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EFT aids an "energy sensitive" client

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Janine Archer's client is ultra sensitive to the energy flows both inside and outside of her body and can literally feel the "short circuit" or zzzt that I describe in The EFT Manual.

Hugs, Gary

By Janine Archer

A client came to me feeling down, and needing cheering up.  She had been to a very intuitive homeopath who said her problem was that she was tired of her body and didn't want to be in it any longer.  So we tuned into how tired of her body she felt and began tapping. 

Soon she described that she was tired of being affected by energy from people, EMF, ELF and earthquakes.  This client is very sensitive to energy, especially earthquakes -she can hear them happening (apparently many others can too) and they always “knock her body around” leaving her feeling very worn out and they often affect her TMJ (jaw tightness/pain). 

We tapped a few rounds and she got to a level of intensity of 0 out of 10, and she looked very cheerful and happy.  Then she said "The problem is the right hand side of my body - it's just completely blocked with no energy flowing.”  I tapped her and myself at the same time and the energy shot down the right hand side of her body after about 3 taps only. 

She was excited and amazed for a while, but then her throat chakra had an energy constriction.  On questioning her, she said she had a sad and melancholic personality.  We tapped her sadness and it cleared very quickly.  Then I asked her when she started feeling that the right side of her body was blocked.  "Ever since I did a back-dive as a child and came down on the diving board" came the instant reply. 

So I asked her to tell the story and tapped the full sequence and 9-gamut procedure as she told it.  Then I asked her to tell me the story again and I tapped her again as she spoke.  This time she remembered being under the water thinking that she was going to die, so we tapped her fear of dying until she was clear.  

Immediately all her teeth were zzzzting and I asked her what was happening with her teeth.  "I came down on the diving board mouth first and bit through my lips, there was blood everywhere,” was her reply.  I have a chart on my office wall showing the correlation between the teeth and the meridians, so I decided to use all 10 fingers and tapped her upper teeth and then the lower teeth a few times whilst she tuned in.

The teeth settled down to a level of intensity of 0 out of 10 quite quickly (She has had periodontal disease).  Then her problematic TMJ was acting up so I tapped the TMJ itself and the zzzzt also went away very quickly.  I asked her if she remembered anything else.  

She remembered getting out of the pool and pretended everything was okay, so nobody had helped her. (I've already tapped her for being a perfectionist on another occasion).  This time I thought it good to put in a few rounds of "I can't ask for help" for good measure.  Then she remembered sitting alone in the changing room and was feeling totally shocked.

This shock took at least 6 full rounds of tapping to get it down to a level of intensity of 0 out of 10.  Then unfortunately our time was just about up, but she remembered sitting under a tree feeling abandoned by her parents (she was at boarding school), she felt trapped, imprisoned and powerless.  

She is a self-EFT’er so we made a list so that she could clear those herself at home.  She left looking brighter and happier than I've ever seen her.  And for the third time last week I heard someone say "I feel so much better than when I arrived" after their EFT session.

With warm regards,

Janine Archer


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