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Plugged up ears, suicide and delayed reactions

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This chair I sit in can sometimes be most interesting. I not only have the privilege of sharing thoughts with what has become countless dedicated therapists/healers but I also get an inside peek at a wider variety of EFT applications than just about anyone else. Some of these I pass along to everyone on the list and others, because of privacy issues, I handle behind the scenes. Today I want to share three cases with you.

CASE #1-PLUGGED UP EARS: About two months ago I had lunch with Millie. I couldn't help but notice that she kept moving her jaw in an abnormal fashion and so I asked her why she did so. She told me that about three years ago her ears became "plugged up" and the only way to relieve it was to frequently move her jaw in such a way as to "pop" her ears open. She tried physicians, pills, etc. but nothing seemed to work except the temporary relief she got from her jaw movements.

Millie knew nothing about EFT, not even its existence, but agreed to try it even though we were in a public restaurant. So we tapped away for all to see--"even though my ears are plugged...etc." I'm used to this, of course, but the clients aren't (other people in the restaurant do look). However, I've learned to ignore the potential embarrassment and the clients usually follow suit even though what they are doing seems flat out ridiculous, if not comical.

In two rounds of EFT the "plugging" in the left ear went to zero and, in the right ear it went to a 1 or 2. We tried another round on the right ear but made no further headway. Nonetheless, the overall relief was remarkable. I saw her again two weeks later and the right ear was still a 1 or 2. The left ear was zero and had been that way ever since that first day at the restaurant. We did two rounds of EFT on the right ear and it fell to zero. Both ears have been zero ever since (two months). The plugging is gone, apparently permanently, for the first time in three years.

Remember, "Try It On Everything!" Gary

CASE #2--SUICIDE: Because of certain political and privacy sensitivities in this case, I am using fictitious names and skirting much of the detail. Nonetheless this case has some useful lessons in it.

Recently Dr. K was presented with his most difficult case ever (out of thousands). The client, Mary, announced before her sessions began that if she didn't get relief, she was going to commit suicide. She had witnessed substantial violence in her life, particularly in recent times, and was the ongoing subject of vicious threats and actual violence toward her. She was in a constant state of fear and nervousness and would sooner die than have this emotional state continue.

Dr. K is quite proficient with another technique, Method A, which he had used in most of his cases in recent times. He was hesitant to use it here, however, because it put the client through more emotional intensity than she could stand. Dr. K needed another technique that was powerful enough to address this intense problem but could be done with minimal pain. He had seen our "6 Days at the VA" tape and had just received the EFT package the day before the sessions with Mary were to begin. From what little he was able to review, however, it was clear that EFT was likely to do some good and, apparently, didn't have the same potential for pain as Method A. He was willing to try it because, in this case, there appeared to be little to lose. As it turns out Dr. K became quite proficient very quickly, a very quick study.

I made sure that Dr. K knew that I am not a licensed therapist and agreed to consult with him as questions arose. He called me on several occasions throughout the three day "ordeal" with Mary as to EFT's proper use in this case and, as best I could, advised on the various problems that came up.

This was a particularly frustrating case as Mary had so many intense issues that she continually and nervously flitted from aspect to aspect, scene to scene and disaster to disaster while Dr. K was administering EFT. It was difficult to know if headway was actually being made (emotional trees cut down) because Mary just wouldn't stay on any subject long enough to know if the SUDs rating was falling for any particular issue. I told Dr. K to notice if, in her flitting, she was coming back to the same issues. If not, that was a sign headway was being made. Also, if the client "sighed" that, too, was a sign of progress as it indicated a degree of relaxation about at least some of the issues. Both of these signs seemed to be there and, to boot, Mary indicated a couple of times that "this is working." She also seemed to be strong enough to undergo Method A, which was used for awhile. Nonetheless, Mary left Dr. K's office on the first two days with no outward sign of recovery. She was still very nervous and very easily moved to tears and couldn't discuss her many aspected "big one" in much detail. Dr. K was genuinely concerned that Mary, even though in the care of a friend, would commit suicide overnight.

This is an example where persistence pays off with EFT. The first two sessions took a total of 5 or 6 hours and Dr. K administered EFT almost continuously during most of that time. This is far longer than any sessions I have ever had. I told Dr. K on the third and final session (3 sessions was all Mary would agree to) to use the EFT shortcuts and to ignore The Setup and 9 Gamut if they didn't seem to be needed. This would save time and allow them to cover more ground more quickly.

It turns out that, on the third day, PR didn't seem to be present very often as the shortcuts cut down the trees rather easily without it. At the end of the session, Mary was totally relaxed and went through every gruesome detail of the "big one" with relative ease. There was a time or two that her intensity shot up a bit but each time it was easily tapped to zero. Mary is not done with therapy, of course. There is much more to do. But Dr. K told me that Mary left the office as a totally different person and that suicide was no longer on her mind. She smiled, was at ease, and typified the kind of result we can bring about when we lovingly persist. I commend Dr. K for his diligence and loving intent in this matter.


CASE #3--DELAYED REACTION: Sometimes the progress with EFT happens in a delayed fashion. In my experience it doesn't happen very often, but here is a case of delayed reaction that you might find useful. You will probably experience it eventually, if you haven't already.

LETTER: "I've worked with Betty (not real name) for several months with EFT treating a variety of serious symptoms---deep depression, suicidal feelings, childhood torture and abuse, addiction, weight concerns, panic, OCD. She decided to go to a family reunion where some of the abusers would be. The trip was for three weeks. I discouraged that length of trip and discouraged her visiting at this stage of her own healing, but she decided to go anyway. Upon the session returning she reported surviving--in part she attributed it to her work with EFT--and also had strong suicidal impulses and was in what I call the "suicide zone" of thinking where no matter what anyone says the person can't take it in unless it is about ending their life.

She tapped on "Even though I want to kill myself to stop this pain, I totally love and accept myself." Intensity dropped from a 10 plus to a six and stayed there for about twenty minutes. I had her do collarbone breathing then tap and it went down to a four and it stuck again even with reversals. I remembered that she eats a lot of sugar and when EFT failed to work I had her unreverse by saying "Even though I am allergic to sugar, I . . .) the tapping began to work again. I've never seen this method work on energy toxins before-GC. Did the unreversal for sugar, but it still stayed at a 3. For another half an hour we tapped deeply on (her own words) "Even though I want to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger, I totally ...." and several other more graphic phrases that she uses when she is in her "Zone" and used the deep shoulder point sore spot-GC and more collarbone breathing. She reported that it stayed at a three and was pleased it was less intense. She said she was still in the zone but not nearly as strong as when she came in. She made another appointment for two days later and would call me if impulses to hurt herself increased.

The next morning she called and said, "When I left your office I was better but still stuck in that mental zone where I wanted to kill myself and couldn't stop thinking about it, even with the lessened intensity. At 8pm (session ended at 5pm) the whole thing vanished like a whoosssh. My children came into focus, I FELT myself without the numbness, I could hear my husband, and do some things around the house. I did not feel euphoric or even very good, but I no longer felt like hurting myself nor did I feel trapped by that awful pain. I was exhausted, still didn't feel good about myself, still hated my weight, but that obsessional thinking just stopped and I have trouble--even this morning-- even calling it all back up, and I don't want to. It had to be all that tapping. I would like to not come for the extra session and keep my appointment for next week."

This has happened with some others. Some delays have been from hours to three days. None have been reported to me longer than that. I would love more discussion and reports on delayed results, ideas and hypothesis. Author's name withheld for privacy reasons


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