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Children--Gary's Introductory Message

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Together we can do something very special for our children.

When I say our children I don't just mean those who grow up in our individual households and carry around our last names. I mean the children of the world--everyone's children. I'm talking about the little folks of today who become the big folks of tomorrow and influence the direction of this planet.

I was a little kid once. So were you. Were you afraid of the Boogey Man at night like I was? Did you bite your fingernails like I did? I was never abused in any manner but maybe you were? What's it like to carry that into adulthood? Do you have fears, guilt and "limits" now because of unresolved abuse of long ago? What about those who had dyslexia or other learning disabilities? Were they ridiculed as children? Put down? Held back in school? Told they weren't very smart? Believed it? And, what's worse, STILL believe it?

Do some of our children have anger at how they are treated? Do they carry that into adulthood and act it out? How many of our children feel they "don't belong" because they aren't smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough or don't know the right people? Do drugs make them feel better about themselves?

Our childhood experiences tend to establish the avenues we take through life. Some of us spend our lives stalled on Anxiety Avenue or WoeIsMe Way while others move freely along Success Street, Heaven's Highway and Love's Lane. Do you suppose our unresolved fears, traumas, guilt and other baggage-like emotions from childhood have any influence on which freeways we frequent?

Of course they do. Our childhood experiences are written on our emotional walls and, depending on their quality, they become either "stop signs" or "green lights" as we move through life. Further, they have a way of reinforcing themselves and growing larger over time. A child made to feel stupid will see the world through "stupid eyes" and gather continuing evidence for his/her stupidity. By contrast, a child who is made to feel like a wonder child will see the world through confident eyes and gather evidence for his/her wondrous nature.

So what is this special thing I said earlier that we could do together for our children? I'll get to that in a moment but first, let's explore what you might do on your own. Perhaps you could use EFT in a child's behalf to resolve an anger issue or dissipate a firmly held fear. Would that help point the child down a new freeway? Sure! Could you eliminate some learning disabilities, relieve headaches & nightmares or get rid of some tendencies to stutter? Sure again! There is much that you can do for our children and each time you do so you replace friction in their lives with a form of freedom. Shifts like this during childhood have a way of echoing into adulthood. They gather evidence to reinforce themselves and thus magnify a few well played loving notes into a symphony. Through these energy procedures you help shape lives. you make a difference. You even feel good about yourself in the process. Nobody loses in this effort. It's an everybody wins deal. For those looking for a mission, here's a clear candidate. Do you hear Mission Music in this? I hope so--for your sake as well as for the sake of the children.

Now to the main suggestion of my message. Together we can do something very special for our children. Here it is.

I would like to set up a special section on our web site--a children's section--that will be filled with our experiences using EFT in behalf of children. It will be a place where concerned parents can come and learn of the potential benefits awaiting their families. They can read of our successes as well as where we have been stymied. They can gather more education on the EFT process (so can you) by reading about how it works in the real world with real children. This will give them a realistic picture. As these parents learn from us they can take positive steps into the realms of energy healing. Some of them will bring their children to you as clients. Some will try it on their own. Many will experience benefits and bring their friends into the fold. That, of course, will help spread the word. Everyone benefits from that.

So I am asking you to write up your EFT experiences with children and send them to me. It doesn't matter what issues you address. Trauma, anger & fears are obvious candidates. But sports and performance related issues are OK too. So are physical issues like pain, breathing difficulties & bed wetting. Remember the suggestion in the EFT manual to Try It On Everything. If you have tried it with children--whatever it is--let's hear about it.

And while you are doing this, please keep something in mind. Right now our web site gets about 3,000 visitors per month. In the next several months I am going to make the necessary investment to triple that traffic to 9,000 per month or more. This amounts to over 100,000 per year. Many of those new visitors will be parents that will actively seek out our section on children. What you write will be placed in that section and read over the years by thousands of parents. This will bring positive effects to countless children. Where else can you magnify your writing time into this much loving influence?

Here are some guidelines for what you might choose to write....

Let's call a child someone aged 0-18.

Make your write up as long as you think it needs to be. Remember, parents are looking not only for your results but also some of the details behind those results. Just imagine that you are that parent and ask yourself, "What would I like to know?" Short write ups are fine, too. They all serve to round out the picture.

It's fine to be enthusiastic about your successes. However, if there are areas where you didn't make much headway let's hear about those as well. Where appropriate, I may offer suggestions within the pros and cons that you write. This, hopefully, will give further understanding for everyone concerned.

It's fine to talk about intentional or surrogate tapping. Many people have reported successes in this area. With very small children, there may be many uses for such procedures.

Where appropriate, be sure to disguise identities. We are looking for content here, not names and personalities.

This is an important request. I hope you see the magnitude of it. Through this effort we will be shaping destinies. I mean that literally. What would you have given to make quality shifts at age 5 instead of age 30, 40, 50 or 60? The potential is awesome! How exciting! What greater gift could we give our children?

Hugs to all, Gary

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