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Resolving two bothersome tics with EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Genevieve Bally from France gives us a professional EFT look at how to eliminate the causes behind the tics suffered by a 16 year old boy.

Hugs, Gary

By Geneviève Bally

A young 16 year old man came to consult with me for an unpleasant tic that was bothering him and people surrounding him.  His tic was the habit of making a noise with his tongue by clicking it against his palate as if he was suckling noisily.  He did this every two or three seconds.

First we worked on the sensations that made him feel obliged to make this noise.  He talked to me about having a tight throat and feeling as though he lacked air and that he needed to revive himself by making this noise.  We tapped.

Even though I make this noise when I feel a lack of air in my throat...  His level of intensity went from a 10 to an 8 on a scale of 0 to 10 and after another round, from 4 to 2.

Then we stagnated.  I asked him if he remembered the first time that he had had this tic.  He told me that it was while he was eating a kiwi.  I asked him if he remembered if he was just eating the kiwi or if he was doing something else at the same time.  He said that he was doing his math homework at the same time.  He explained that ever since then, he could not concentrate on his math because of this tic. 

I asked him what he was thinking about that day when he was doing his math.  He said, “That it was nice outside and that I would rather be outside.”  So we tapped

Even though I would rather be outside than doing my math in this fine weather…

The tic became less frequent and when the young man left, he had not clicked for 20 minutes.  I gave him an appointment for 15 days later because he had another tic to treat too.  He constantly and compulsively blinked.

This young man’s mother, who had brought him to me, noticed a change as soon as she picked him up and booked an appointment for a problem that was bothering her.  She came a week later and started by saying, “Incredible, he no longer has that tic!".

One could have thought that the kiwi question was sufficient, but he does not eat kiwis all day long and his tic was very repetitive.  This is why I chose to push the questions a little further.

He confirmed the results two weeks later at his second appointment, saying that after leaving our appointment his tic became less and less frequent during that night and that the next morning it was gone.  We worked on his second tic.  It dated back to elementary school and an insensitive teacher (ah teachers!)  This charming woman, whose name he remembered very well, had said to him one day, “You’ll never amount to anything!”

This sentence comes up so often when an adult realizes that he has no power over a child.  We tapped:

Even though Mrs. S. told me that I would not amount to anything in life...  Then we worked on the anger he felt concerning this person who had allowed herself to judge him even though he was not yet 10 years old.

Then we worked on the discomfort he felt when "being looked upon by others".  Since the teacher’s remark, he could no longer stand to be looked at. Together we constructed the following sentence:

Even though other people looking at me makes me doubt myself, I choose to remain calm and confident.  Previously, he blinked about 20 times a minute because he felt that his eyes were tight. 

Even though I blink my eyes to relax them when they are tight…

Even though I blink eyes when I am idle and stressed... (idle and stressed: because he never blinks eyes watching television.)

At the end of this one round he said to me: ‘It’s gone!  It seems funny to me!  It’s just like the other time for the clicking!”  He had that sensation that this was finished and that it no longer will return!

Genevieve Bally


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