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Critical Questioning While Doing EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

EFT Master Inci Erkin from Turkey gives examples of questions that lead to important core issues. Properly done, these questions can turn a so-so EFT session into a superb one.

Hugs, Gary

By Inci Erkin MD, Master

Usually your client comes to you about an  issue which disturbs him/her.

You begin with what they tell you, taking it as a statement, asking for the intensity level, and then tapping the acu points.  EFT is highly efficient because you can watch your client’s eyes, facial expressions and also body movements during the process.  All this will give you clues.

When  you feel a slowing at the speech, a  surprise or unhappy look on the face or some movements of the muscles, you can be sure you are approaching a core issue.  This is the time to keep asking questions while continuing tapping.  Just ask, listen and continue tapping  Their conscious mind will be busy watching you while you are opening the doors to the unconscious mind of your client.  EFT in these situations works like hypnotherapy.  (EFT can be used with hypnosis very successfully.) 

And, when you ask the correct question, the answer comes directly from the unconscious mind.  Even your client often will be surprised about the answer he/she  gives.  Then, change your statements to include the new  problem, the new feeling, and do a complete round of EFT.

This is an example from one of my EFT level-2 workhops in Izmir, Turkey.

The EFT student of mine told me that she did not like to do EFT around the emotional issues of her clients. There was no problem working with physical problems, like headaches, nausea, PMS etc.  Her concern about this had an intensity level of 10, because she wanted to be a good EFT Practitioner.

So I began tapping on her:

Even though I do not like to work on emotional problems, I accept myself as I am..TAP TAP..

(A general type statement that can often lead to discovering underlying specific events.)

The intensity level barely came down to 9.

So, I asked:  Why do you think you do not like to work on emotional issues?


I am afraid I will feel powerless.

Following her lead we changed the statement:

I am afraid I will be powerless if I work on emotional issues, but I love myself anyway. TAP TAP..

She reported that the intensity level was coming down a little.

I asked:  When  did you first feel powerless?

When my father died.  I was 12 years of age.  She answered with tears coming to her eyes.

She had not expected this answer herself; she was not aware of it.  She was 30 years old now.  She had been limiting herself in many ways for years.  This answer, as often happens with EFT, was just from the unconscious mind. It just came out.

I continued tapping her using comments like: 

Even though my father died when I was 12, I accept this and love myself anyway. TAP TAP.

My father  was so strong, and took good care of us, so when he died I felt very miserable and powerless. Then I was a little girl, but I grew up now, and I am strong as my father.  TAP TAP...

This time the tears were from happiness. The tears appeared to wash away the remaining intensity.  And, with a cognitive shift that so often happen with EFT, she began to explore why she was putting boundaries on herself while doing EFT.

She also realised that her mother and her sister had the same problem and told me that she will work with them with EFT around this issue.  (Working with family members with EFT can sometimes be a challenge (smile) but in this case her family was familiar with and used EFT.)

She will be a very successful EFT Practitioner.  Uncovering our own core issues and resolving them “doing our own work” is important to mastering the use of EFT with others.

So, to all the EFT  Practitioners;

First heal yourself,  heal your own wounds, we all have many deep, burdensome issues. If necessary, work with another friend who can ask you questions you can’t or won’t ask yourself.  As you heal yourself, feeling happier and more at peace, you will feel that it will be much easier to help resolve the clutters (problems and issues) in your clients.   EFT is the best way of LOVING Yourself.  If you love yourself, you will be in peace, and you will give your healing love to others with EFT.


Inci Erkin, MD

EFT Master



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