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EFT, phone work and a business idea

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

As Don Elium pointed out so well, there may be logistical/practical/financial concerns with doing EFT over the phone. In addition, check with your state/country/licensing boards regarding their stance on this.

On the other hand, the benefits of phone work are not to be denied. Convenience for the client is an example. So is being able to address a problem right while it is happening. And so on. As I remember it, Roger Callahan charged $3,000 up front for 5 hours of phone work. This works out to be $600 per hour. That may seem like a large per hour figure but, assuming success, the $3,000 fee is WAY under what many people have paid for years and years of what, in retrospect, was ineffective healing work. On the EFT audio tapes, for example, is a conversation with Bonnie who had paid (between her and her insurance companies) about $50,000 over 20 plus years and, despite all that expenditure and work, she was still beset with her problems when she called me. With our phone work they cleared up in a few months (LOTS of issues). On balance, this method can be extraordinarily attractive for the client and therapist alike. If we are stuck on the idea that we must charge so much per hour or per minute, we have, in my experience, become a slave to our own self imposed limits. It might help to look at things through new glasses.

As an aside here, I remember Roger telling me frequently that hardly anyone ever used up the entire 5 hours. I think 2 or 3 hours was the average.

Anyway, here's an idea that occurred to me. It may not fit for everyone but listen for whatever merits might apply to you.

Try this. Run a series of ads in local publications where you conduct inexpensive clinics limited to 20 people each. Charge each of them $50 for a three hour clinic and guarantee to generate noticeable relief for their problem or you will refund their money. For those of you who have difficulties with money back guarantees, skip that part. You are more likely to fill your clinics with the guarantee, however. They can come for anything. Phobic responses, traumatic memories, addictive cravings, grief, etc. etc. Screen the clients before hand so that you minimize the possibility of DID or other inappropriate participants.

During the clinic, describe EFT and show a videotape case or two as examples. Then have each person pick out a SPECIFIC ISSUE and tap on it as a group. As you know, many of them will have results immediately on that specific issue. Others may take a little more one on one attention. I do this in seminars all the time and have at least 80% results when I do it. Often I am over 90%. Even despite the Apex problem, you are bound to gain some converts.

Once you get rolling on this and get your name known as someone who delivers on your claims, you should be able to fill your clinics up easily. Each clinic would bring in about $1,000 (20 participants times $50 each). Do one per week and you are now grossing $4,000 per month (less advertising costs). You are also having exposure to 80 new people per month plus all the people who see your ad but don't come to your clinic (yet). From these participants you are certain (assuming you are ANY good at marketing yourself) to contract with many for up front fees to do telephone work for their other issues. Charge them what you want. Say $500 to $800 for 2 hours. Charge more, charge less. Your choice. Sign up 10 or 15 people per month. This should be quite profitable. You work out the numbers.

In this arrangement, the client gets a bargain and you earn more. It's called win-win. You do not need to have person to person client sessions (unless you want them). You can do your business out of your home and in your pajamas if you prefer. No more office expense.

I know. I know. It's not as simple as all that. That's true. It's just an idea. But that's where all improvements start--with an idea. You have to do the ad. There are start up costs and efforts. Things rarely work out in practice the way they look on paper. But, for contrast purposes, suppose you had restructured your practice to do the above and it was working. How attractive would what you are now doing look to you? Would you switch back?

If you don't like this idea, don't use it. Instead, see if there is something within it that fits for you. If not, see if it doesn't spur some other idea within you. Ideas are among our most valuable assets and all too often we put a lid on them. 20 years ago I wrote a "thank you" poem to my high school football coach and delivered it at his retirement dinner. One of the lines read,

Those who can and those who cannot,
Are separate only by the size of their thought.

Love, Gary


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