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A bridge for "Dr. Fred's" beliefs

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

"Dr. Fred" has been a friend/acquaintance of mine for over 20 years. He is aware of my recent involvement with tapping but doesn't really know much about it and, frankly, doesn't care. He is an MD (an accomplished surgeon) and there isn't much room in his belief system for "alternative techniques." In recent years Dr. Fred's health has been declining and he recently "retired" from the profession at age 61--actually, he is disabled from his many ailments.

He called me yesterday asking to spend the night at my house while on his way to a 60 day "chemical dependency" program in Oregon. He arrived yesterday around 5 pm and confided in me the details of his many physical ailments and his lifelong angers, rigidities, guilts, shame, etc. that propelled him into the addictive use of many pharmaceuticals. He is at a point of either kicking his addictions or dying. Some choice!! But that is where he is.

I listened patiently as Dr. Fred told his story and all the while my EFT wheels were turning. I knew I could help but I also knew that he would be resistant to this "Eastern tapping stuff." I didn't want to limit the process to a quickie round or two on some immediate issues. Instead, I wanted to get to core issues which, of course, would require his active involvement. So I looked for an entry point in our conversation that would bridge between his belief system and EFT. Here's how it went.

DR. FRED: I've discussed this incessantly with several therapists and I have a much better understanding about why I get such anger and other emotional problems.

GC: What do your emotions have to do with the addiction?

DR. FRED: Everything. It's only when I get emotionally upset that I run for the drugs.

GC: As a sort of tranquilizer?

DR. FRED: Exactly!

GC: Maybe you need a magic wand that would eliminate the emotional upsets.

DR. FRED: (jokingly) Sure! Do you have one?

GC: Well...maybe...yes I do...sort of. I just wish I knew how it worked.

(GC COMMENT: This was a VERY important phrase because it opened the door for Dr. Fred to experience EFT without having to put up with my "Eastern amateurish explanations." Instead, he could consult his own belief system and EXPLAIN IT IN HIS OWN TERMS. This was our bridge.)

DR. FRED: You mean the tapping stuff?

GC: Yes. I don't know the "why" of it but it works so well on emotional issues that I have PhD's and MD's using it throughout the world. There are theories about it, of course, but no one has really been able to explain it. I'd love to know the reason why. I have a 13 minute demonstration tape, would you like to see it?

DR. FRED: Sure. Maybe I'll have some ideas.

(Bingo!! Dr. Fred watched the tape and was particularly interested in the "Tightness in the Jaw" episode. It was the only physical example in the tape (this plugged into his interest as a surgeon) and he was intrigued by the rapid relief. He had no reason "why," however.)

GC: Perhaps it would make more sense if we tried it on one of your physical issues?

DR. FRED: Okay.

(GC COMMENT: So we applied EFT directly to his two most prominent physical issues--a gastric ulcer and some pains in his legs. The pains in his legs were particularly interesting because they were "impossible" to relieve. They were caused by reduced openings in his spinal column which perpetually pinched on nerves leading to his legs. He had X-Rays to prove it. On a 10 point scale the leg pains were ALWAYS at a 5 or 6 except at night when he laid down. At those times they shot up to a 9 or 10. After 2 or 3 rounds of EFT, both ailments reduced in intensity by about 50%. He was impressed although he was still searching for a reason. Then we seemed to plateau. This is always a clue to me to look for direct emotional causes.)

GC: If there was an emotional contributor to your gastric ulcer what would it be?

DR. FRED: My anger at my father for slapping me in the face many times between my ages 8 and 16. It was a chicken s--t thing to do and it was always over chicken s--t things. Chicken s--t. Chicken s--t. One time, for example, I didn't finish mowing the lawn by 5 pm. I finished at 5:15. He called me into the living room and belittled me for not finishing on time and slapped me in the face--hard. I was humiliated, shamed. It was chicken s--t. Real chicken s--t.

GC: How's your ulcer now?

DR FRED: It's up, way up--about an 8.

GC: (jokingly) There's probably no relation between the anger at your father and your ulcer. (Dr. Fred nods understandingly) Let's try tapping on it. Just follow along with me and do these things whether or not you believe in them. "Even though I'm angry at my chicken s--t father....."

(Note: 2 or 3 rounds of EFT and both his ulcer and his "impossible" leg problem were down to a 1. We then separated the event into various pieces and I had him tap on each part of it. We tapped on

(1) his father looking disapprovingly at his watch,

(2) his father's tone of voice,

(3) his self talk at the time--"Oh s--t! I'm going to get slapped again." and

(4) the actual slap in the face.

As we brought up each of these aspects, the ulcer shot up in intensity to around a 5. Each time it came back down to a 1 after applying EFT.)

DR. FRED: I don't understand this.

GC: Neither do I. But understanding it is for the scientists. Right now, we're just doing it. Does it seem to be working?

DR. FRED: Yes. My legs are at zero. They haven't been at zero for 5 years. The ulcer pain is at a 1. That is rare.

GC: Well, someday we'll figure out the "why" of it.

DR. FRED: Right now, I think I'm done. This has been eye opening but I think I need to rest.


The next morning Dr. Fred reported that his legs were at a 1 and hadn't bothered him all night. This was still considered "impossible," given what the X-Rays showed. His ulcer was still at a 1 and hadn't changed. He then took off to Oregon to the addiction facility. He was grateful but still puzzled.

So am I.

Hugs, Gary


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