked over my shoulders to see if anything was there;-). But all I could do was conclude that the negative emotion-blanket was gone! And no matter how hard I tried all afternoon, I was not able to recall any of the intense negative emotions I had been carrying around during the preceding few days. In fact, I could hardly recall any memories of the Monday event itself. I decided to give time some chance to bring things back to ‘normal’;-). Still, nothing changed whatsoever! When, eventually, it seemed to be ‘definitely gone’, I decided to try and Test by getting myself emotional. But … there was absolutely nothing to apply this Test to! Not within head, nor anywhere else in my body!

I just felt peaceful and, for the first time in about 20 years, no longer seemed to see any problems in the relationship I am speaking of. Just like that! Physically, too, some effect has been noticeable in my shoulders during the last two days: they feel about 10 kilo’s lighter than they did before! I must admit, I did recognize some uncomfortable sensation each time I considered calling the relative (which was what I basically longed for) and was afraid anything might be triggered during the conversation that was to unfold. So, early in the evening, I called Gary to ask him for explanation or advice. His advice and in the end our joint conclusion simply was: “The best thing to do is grab the phone,” and so I did soon afterwards.

And believe me, from beginning to end, this relative and I just had an absolutely wonderful conversation! Even when more complicated and fragile matters came across. I was aware, all this was mainly possible, because at none of these moments, anything got triggered inside of me. All the two of us seemed to be offering was love, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude and willingness, like, in a way, never before. It felt like we put an end to our complicated common past and, at the same time, seemed to be placing some foundation beneath anything coming up in the future.

All this happened on Thursday. Today is Saturday, and the peace and lightness is still going on, and who knows, will forever after…?!

Still, I find myself having trouble to admit this is something I never experienced with Tapping. Due to my enormously deep trust in EFT Tapping, this sort of feels like betrayal;-). But I am absolutely convinced that, with EFT Tapping, it would have taken much more time and energy. Many, many Rounds on many, many Aspects would have been required, before an issue of this enormous size would be resolved so thoroughly, if it would anyway... From this perspective, too, I can’t help just calling this Healing ‘miraculous’!

So, big, big thanks to Gary and The Unseen Therapist, and to everyone supporting Gary in taking off the taboo of this subject. Let us all gratefully enjoy and benefit from experiences and possibilities he is placing in some modestly radical, but more and more proven realistic spotlights!

Love, Ellen Langen






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