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Clearing past issues from the walls of our mind

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Mair Llewellyn of the UK discusses some common issues and questions about the EFT process. Her many years of experience are evident as this poignant article unfolds.

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn

This continues an earlier article entitled ‘Who’s writing on the walls of your mind’ published in a previous newsletter.

When we are working on ourselves or with clients the desired objective is usually the relief of physical or emotional pain. During this process my clients and I have frequently asked some of the following questions.

“Why is it that EFT works so well when we first begin. Are we more naïve and trusting then?”

“When will I ever come to the end of all of this negative stuff?”

“I thought I had a pretty good childhood, what is it that is creating such a lot of sad or angry emotions?”

“Why is it easier to collapse more negative anchors when we are working with someone else?”

Answers to questions like these are included in this article.

What can be the cause of our energy disruptions?

In my experience, anything which is perceived by us as a threat can cause an energy disruption.  For instance if an event appears to be frightening or unexpected it could create an energy disruption.  When we work with issues from childhood, we are looking at those issues from an adult perspective - this is very different from how it was really felt at the time.  This is because childhood experiences relate to that child’s perception as well as to the child’s resilience and resources at that time. Often clients are puzzled why a past experience still has the potential to trigger them even some 20 or 50 years later.

When we work as therapists with clients we are generally able to be more objective as well as empathetic of their experiences. The clients on the other hand usually give themselves a hard time rather than the required understanding and patience needed for healing.  When we manifest internal intolerance this can compound an already difficult emotional trigger.  Even though we know we are frequently our own worst enemy it is hard to change.  This is exactly where EFT is excellent because it addresses this problem.  I frequently notice when clients go through the process of deep healing they say “No wonder I felt scared” or “No wonder dad reacted like that.” This cognitive change is essential for healing and it often occurs as a result of using EFT on specific events and memories.

Gary regularly uses reframing to help with cognitive shifts.  A reframe alters our perception.  It could be a change in perspective regarding our past experiences or actions or it may well be another point of view on someone else’s involvement.  This changed point of view allows the mind and body to let go.

I believe that EFT works extremely well when we first begin because our energy system may not have had an opportunity like this before to feel free. I also think in answer to this question that the second part of the default statement “I deeply and completely love and accept myself’ is so far from the truth as we are experiencing life in that moment, and for this issue that this unfamiliar notion opens us up to what we have been missing emotionally and spiritually. Opening up to a new way of seeing or experiencing life can be transformational.

Persisting in using EFT on ourselves breaks through the hurt, anger, sadness and fear. Doing the EFT work on ourselves also transmits a message within of deserving and self worth.  We are taking time out to heal ourselves, we are respecting how we felt and are really really listening. Often, it is very helpful to work with another skilful therapist.  This is because someone else can frequently be more objective, as they do not have the same blind spots as we do. In just the same way as someone else can help us, we can be helpful and more objective to another person.

A further reason why another person can help another is because our unconscious mind has decided to put the problem to the back of our mind to suppress or repress it. This mechanism had a positive intention which was to survive as effectively as possible despite the problem. This means though that because of this unconscious protection the emotion or memory may not be as available to work on either. This is another very important reason to develop the art of delivery of EFT and of being persistent.  Another person will not suffer from this same mechanism.

Gary suggested at the Bolton UK conference that many of us are trying to get love. He also observed that what we give out returns to us. The very act of radiating love allows us to bask in the sunshine of this love. The law of attraction suggests that what we give out returns to us. When we genuinely radiate love within us, it generates this warm glow of well being inside us as well as all around us.  So, we benefit and those around us do too.

One of my greatest teachers came from within an audience I was speaking to many years ago about inspirational thinking. She said to me “I know what you mean Mary – when I’m down, I’m thinking in, in, in so I say to myself out, out out and that thought helps to lift me”.  This was so simply and profoundly put, I will never forget it.

There are a number of really crucial keys to clearing past issues from the walls of our mind which need to be incorporated within the healing work of EFT.  These include forgiveness, being in, and experiencing a state of gratitude & appreciation.  Tapping away the hurt and anger allows us to receive the gift of forgiveness.  The liberation of being free of this negative energy allows us to enjoy experiencing a state of love and peace.

The subject of forgiveness and being in a state of gratitude will be included in one of my follow up articles. 

Mair Llewellyn 


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