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Overcoming a Food Craving

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Who among us doesn't have a food craving? Whether it is chocolate, popcorn, peanuts (or whatever) our systems can develop a major case of the Yum-Yums and cause us to overeat many things. Collette Streicher's client, Chris, faced this dilemma and used EFT to effectively diminish her cravings for peanuts. The concepts used in Chris' letter below are applicable to all food cravings.

Hugs, Gary

By Collette Streicher and Chris


Hi Gary,

My client sent me this great letter about how she eliminated a peanut craving with all the details and some humor, too. She hopes it can help others.



Dear Colette,

I am writing this note to tell you how much the EFT has been helping me with food cravings. What I absolutely love about working with this tool is the flexibility and availability of using my fingertips to conquer problems that used to overwhelm me.

I have long struggled with food issues. I know I have a lot of great reasons to lose weight, but I could never get past the thoughts that I would have to let go of food that I really loved, especially peanuts. If I had ever been stranded on a desert island, it would have been a long, long time before I starved because you can bet I would have a huge pack of peanuts in my purse, one in a certain pocket of my briefcase, and if I had driven to that island, there would be a jar or two rolling around in the floorboard. So, as I've learned, from you and others on Gary s EFT website, I started with whatever feeling was up first.

Even though I really can't stand the idea of giving up peanuts

Even though I'm angry that I am forced to give up peanuts

Forced? Who was forcing me? I couldn't think of anyone standing between peanuts and me. So I went with that.

Even though I don t know who is forcing me to stop eating peanuts

Even though it is me that is being so forceful

Even though I feel forceful when I am eating peanuts...

Now this rang true for me. I have always known that part of the appeal of nuts for me is the physical crunching and chewing. I guess I feel like I am getting somewhere by all that chewing.

Even though chewing and crunching feels forceful

Then as I was tapping the above statement, it came to me. I used to get angry at my ex-husband, the one who was constantly nagging me about losing weight.

Even though My Ex tried to force me to lose weight, I ate anyway, cause nobody can stop me if I don't want to

Even though I can't say anything about not wanting to lose weight, I can chew and chew these peanuts forcefully.

Then I really got it that the act of chewing was about biting back my feelings and biting back my words. I could feel the anger in my jaws! By this time I am just tapping sentence after sentence without the setup.

This biting back my feelings,

This biting back my words,

These angry jaws,

These forceful jaws,

Then I felt sad because that was the only way I could express myself in that situation, so again, I tapped,

This sadness,

This peanut sadness,

This chewing sadness,

This feeling alone

Then I felt better, so I stopped. Most of the anger was gone. I didn't test myself, because I was a little melancholy that I had to do all this work around peanuts and chewing. Thinking back now, I could have tapped on the shame of having this issue in the first place, but I didn't. I know if I have been in a session with you, we might have gone deeper, but I felt satisfied at the time. In fact, I didn't really even think to see if peanuts still had a charge with me. I started doing something else.

The oddest thing (maybe not to you) was that I didn't even think about peanuts again until I was in line at the bank and I saw the emergency package I kept in my purse. I hadn't eaten peanuts in days! Then it became weeks. I can truthfully say I am not peanutty anymore!

Thanks for this great gift!


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