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The acute sinusitis case that wouldn't budge until....

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Gillian Wightman from Scotland gets behind a severe sinusitis case and uses EFT for many creative core issues. This is a quality study in how to dig for underlying problems and deserves your attention.

Hugs, Gary

By Gillian Wightman, EFT-ADV

After eight weeks of acute sinusitis where she felt she felt she could no longer function, my client realized she was completely stuck and needed help.  All her self-tapping had been to no avail and she had tapped on everything she could think of for this sinus problem and spent a fortune on supplements and homeopathic remedies but nothing helped.  She felt she could be suffering an allergy and so had been tapping on possibilities, including formaldehyde from the radiators - again to no avail.  On the day she was due to see me she phoned to say she was feeling too unwell to drive.  She lives nearby so I offered to visit her as I did have the time that day.

I ascertained that the problem started when the heating first needed to be turned on after the summer, (when she had moved into the house).  She could now not have the central heating on or light a coal fire; both of which she felt exacerbated the condition.  She was really very frustrated that EFT was supposed to be so great for allergies yet it was not working for her. 

I pointed out that sometimes allergies were energy imbalances and sometimes there was unresolved emotions involved, so this might be the case here.  Our tapping started off by addressing her frustration that nothing had worked, and how trapped she felt, that she couldn't do anything or go anywhere, she felt so poorly.

Even though I have tried everything and tapped on everything I can think off and it hasn't worked

Even though I know EFT works for allergies and for everyone else and has worked on lots of other things I've had, this is so bad I'm sure it's not going to work this time … I choose to find it surprisingly easy to resolve the issues held in my sinuses.

Even though I have tried everything I can think of maybe this is an issue that I need help with, maybe this is something I don't want to look at alone and I choose to know I can do this safely now...

She now felt more relaxed and felt ready to start exploring what this might be for her.  I asked if there was an issue in her sinuses what it might be.  She felt her sinuses held all the 'garbage' in her life that she did not want to deal with and we explored some feelings of anger towards her ex-husband that she had never allowed herself to fully acknowledge. 

She now realized we were getting into the area of 'I really don't want to go there.'  She also felt great resistance to dealing with this garbage and preferred to imagine packing it into a removal truck and sending it to Iraq!

Even though I really, really don't want to go here, I feel so uncomfortable, I just want to pack all this rubbish up and put it in a removal van and send it to Iraq.  There's so much rubbish in there and I don't know where to start.

I asked her to visualize her sinuses at this point, what they looked like, and to her great surprise she could see they felt like they were full of smoke.

Even though my sinuses are full of smoke, pervading every nook and cranny, and I don't know what this smoke means I am open to understanding the meaning of this smoke.

She suddenly looked very shaken and it was clear she had a vivid memory and she was very surprised how it had suddenly appeared.  I asked her to open her eyes, distance herself a bit and make it into a movie which she called The Nightmare.

We tapped on this until she could look at it and she was able to tell me the story and as she spoke we tapped on the spikes of intensity.

Even though I was so stupid and left an umbrella on the Rayburn (stove)…

Even though it caught fire and filled the house with thick smoke and fumes and I couldn't breathe, I thought I would die…

Even though I thought my children would die...

Even though I was all alone, dealing with everything all alone with no one to help me...

She felt markedly less intensity on all of this but then remembered that the doctor she called to attend them had molested her.  She had reported him to the police, but was told it would be fruitless to try to pursue a charge as it would be her word against his.  When her husband arrived home later, he said it would be better not to make a fuss.

She then remembered another incident where a man had struck her on the face in anger, and once again her husband had done little to try and protect her or stand up for her.  We did a lot of tapping on her anger towards the doctor, the police, and towards her husband for this and the fact that she had never really felt safe enough with him.

We also did tapping for the fact she felt so stupid that she had put up with his overall difficult behaviour for so long and had always been the one trying to fix the relationship.  Now he was off having the life he wanted - taking frequent holidays abroad, no kids to have to take day-to-day responsibility for, whilst she was left struggling, ill, in financial difficulty due to being unable to work because of a chronic disease, and coping with problem after problem all alone. 

There was quite a lot of colourful and ranting tapping going on at this point!  She just spoke and tapped at the same time until she could start to laugh about it.  She was also feeling delighted at the insights gained.

By now she could clearly see the connection between the coal fire and the smoke.  She could see now how the smoke was triggering these intensely painful memories and also her own sense of powerlessness.  She had also spoken of fumes in the house and I asked her where these were coming from.  She realized that every time she went to the back door she was aware of the fumes from the boiler cupboard.  I asked her to take me to the boiler.  We stood in the back porch and she opened the door and again had a very visible emotional reaction.  I tapped while she looked at the boiler and started to calm down and then she became aware of her feelings.

There was a safety device on the door, a black dot, which would change in colour if there were any leaks in the boiler.  She asked if I could smell them and I could, but they did not provoke an emotional reaction in me at all.

Even though I really hate these fumes...

Even though I don't trust that black dot, I have to check it all the time, what if it's broken, what if it doesn't work…

Even though I am so terrified it will leak and it will kill my kids and I won't know...

She now realized that she was checking this boiler constantly, it was almost an obsession and she also realized she was afraid of the noise of the boiler firing up.  I assume she had turned the radiators off but still used the boiler for hot water provision.  We tapped on the fear of this noise and she became aware that she felt most ill when she was sat at her computer.  She had assumed it was the computer affecting her but now could understand that from there she was able to hear the boiler turning on and off and was having a reaction to that.  I asked if she had suffered this fear in her old house and she told me, “No, the boiler was in the kitchen, where I could see it and smell it.”

Even though I can't see this boiler, I don't know what it's up to, I won't know if it breaks down...

We joked at this point about her beautiful big brown dog who slept in the back porch and who, she realized acted as her canary (warning system), in that if he was fine the boiler was fine.  We then did some tapping about choosing to trust her 'canary' and the black dot.

We returned to the lounge and after further talking tapped on the fact that she did not feel safe either inside the house or out (because the cold and damp affects her badly).  In fact she did not feel really safe at all.  I left her with homework to tap on:  Even though I do not feel safe in this world.  I am aware that this is a common theme amongst allergy sufferers so it was interesting that this issue came up.

Before we left I checked her intensity on the memory of the fire and the abuse and it was zero on a scale of 0 to 10 although we knew we had further work to do on the safety issue.  I hadn’t heard from her and  whilst I felt it had been a very good session I was unsure if it had been helpful with her sinuses.  I was delighted to receive her card today.

"A belated thank you for the brilliant sinus-busting session!  The day afterwards was horrendous - then - poof! - gone..  I have had 2 bugs since then, colds in the head but NO sinusitis!  Meanwhile the heating has been on - quite high at times - and no problems yet!"

Gillian Wightman


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