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"Impossible" Healings

"I Have NEVER Seen Anything Like This In My Medical Career"

"Her parents took her to almost every hospital here in Greece and sent medical files to some medical centres in the U.K., but no result."

Impossible HealingGeorge Asithianakis, MD is a neurosurgeon in Greece and a Member of our OEFT Course (using The Unseen Therapist). Read on as he unfolds this "Impossible" recovery of a 12 year girl from seizures, convulsions and more. In the process, The Unseen Therapist brought an important "lead sensitivity" to the surface and brought healing to the girl's father as well. Much to learn here. Study it well.

Definition of "Impossible":

Healing that occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Hi Gary,

I have a lot to say to you but I will refer, for now, only one medical case I have conducted recently with OEFT.

12 years old girl started, from September, 2020, having fits (probably epileptic) with convulsions /crooked mouth/eyes deviation etc. These fits started with Asthma like pulmonary wheezing. .There was also somnambulism (sleepwalking) and anger outbursts. She also had bouts of not recognizing her parents as well as panic attacks.

Her parents took her to almost every hospital here in Greece and sent medical files to some medical centres in the U.K., but no result. The girl received a lot of antiepileptic drugs for sub-thyroidism also but the situation worsened because of complications (in vision, hearing, headaches etc.).

Somehow they heard about me and contacted me in despair (they live in another town).
Here is some information I learned while speaking with her parents:

  • The mother didn t want her pregnnacy. She was very anxious about keeping the child and felt guilty about it
  • The fits had started after wearing the mask and after smelling some rubber pens which contained lead.

I created an OEFT Practice Group with two excellent Members: Velislava Stoycheva/Bulgaria and Ela Nowak/Poland-Spain. The three of us initiated the healing by doing some surrogate Unseen Therapist work in behalf of the young girl. At this stage we aimed primarily at the symptoms.

Astonishingly, the next day the father called me and said that somehow he read that the electrical blanket the girl was sleeping on contained lead and asked me what to do. One might consider this "coincidence" but the timing and quality of this "advice" was stunning. The odds of this being coincidence was over a million to one against.

So I told him to remove the blanket immediately. The next day he told me there was a tremendous improvement. The pulmonary wheezing vanished and the sleepwalking decreased but she continued having fits and panic attacks.

I then initiated Surrogate EFT on my own. Velislava suggested I must also work with the mother and I agreed. So we worked on Skype and I did EFT (tapping+optimal) with the girl and her mother. There are a lot of details but I will be very concise.

  • Mother relaxed a lot with just one session.
  • On the next day the father again suddenly had an idea and stopped drugs for subthyroidism  on his own.
  • After 3 days the father called me and said:
    • The fits had stopped entirely
    • The girl stopped having anger outbursts/not recognizing her parents etc.
    • She continued having panic attacks when she has to go to school. I feel she uses them because of her mother issues, guilt etc. I am optimistic that I will also fix it.

Gary I don t know how permanent will be the results but this is a miracle!- I can say nothing more.




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