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Linda Wood helps very distressed 3 year old girl while mother looks on in total disbelief

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi everyone,

Linda Wood, from the United Kingdom, stops to help an obviously distressed little girl. At the end of her article she says, "It wasn't until after all of the above that I remembered her Mum standing nearby who was by this time staring, mouth open, in total disbelief while watching what was going on."

Hugs, Gary

By Linda Wood

When I was first led to EFT, about 5 years ago, I felt like I'd discovered gold! "This is it!" I thought. "This is the MISSING LINK to the self-help puzzle! It's the 'how to' of all the 100's of self help books that I've read over the past decade.

I wanted to tap on EVERYONE I saw. I wanted to drag people off the street and tap on them. But, of course, I soon learned one cannot do that. Not everyone's ready. Hence, TRYING TO FIND THAT BALANCE that many of us who are so passionate about EFT struggle with. When DO we stick our neck out and OFFER THE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE we have about EFT if it's not asked for? When do we leave well enough alone?

One day as I walked through the town center of a local English village, I noticed a tiny little girl, no more than about 3 years old, lying on the pavement, all curled up next to the corner of a shop entrance, She was obviously upset and trying to inch away from what I assumed was her Mother who has standing next to a stroller doing her best to coax the little girl into it. It was obvious that there was no way the little girl was going to get into that stroller without a LOT of resistance.

"Do I stop to help or let the Mother handle it? Surely this adult can handle a petite little girl, not much more than a baby?" I said to myself.

I decided to mind my own business. I went into the shop, looked around for about 15 minutes, then left. As I came out the door, I was a bit surprised to see the little girl still curled up but into an even tighter ball, completely against the shop wall with the Mother frantically talking on a cell phone asking someone to come help and giving them directions to this shop. Instinct took over. I knew the Mum needed help.

I kneeled down onto the pavement by this adorable, petite little girl and said, "Hello there. Are you having a bad day?"

I suppose the shock of my strange American accent to this little British girl caused her to jerk her hand away from her face and look up at me with surprise and curiosity. I then knew that I had her attention so I next asked, "Can I pick you up and put you into that pram?" (what the British call a stroller.)

She vehemently shook her head "NO!" (O.k., so if sheer persuasion isn't going to work, then it's time to pull out EFT.)

Again, as if out of instinct, I suddenly just blurted out, "Would you like me to show you how to tap your Magic Buttons so that you feel better?" Imagine my amazement when she jumped up, literally like a 'jack-in-the-box' and stood at full attention, arms hanging down to her sides, not saying a single word, just waiting for my next move.

She had gone from foetal position to that of a soldier standing at full attention within one second!
For a few seconds I, myself, was caught completely off guard by her immediate response and cooperation. Then, instinct again took over. I reached up and started tapping my own head and said, "Can you just follow along and tap on yourself as I tap on me and I'll show you where the Magic Buttons are." She nodded her head in agreement and reached her delicate little fingers up to her own head as she very intently watched me, then started tapping on herself.

"Here's the first Magic Button" I said as we both tapped. I then continued, "O.k., now move your fingers to this next Magic Button and tap here. (side of eye) She did. We continued doing that down through all the short cut points. Then I asked, "Do you feel any better?" She looked much calmer and nodded once to tell me, "Yes." She wasn't smiling but she was definitely intrigued, trusting, never taking her eyes off me and doing everything that I told her to.

I asked, "Shall we tap the Magic Buttons again?" She nodded and reached her hand up again. This time as we tapped I injected a couple little comments... "You are such a pretty young girl." "You are so good and so pretty." At the end of that second round I asked, "Do you feel more calm now?" This time a couple strong nods were her response.

To test where we were on this, I asked, "May I put you into that pram now?" She nodded several times which showed me that the resistance was gone. She readily let me lift her up and place her into the pram. It was all I could do not to give her a huge hug and kiss before placing her into that pram as she was just so adorable but I figured this would be pushing things a bit.

As I placed her into the pram I leaned down and said, "Are you going to have a better day now?" A couple more nods. I took a few seconds more to ask her, "Whenever you are feeling upset again, can you just remember your Magic Buttons and reach up and tap on them until you feel better?" As I was saying this I was quickly moving my hand from point to point on myself and she reached up to do the same while she nodded a firm "Yes." She then laid back and nestled snugly into her pram. The crisis was over.

It wasn't until after all of the above that I remembered her Mum standing nearby who was by this time staring, mouth open, in total disbelief while watching what was going on. It took a few more seconds for Mum to regain enough composure to say "Thank you" then joke, "I'll be looking for you later this afternoon when I have problems again." She smiled and walked on. EFT never ceases to amaze me. I walked away in almost as much amazement as the Mum, even after five years of experiencing hundreds of EFT miracles.

This little girl was obviously very intelligent yet she didn't once utter so much as a word. She readily tapped and did exactly what I did. If you'll notice, I did not follow the normal EFT protocol with the karate chop, set up phrase or even reminder phrases. I simply tapped and she followed and I then said a couple positive phrases to her and that was it. The whole process couldn't have taken much more than about three minutes. I'm so glad that I intervened and let that power that is greater than me work through me.

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