Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABIHM endorses EFT

EFT produces remarkable recoveries.

Daniel J. Benor, MD

Gary Craig Certified Practitioner of Official EFT

Katharina Wegmann

Loving into Life, EFT Practitioner & Life coach

General Practice

Contact Info:

Sankt Augustin, Germany Sankt Augustin, NRW, DE


I'm working mainly with women & men 45+ who want to re-connect with themselves

My first real passion was Bodywork. It found me out of the blue, through one of the most stunning coincidences of my life, after attending University and working in a variety of jobs. I had my own practice in Esalen Massage and other methods for ten years until I gave birth to my first child, a wonderful daughter born with Down syndrome.

After moving to another country, getting married and later divorced, giving birth to another wonderful daughter and living the life of a stay-at-home mum for many years, I searched for a new way of serving others. Personal and spiritual growth have always been part of my life, so I decided to make this my new professional passion.

Since then, my trainings have included Integrated Health Coaching at IIN, New York, Energy Psychology Practitioner Training with EFT Universe, Tapping out of Trauma I & II with Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol, EFT Training with Gary Craig’s Official Training Center USA, and Certified Life Coaching with Mindvalley/Evercoach.

My passion is to be here for you when you feel stuck in your life, when you know, there is more to life, when you have this deep inner yearning to live a more fulfilled, meaningful life, a more spiritual life, but there is always something getting in your way. I am here for you when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am here to help you to free yourself from these layers of outdated beliefs and unresolved emotions so you can live a life of emotional freedom.


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