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Using EFT

Follow up on "Using EFT to avert an amputation"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Jan Scholtes from the Holland gives a follow up on this very important case. Please note the clear evidence that his client's emotions affect his physiology. Also, English is not Jan's first language but he is able to clearly communicate his message. Thus I left it unedited.

Hugs, Gary

By Jan Scholtes, Holland

A follow up of last year article ;

“Using EFT to avert an amputation”.

It has been about a year ago that I wrote you about this case of a client of mine, which you published in your newsletter. The man who’s leg should have to be amputated because the surgeon did already operate him 5 times, gave him bypasses in his leg, gave him a vein transplantation, and all that did not seem to work anymore. He had lots of pain, his left under leg felt stiff, cold as ice and he had to get out of bed 5 times each night to let his leg hang down, in order to get some circulation in his leg. After I had read a story of Rebecca Marina about blood clumping I then decided  to try EFT on his blood condition, and after some weeks he could walk without crutches and could sleep all night through. For those who did not read that story yet, they can go to Using EFT to avert an amputation

In this letter I want to let the readers of your newsletter  know how he’s doing.

Some months after we had started the EFT therapy Hans’s left foot had become enormously red and warm within a couple of days. He showed it to me and I never had seen such a red foot before. The redness stopped exactly at his ankle. I thought it could be an infection, but it did not hurt him and it wasn’t swollen  . In stead of that  it felt warm and  very comforting for him. We did not alarm the surgeon and waited to see what would happen.  About 7 weeks after this his left foot became less red and the colour turned back to a normal healthy colour.  The warm and comforting feeling stayed. Something was really going on down there.

One year after we started this EFT treatment, I asked his surgeon to make a new Doppler examination  on his left leg, in order to be able to make a comparison with the results more than a year before. We hoped to see a better picture but we did see no change at all. Initially we were disappointed because our expectations where otherwise.

The nurse,  who did the investigation, said it was not reasonable to expect any difference because the changes / improvements always start on a capillary level, that’s why  we did not see any improvement with the pulsations in his arteries in his left leg.

So this was the prove that the clinical difference we experienced must have been caused by a changing of the condition of his blood. We had been tapping on the blood conditions, we asked the blood to transport more oxygen, we asked the blood cells to load themselves  with lithium in order to have a higher electric load, so that the cells would bump off from each other etc. As a reaction of this treatment the blood had become thinner, so  it could pass through the tiny capillary veins now. All the improvements we had seen were not because the condition of the arteries had improved. On a capillary level things had changed and there, pulsations cannot be measured, there is only a slight  blood flow. These capillaries are so thin that blood cells can only pass through, each one after another.

The next time after the Doppler investigation  Hans (not his real name) had much more pain in his left leg and he cursed on his left leg. “That stupid leg is bothering me”. When I asked him when this negative change had happened, he answered : “The night after the examination”. I asked him what had happened, but he answered that nothing had happened at all. He spoke in a very disappointing tone and I asked him where he was so disappointed about. “Well”, he said, : “That examination showed that still nothing has improved so I am still as far as a year ago, and now I am afraid my leg has to get off anyway”.

This very negative mood  triggered me to apply EFT straight away:

“Even though I am disappointed because the examination shows no improvement I deeply…”


“Even though the Doppler was negative my left leg was positive, I can walk…

“My disappointment gives me pain…..”

“I am angry with my leg…..”

After some rounds of EFT that already made a difference in the pain he felt.

Then I asked Hans : “Would you be able to express your love to your leg.?” I asked this because I had read something about the great value of expressing love.

This mechanic looked at me as if I came from another planet. “Do I have to”, he asked. I said: “Why not. We’ve worked so hard for keeping your leg, you were so afraid to lose it, you were so glad that your leg improved and that you could walk with it now and  your leg let you sleep now during the night, why not expressing your gratitude and love to your leg?”.

So we did.:

 “Even though I love this stupid leg, I’m so glad I still have it, it was worth fighting for. I deeply and……………”


After two rounds he opened his eyes looked at me and said: “It becomes all warm from my hip to my left foot”.

Love’ seemed to be a very powerful word, also for him.

And so we go on in time. We are several months later now and we notice that when he has  feelings of depression,  his leg is hurting more. It really is his emotional barometer. For me it’s also a prove of  Marina’s findings that the emotional state influence the blood condition immediately.

Hans still walks with crutches for long distances. His emotional dips are immediately shown in his leg pain (and so his blood condition) and on his skin (psoriasis). With EFT we can have an immediate  positive influence on these symptoms. He sleeps all night through and he can kick a ball for some minutes. He also can work in his garden without crutches.   

Gary, after I’ve seen you working in England, Manchester, last summer, on serious diseases I am working now more on character and emotion items with Hans. I was already satisfied with what we had accomplished up till now, you can imagine, but I think we still can do more and better.

We also did EFT on a sudden psoriasis outburst with Hans. One day he was feeling negative again and was complaining that his life was not worth living anymore, he saw no future and he was angry about certain people that were very important for him and who  he did not see anymore .He felt left alone. While he was talking about these feelings, he was scrubbing his arms because these were itching him, they looked red hot and scaly because of a psoriasis outburst . I immediately proposed to tap on that.

“Even though I feel, I have no future anymore I deeply…….”

“Even though I feel left alone by a lot of friends…Ï deeply….”

“Even though I see no reason why I should live on,  I deeply……”

“Even though my arms tell me something is itching me and I don’t know why, I deeply….” 


One week later I saw him and his arms were ‘clean’, just a little bit reddish.

From moment on he started to make contact again with people and felt he had the spirit to make new plans.

Recently, I finally wrote a letter to his surgeon. For the first time I wrote him I was doing other things than just physiotherapy. I had tapped on my fear for writing this letter, such as.

“Even though I am afraid that the surgeon don’t takes me serious…I deeply”

“Even though I am afraid they laugh at me and think I am nuts with that silly tapping thing..… I deeply….”


I did not write him  about the tapping, but I wrote about a new alternative technique which was not really evidenced based in the present medical thinking but that it worked on the underlying emotions of physical problems, which influence the physiology of the body. I wrote that the good condition, where Hans was in now, was not the result of conventional physiotherapy, because we had done that for several months without a sign of improvement. He could not even use his leg to exercise. But that this improvement  started within some days after we started this technique. I wrote him that I also used this technique on other things which did not react on conventional physiotherapy.

I thought by myself: “The person who cures is right”. When I go to a bakery, where I like the taste of the bread, I buy the bread but I don’t ask the baker how he bakes it. So, I did not write about the tapping, I wrote about the results. I could find the right words easily now and the surgeon’s first reaction was that he admitted that Hans was in a much better condition which he couldn’t explain in relation with the results of the Doppler examination. He didn’t, however, ask me any further question about the ‘alternative technique’. I always thought that real men of science should be curious. Anyway, there is still a lot to do, and this case proves that it’s worth working on it.


Jan Scholtes,  Fysiotherapist, NLP master practitioner, EFT ADV.

The Hague



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