Eric Robins, MD, endorses EFT

I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results.

Eric Robins, MD

Co-author of Your Hands Can Heal you.

ACEP Certified Advanced Practitioner of EFT

Helen Walker, LNCP, ACAP-EFT

Inner Energy

General Practice

Specializing in:

  • Anxiety

Contact Info:

Falkirk, Scotland, GB


EFT For Social Anxiety

I suffered from severe social anxiety for most of my life, unable to participate in most social situations without being overwhelmed by panic and unimaginable terror. 

It was much easier to live life from the privacy of my own home than to try to deal with the unpredictable nature of the people outside.

In my teens, within the confines of my own space, and in the company of those I loved and trusted, (not many!), it seems I was chatty, funny and often outrageous.  

But outside, with my crippling social anxiety, I was nothing, nobody, and not worth bothering about.

Despite a rich fantasy world in which I was the ultimate superstar with thousands of adoring fans, in real life, I was unable to risk doing anything that drew attention.

The truth of my existence was fear of humiliation, zero confidence, and overwhelming loneliness.

Of course, when social anxiety is really severe, it rarely stands in isolation. It is often accompanied by other issues:

  • self harm (Been there.) 
  • panic attacks (Done that.) 
  • depression (Got the tee shirt.) 

And that is just for starters! Social anxiety can lead to alcoholism, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD and suicide attempts.

Life with generalized social anxiety disorder is not a lot of fun.

But I was lucky. I discovered EFT. And everything changed.

For ever.


Helen Walker is an internationally recognised EFT expert, writer and training consultant. She is a highly qualified EFT Practitioner and was the first person to be awarded Advanced Practitioner status in Gold Standard EFT.

Helen is also a qualified HeartMath trainer, and is licensed to deliver the Resilient Educator training course to schools throughout Scotland. 

In addition, as a Reiki Master, Helen is 7th in line to Dr Usui, the creator of Reiki practice. She is one of a very small number of UK Masters who teach Reiki in the spirit of its Japanese origins.

Having successfully undertaken an MA (Literature) and a BSc (Pure Maths), Helen initially became a school teacher before going on to become a senior trainer and training designer with international technology companies such as Orange and PolicyMaster.

At the same time, she began her own journey of personal development, discovering tools like tapping and Reiki on the way. 

She founded her own business, Inner Energy, in January 2003 and now dedicates herself to sharing what she has learned with others.

A native of Cookstown, Northern Ireland, Helen now lives and works in Falkirk, in the centre of Scotland’s ‘Braveheart’ country.

She is married and has two children aged 12 and 10.

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