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Kinetic tremor disappears as Turkish MD addresses client's emotional issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi everyone,

Candan Esin MD from Turkey provides this interesting case that gives evidence, once again, that emotional issues are often major contributors to physical ailments. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Candan Esin MD

Dear Gary,

Most probably you have experienced a lot, of the gratitude from eyes of the people benefited from EFT. Every time I see their eyes after a session I can not believe the miracle inside the human brain.

Sometimes when I meet a person out of office casually with a problem that can be solved by EFT, I invite them to office for a quick check and fix. These free of charge sessions are a kind of promotion and mouth to ear advertisement. We physicians can not advertise due to ethical reasons. Meetings and such kind of free sessions are our only chances. These free sessions are also a kind of gift for my self-esteem.

Yesterday a guy from the courier company brought me some pills from a local pharmacy. While I was signing the document I recognised that he had a kinetic tremor in his hands. At this age of 30 the kinetic tremor may be due to hyperthyroidism, anxiety and brain or nerve disorder. I asked about the tremor (little vibration/shaking of the hands during the use of the muscles) and he told me after his mothers death it started. Around 6 years ago. Until then he tried all kinds of therapies.

The problem could not be solved and the last psychiatrist told him to get used to living with it. So he ignored the situation and accepted it. While we were chatting he did not know I was a physician and thus explained to me the stiation in detail at my doorstep. I asked him to get in if he wished this problem to be solved, explaining my occupation and the procedure.

He was in Germany when his mother died in Turkey. Due to some legal reasons he could not turn back at her last days. Although he made many phone calls with her he felt uneasy for not being with her in her last days. He was heading to The Netherlands by train when she died. His aunt called him and he only remembers he was lsleeping on the train and then woke up in the sofa of his aunt in The Netherlands.

[I have to pinpoint a local fact. The origin of Turkish society was basically matriarchy (family based and ruled by mother figures), and after the Ottoman period this shifted to patriarchy as the clans settled and established cities. In rural areas the matriarchy system still continues and whatever the age of the first son, he is always the golden rose of the mother. The mother still dominates the families.]

We started as usual the standard procedure of teaching the affirmation style and tapping points. Then we started the session in laughter - as usual- and affirmations were also standard such as;

"however I feel guilty not being with her during her death I totally forgive myself"

"even though I was sure she had cancer and sooner or later would die because of this, I accept this as the natural course and forgive myself, accept myself, love mayself"

"even though I had to be in Germany when she died in Turkey I had to be abroad and could not turn back to Turkey at that time, so I accept myself, I forgive myself, love myself"

"even though while she was at terminal stage she told parents how she missed me, the circumstances were not favorable so I forgive myself, love myself, accept myself"

"even though I could not be with her at that time, and even though she missed me much, I know she would wish me to contiune my life so I choose to continue in succes and loving her, accepting myself, loving myself as she loves me"

"even though I still have a little of this guilt inside, I accept this is natural and will not let it dominate my life, I love myself....."

"even though I still love and miss my mother I am sure she also forgives me, I do forgive myself......"

Many similar affirmations were said without any hesitation because he knew every affirmation was true. Also, as always I do EFT togeher with him and it always surprises me that I feel his thoughts inside my brain and words just flow from my mouth without any preparation. The client also finds it surprising how I can tell what he feels at that moment.

There were 6 rounds. After the "final deep sigh" there were no tremors. The eyes were wide open in surprise and joy. He wrote his name without a problem. He lighted the match OK. He re-tighten the necktie without any problem.

Best Regards,
Candan Esin MD




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