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Spiritual Experiences

#16: Spiritual Experiences from Poland

Hi Everyone,

Joanna details her spiritual experiences and says, " I felt unified with the whole world, we were One and I was not able to stop it, although I felt my Ego was fighting it."

e-Hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

Today I had another very unusual experience - it happened to me again. I was in a public place, sitting, waiting for my daughter and reading your comments to Sessions with Marcia when suddenly I started to feel an energy filling/overtaking my body. I started to lose a sense of my body which started moving involuntary. I already knew this state/This Energy but I felt (my Ego felt) a little bit scared. So I tried to concentrate on people and things around me to stay on the ground and then The Energy went away.

In such a situation my Ego is scared of death. It feels like my spirit is going to leave my body/I stop to have control over my body and than my Ego feels a fear of death and a fear of losing control. BUT, simultaneously This Energy (God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit) is very, very strong. It literally holds me (holds my body and senses) and does not want to let me go. I really need to put a lot of effort and focus on my surroundings to stay on the ground.

A similar situation happened to me while reading your Optimal EFT newsletter a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I was at home and let myself be in This State. I felt unified with the whole world, we were One and I was not able to stop it, although I felt my Ego was fighting it. It was so perfect. For the whole next week I felt extremely energized. I could move mountains. I did not have the need to eat (I ate from the common sense), I slept less and felt love for the whole world.

One last thing, usually when I do Optimal EFT for others I somehow feel them, their emotions, their bodies or see some pictures concerning their lives. Yesterday when I did Optimal EFT I felt a strong need to be 'unified' with you. When The Unseen Therapist came to us I felt that your Spirit is much, much bigger, wider and also lighter than mine. It felt like your spirit was more spread and extended than mine (extended in every possible directions). It was very nice experience). I know it sounds strange... but it is what I felt...

One last thing - I find your webinars very, very useful. Thank you! I also love when Sheri Baker makes her comments and share her wisdom about A Course in Miracles. I find it helpful. Without your website and webinars I wouldn't have known that other people on the Planet have similar experiences. And thank you for taking your time to read my email.

Joanna from Poland