Bruce Lipton, PhD, endorses EFT

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Author of The Biology of Belief.

ACEP Certified Advanced Practitioner of EFT

Betsy Crouse, ACAP-EFT

General Practice

Specializing in:

  • Physical Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Emotional Issues

Contact Info:

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Live More Fully With EFT

Betsy Crouse is ACEP certified under Tina Craig’s instruction. She works with a wide range of issues in her general practice. Her approach is results-oriented: regardless of your issue, you can expect focused help with identifying specific, quantifiable goals and trackable measures of progress. Clients intent on getting more out of their own tapping will be assisted through a variety of means. Betsy loves sharing the joy of the freedom that EFT brings, and her sessions clearly reflect that passion. Telephone or Skype sessions available; satisfaction-or-no-charge policy.

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