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EFT for a very clever smoker - two months with no need for a cigarette

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Study this creative article by Lee Campbell of New Zealand wherein the need to smoke is broken down into many aspects. This appeared to the job nicely as the client now sees himself as a non-smoker. If the problem reappears, however, I would suggest getting to the SPECIFIC EVENTS underlying any generalized anxiety that may cause the client to tranquilize himself with tobacco.

Hugs, Gary

By Lee Campbell

Hi there Gary,

I'm loving all this sharing around EFT through the newsletters, it really keeps me motivated to keep trying it on new things! This is something I worked with "Pete" on. He has been smoking for 20 years, around 1 pack a week. He has been trying to give up smoking for some years, but to no avail.

Pete was pretty skeptical about EFT, so I thought I would let him see for himself the results rather than try to defend it. We started tapping with...

Even though I smoke... and I know I'm okay
Even though I've been smoking for years...
Even though it will be impossible to stop permanently...

As we were doing the rounds, he started telling me about how much he loved cigarettes, and enjoyed smoking them. Actually he even went on to explain how they weren't really bad for him anyway because he smoked 'light' with '3x filters' and a packet which was almost completely white, which meant for him they were almost 'pure' cigarettes. The best ones. He also said that other smokers weren't so clever like him because they smoked other brands with more harmful tobacco and other chemicals. It was enough for him to justify smoking the cigarettes and feel okay about it. (he was saying all of this as we were tapping)

I started to see how many associations he had with this particular brand. I mean this was clearly a point for him that kept him smoking. So we started to tap...

Even though I don't really need to stop because these cigarettes aren't really bad for me...
Even though these are the most sophisticated cigarettes on the market because they have 3x filter...
Even though these cigarettes are slim and white and sexy...
Even though I smoke the best brand...
Even though I'm the cleverest smoker because I choose cigarettes that have the least nicotine in them...

Then for the rounds we used the reminder phrases:
These pure white cigarettes
So slim and sexy
This particular brand

I also put in big descriptions of how good it feels sucking on the cigarette and then breathing it out slowly- imagining that, and actually pretending to inhale and breathing out the best cigarette in the world. I thought it could be good to exaggerate how good he felt with them and how sophisticated he was smoking the best brand, and see what happened. Doing this seemed to be good in getting his level of intensity up or checking if they had gone down. I started using the words he had been using, and exaggerating them a bit.

I am the cleverest smoker
I know how to handle the cigarettes, because I choose the lightest and purest ones
It's almost like I'm smoking nothing, so I get all the benefits of smoking, without it affecting me.
These sexy cigarettes, so pure and white

It was really interesting, because as we went through the rounds, his words started to change! He even started to get angry about how all of the marketing tricks of this particular brand worked on him, because he really had believed that this particular brand were slim, pure, sexy, sophisticated, superior, harmless. He started to respond to me as I continued tapping and speaking He said things like:

Yeah well finally it's all stupid, I can't be that clever if I'm still smoking.
At the end of the day it's all the same s#%t inside them
I'm loosing my money smoking these which aren't even good for me
I could be buying other things!

I was so excited to see this change in such a short time!, and all of these words were coming from him. So I started to tap and introduce some words like:

What if I didn't really need them anymore?
What if I could be smoke free and still be really clever?
Maybe I don't need them, even though I have been enjoying things about them.

I think this acted to build up his confidence a bit to create a new possibility and see it as possible. We had a break, and then came back to it later, to see if there were any other elements he liked about cigarettes. He said he loved the social aspect.

Even though cigarettes are the perfect connector between people ...
Even though I love smoking on the patio with friends...
Even though it wouldn't be right not to smoke at a party relaxing with friends...
Even though cigarettes are great company...

Finally, he said he had had enough of tapping for now, and we agreed to do some more another time if necessary, but for now he was getting to the point where he felt like he'd had enough, and wanted to do other things.

Two months later he had not smoked one single cigarette! His last attempts to quit never usually lasted more than a couple of days or weeks.

I think that we will do a bit more tapping to clear any residue, but there is no urgency because he just doesn't really feel like smoking them anymore. It's not part of his routine, and he said that now, he sees himself as a non smoker.

This could be really helpful for other people who smoke, as there really are many aspects to smoking a cigarette that we may not be initially aware of!

Warmest regards,

Lee Campbell


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