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Spiritual Experiences

#11: "I thought that I was being let in on what heaven must be like."

Hello Gary, 

I have been watching on YouTube some of the spiritual experiences, so I thought I would relate mine. The year was 1980. My son was a few months old. My husband had announced a few months before that he was leaving me and our 3 children (one a newborn). I was devastated and alone in a foreign country(Mexico).

I cried for months, not knowing what to do nor how to get through each day. He hadn't really left, either. I couldn't eat much, even though I was nursing.

One day I was taking a load of clothes out to the patio to dry (we line dried everything in those days), I recall it was especially sunny and warm, a beautiful day. I was almost done hanging everything out and suddenly I felt flooded with an incredible energy. In an instant I knew everything would be OK. I didn't know the outcome, just that, whatever was to happen, it would be OK. I would be OK.

This "energy" filled me completely, and I felt loved for the first time in my life. It was within me, but also outside of me at the same time. Words can not describe the feeling, but I do know it was love. No idea how long it lasted, it didn't really matter, I had the deep understanding that on a certain plane, we are all one. in fact I thought that I was being let in on what heaven must be like.

My background is Catholicism, so it sort of fit my framework at the time. maybe what some mystic saints experience, I don't know. I thought it was God ... but much different than what I had been taught. I never questioned God's existence after that, for sure.

Afterwards I had the strong wish that everyone could experience this ... because if they did, we would have heaven on earth, no one could do anything "bad" (sorry that sounds sort of childish, but I was sort of young) in that state.

The experience itself did not go beyond the patio, but I felt an incredible heightened awareness and well-being that lasted about three days. Many times I have wished I could experience that state of being again, but it has never come back.